10 Classic Baby Names You Never Heard Before

Rich in historic references, these 10 classic baby names for boys and girls remain a hidden gem that await to be found by curious parents. Maybe you never heard them before, but you can’t let this opportunity go away without giving them a chance. We guarantee that you will find our unique choices of classic baby names elegant with a touch of vintage cool. You might think that classic refers only to old-fashioned, but if you go through our list, you will be amazed by the fresh air these classic baby names bring.

Make a difference and choose a classic baby name for your boy or girl that is not common or bizarre. Be a great parent and give the gift of epic awesomeness to your children!

Top 10 Uncommon Classic Baby Names

Abijah: we start our list of unusual classic baby names with a unisex name. Abijah is an attractive choice inspired by the Bible that means God is my father. There are several parts of the Old Testament where you will find an Abijah but the most notable character would be the 4th king of the House of David who was known as Abijah of Judah. The name was more popular during the Colonial period but it’s now posing as a serious contenter of Elijah. If your baby girl or baby boy doesn’t like it during their teen age years, they can pick a short form of Abe or even Bige.

Classic Baby Names

Amoret: as this post is being written on Valentine’s Day, we are a bit influenced by love and passion. Hence, we picked Amoret as one of classic baby names that you should consider as it has a lovely sound and a romantic aura. The name is truly classic thanks to Edmund Spenser’s victorian era novel The Faerie Queene (get it now from Amazon). You will be surprised by this influencial poem as Spenser is really glorifying the Virgin Queen and shows his commitment to Elizabeth I. Spenser introduces Amoret as a child of a character who represents the virtue of married love.

Circe: the mythical daughter of mighty God Helios was a renounced sorceress that Homer introduced in his epic Odyssey. The Greeks believed that she lived by herself on a mysterious island called Aeaea. Circe had the magic ability to turn men into swines. Tell me where I can find a magic wand that does that and I’ll pay you a fortune! OK back to reality, your beautiful baby girl will not transform all boys around her to animals like Circe did to Odysseus, but she will be able to turn heads and get all the attention she needs thanks to her unusual name. The actual meaning of Circe is bird, which makes sense as she is the offspring of Helios which means sun.

Corin: you will find dozens of classic baby names with Latin origin, but not as unique as Corin. The meaning of this fierce name is spear and is symbolizes confidence and power. Parents who are looking for alternative choices for Colin can have a look in this unusual name just like Shakespeare did in one in the pastoral comedy As You Like It. Corin was an elderly shepherd back then, but more recently British actor Corin Redgrave became as a political activist involved in the Gaza Strip drama.

Eleazar: don’t be surprised if you find many Biblical names in our list of classic baby names. The Old Testament is full of classic choices, however parents tend to look only the most popular ones like Noah and Messiah. Hence, they miss wonderful classic baby names that may not be common but remain charming and vivid. Eleazar is one of them, with the jazzy “z” spicing things up! The meaning of this Hebrew origin name is God has helped. Eleazar was a high priest that succeeded his father Aaron. He was also a nephew of one of the most prominent prophets of Israel, Moses. Eleazar can be pushed higher in the baby name charts thanks to the appeal of shorter version Eli who break through into the masses with box office hit 2010 movie Book of Eli, starring Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman (watch the official trailer via YouTube).

Keturah: most people heard Sarah as the wife of Abraham in Sunday school, but few know that Keturah was actually his second wife. The patriarch of the Israelites married Keturah after Sarah died and she gave him six more sons. Some historians believe that Keturah’s real name was in fact Hagar and she later changed it to symbolize her gried during exile. The meaning of Keturah is incense so it can be used as a fresh alternative that bring a tantalizing aroma to her surroundings.

Nicasio: there are so many classic baby names that start with Nic and there is a reason for that. Nicholas is an all time favorite, but a bit over used these days. So how about a Spanish version that can be a unique alternative you don’t hear too often? Nicasio is perfect for Latino parents or for those who aspire to see their baby boy become a famous athlete one day. Nicasio derives from the Greek word nike which means triumph. Just do it!

Paladin: and from Spain, we travel a bit north to France that has given birth to so many classic baby names during the centuries. Paladin is a choice you probably haven’t heard before, unless you are a Dungeons & Dragons enthusiast. The fantasy role-playing game was inspired by the fierce 12 warriors of of Charlemagne’s court who were also known as the Matter of France. The meaning of Paladin is the person who comes from the palace. Thus, it can be immediately associated to high society and royal families, without having to use a more common choice like Louis. This haunting classic baby name will inspire your little boy’s imagination as he plays with his toy sword all day long!

Classic Baby Names

Phyllida: a simple twist can transform classic baby names for girls into unique choices. The meaning of Phyllida is green bough and it derives from the Greek name Phyllis. Why is it classic? Phyllida was a darling for 16th century poets and that’s because it’s such a melodic option. A highly artistic choice perfect for theatre loving parents!

Susannah: last but not least, you will find a Hebrew girl name that takes the lead from tired choices like Suzanne. Meet the fashionable alternative of the most stylish classic baby names of them all, Susannah! The meaning of this amazing girl name is lily but her roots can be found in much more things than the garden. Apart from being a beautiful flower, Susannah is operatic and melodic to the core. There is even an opera under the name Susannah by American composer Floyd. It tells the apocryphal story of Susannah and the Elders and its known for its irresistible, flowing rhythm. As Susie and Susan retire, Susannah is getting trendy and it’s ready for a huge jump. It’s currently off the radar so hurry up and get in front of the trends by picking one of the most adorable cute girl names ever!

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33 responses to “10 Classic Baby Names You Never Heard Before”

  1. Lisa says:

    Edmund Spenser lived during the Elizabethan era as his poem was dedicated to his queen, Elizabeth I. Clearly, the Victorian era didn’t begin until 1837 with the accession of Queen Victoria. Please do some research.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Lisa, thanks for pointing out. We do considerable amount of research in order to present as much background information as possible, however we make mistakes as all human beings. At least we are brave enough to accept that we are not perfect :) anyway, we rectified the mistake by taking out the phrase “victorian era”. Thanks again for contributing!

  2. Samantha says:

    The only one that isn’t horrible is Susannah.

  3. Samantha says:

    I can see a few of these..but really, for American kids? Abijah? Most people I know with different names (like most of these) hate their names and wish their parents would’ve named them something normal.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Samantha, thanks for your comment. What you may define as “normal” might probably be different from other people’s view. We encourage all feedback to get the whole picture right. Thanks again for stopping by!

  4. Charlotte says:

    I know several people called Susannah/Suzanna, it’s a really common name. Also you’ve clearly never heard of Corin Redgrave or Phyllida Law. Sorry, but ‘Never Heard Before’ was a bit of a misnomer.

  5. Belinda Stabley says:

    Unusual but unique.

  6. Heather says:

    I don’t imagine you intended to elicit as much laughter as you did from me, but you have.

  7. m says:

    Wow these are some snarky comments! Guys, it’s a baby name list. Please turn your egos down a notch or a hundred. Good list, I hadn’t heard of most of these.

  8. Talitha says:

    Hello, my name is Talitha, and is in the Bible too, is not really a name, is a word that means “little girl” but sounds great hehehehehe. Is in the new testament (Mark 5, 41) and here in Mexico is not a common name. (I think in other places is a normal name)
    And my mom’s name is Otalia, and just like my name is not common here.

    Have a nice day!

  9. Shametrica says:

    I have no idea where my mom came up with my name,but she is so proud of it. I love it too. I’ve never met another Shametrica. People try too hard to pronounce it but it sound just like it look. My kids have unique names also.

  10. Jmegirl20 says:

    Yeah, wow. some rude people leaft some unnecessarily rude comments. I like the names. I may have heard of a couple of these but they are unique. I agree about the comment that “normal” is a matter of perspective and I know more people that don’t like their names because they are common than people that don’t like their unique names.

    • BabyNames says:

      Exactly, that’s why we try to cover everyone’s needs by having different groups of names featured under “Popular” and “Rare” or “Unique”. Parents who know what they are looking for can easily navigate to the appropriate collection and get inspired. Thanks for the support, love Amanda xx

  11. Diesta says:

    There are way too many negative comments on here and I just had to add my piece. These are beautiful names, and most are quite romantic sounding. I myself have a very unique name, Diesta, (rhymes with “fiesta”) & I love it. I may never find it one of those souvenir key chains, but the fact that it’s mine alone is kinda awesome.

  12. Mellie says:

    Huh, interesting how this article seemed to attract so many ladies on a rude comment rampage. Perhaps everyone’s on the rag ;)
    Great collection of UNIQUE classic names. The literary picks really appeal to me: Amoret, Circe, Corin.
    Corin sounds like it would fit right it with some of my more modern picks but it has more depth with its history.
    I love Amity, but it reminds hubs of Amityville Horror, so I’ll suggest Amoret. It’s beautiful. Now that you mention it, I might like Amoret more than my childhood fav Amity!

    Glad you suggested these. Always good when I leave a blog post with new names that I haven’t already tried to suggest to my husband. Hmm…

  13. Little Red Hen says:

    WOW- Some people really have on their cranky pants today. Is it really necessary? Be someone’s blessing today. Or move on. Happiness is a choice.

  14. Cynda says:

    My name is Cynda Lu, not real common, but I love it.

  15. Keturah says:

    Hi my name is actually Keturah and i am very surprised it is on this list. It is found in Genisis 25:1. I absolutely adore my name!

    • BabyNames says:

      Hey Keturah, this was list was generated having in mind awesome names like yours that are rarely heard, so it’s absolutely fantastic that you actually found it and we’re happy that you shared your feedback with us! All the best, Amanda xx

  16. Nic says:

    The explanation of Keturah is incorrect. Hagar was not Abram’s second wife. Hagar was Sarai’s servant. When Sarah could not bear Abram sons, she gave her servant Hagar to Abraham to give him a son through Hagar. Hagar bore him Ishmael, WHILE Sarai was still alive. This happened before God fulfilled his promise to Abram and allowed Sarai to get pregnant with Isaac. The story of Hagar is in Genesis 16.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Nic, thanks for your feedback. We strive to provide the best name meanings even if they some time have conflicting sources – this is natural for baby names. Glad to see our readers engage with our content, respect!

  17. Zanna says:

    These versions, Corinne, Amourette, Amoura,Susannah are popular in Europe.

  18. Jen says:

    wow, the nerve of some people! for goodness sake, it’s a BABY NAME website! Why are some of you being so nitpicky?? Nothing is perfect, so why do you feel the need to pick every little thing apart when it won’t matter to you 2 minutes from the moment it happens. So really, what is the point of this STUPID and negative feedback. I know the blogger is just trying to be nice when she says she appreciates the feedback. If I were her, I’d do my best to set those people straight!

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Jen, it’s alright, everyone is welcome and we do appreciate all feedback. I don’t try to be nice, it’s the reality! We only get better when we hear and learn from other people :) thanks for the support, you are awesome!

  19. Leslie Davidson says:

    I spent my childhood with a name used mostly for boys. In fact my father-in-law and brother-in-law are also named Leslie, like me. When I named my daughters I thought carefully about the meaning of any possible name and about its potential for ridicule or childish cruelty. Names have a certain power and I never wanted my girls to hate their names.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hey Leslie, thanks for sharing your story. It’s true that names have power and that’s why we are dead serious about them. Every parent need to do their homework before choosing a name for their kids as it will mark a certain part of their lives. Love, Amanda xx

  20. Lily says:

    Amoret is my personal favorite:),. The name reminds me of a queen would be named!

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    great contents!!!

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