10 Popular Baby Names for Twin Girls

I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but there are more and more twin babies everywhere! Each year, the rate of twins born in US is rising. No one is really sure why. Doctors couldn’t find any obvious reason. Scientists are struggling to identify a trend in genes or nutrition habbits. But so far, there is no definite answer why there are so many twins being born each year. What we can say for sure is that we have found the 10 most popular baby names for twin girls and they are all fantastic!

According to the official data issued by The Social Security Administration (SSA) shows that parents follow the same trends as the popular individual baby names. For example Sophia, which is by far the most popular girl name in US can be also found on the top of the list of popular baby names for twin girls. This report comes straight from the records of the birth certificates in US and reflects the most up-to-date and accurate data you can find online.

We go beyond just listing the popular baby names for twin girls and we also provide the name origin and of course the meaning of each name. You will find out that there are sweet combinations that can be applied as they are, or you can pick and mix as you like. After all, when it comes to baby naming, there is no limit!

10 Popular Baby Names for Twin Girls

Isabella & Sophia: the undisputed queen of baby names, Sophia (Greek name meaning wisdom), is teaming up with Isabella (Hebrew name meaning devoted to God) to capture the top of the popular baby names for twin girls. We have covered extensively both names in previous posts, so we won’t stay here longer. Please use the search box on the right to have a deeper look on both names. You will also notice that Isabella proves to be particularly hot among twin names for girls.

Popular Baby Names For Twin Girls

Faith & Hope: a trendy combo among popular baby names for twin girls is choosing virtue names. A prime example of this wonderful idea is Faith and Hope. Both names are positive and inspirational, they have the unique ability to inspire people and create an amazing aura around them. Keep the faith and have hope. Such a powerful message that is magnified when you put two beautiful girls next to each other. The personalization of such spiritual notions like Faith on a girl is ideal for parents with a strong connection to the church. Hope on the other side, is not only for Christians, but for any other person who considers himself as an optimist and always hopes for the best.

Gabriella & Isabella: the -ella ending is one of the most popular baby names 2014 trends according to the latest predictions. Now, how about doubling this trend and having two distinctive baby names for twin girls? Yeah, that’s right, it’s double the fun! In fact, Gabriella and Isabella are so popular that the guys at Social Security Administration have listed this name combination twice on the official list.

Autumn & Spring: seasonal names can work magic for your two beautiful angels. Autumn and Spring are two of the seasons of the calendar year that are not so hard as winter nor so hot as summer. They are more mild and symbolize nature eternal cyrcle that blossoms every year. Spring could be given to the first born girl and autumn to the second, as typically spring comes first in the year. The seasonal theme will be an awesome idea when the two girls introduce themselves to strangers. First impression means everything and this double seasonal theme will win the hearts and minds from day one.

Ella, Emma: change a letter and you can end up with a brand new name. The double -ll in Ella gives way to double -mm in Emma. It’s a genious way for parents to have the perfect pair for the twin names. Both popular as individual names, Ella and Emma can be a thriving naming duo for your daughters in school.

Hailey, Hannah: another theme that proves to be strong in popular baby names for twin girls is names that both start with the same letter. In this case, H- spawns too classic names that are common in every US state. Hailey which can have plenty of cool nick names like Hail Hai or Hayes can suit Hebrew name Hannah in a unique way.

Brooklyn & London: destination names are also a great way to match popular baby names for twin girls. Brooklyn is a recent hit that is hot among hipster parents that are looking for a stylish girl name. London on the other hand is more sophisticated and represent class, royalty and heritage. The long history of London can be a great contrast to Brooklyn’s contemporary nature. When building your choices for your twins, this contrast can have a playful role that will surprise your girl’s friends in the future. It can also teach them a great lesson on how to respect each other even when they come from a different background.

Heaven & Nevaeh: OMG I can’t help myself when I hear this clever combo for twins. In case you haven’t heard it before, Nevaeh is a modern made-up name that means Heaven spelled backwards! So you have the same spiritual origin that end up in totally different baby names for twin girls. How cool is that? Research shows that Nevaeh comes from the Spanish word nevar that means to snow. However, other name experts reject this origin and stick to the fact that people made it up in their effort to be innovative and create unique baby names 2014 that no one else has.

Jenna & Barbara: are you a die-hard Republican looking to inspire your daughters into politics? Then Jenna and Barbara might be the answer to your prayers! When George W. Bush became President of United States of America, it became known to literally every one that he had two charismatic twin girls named Jenna and Barbara. Choose this name mix and make sure that you send your daughters to a nice school.

Popular Baby Names For Twin Girls

Grace & Justice: another virtue combination that makes it to the most poular baby names for twin girls list. Grace is the smybol of divine love and mercy. Justice on the other side is the worldwide symbol of being equal among each other against the law. Now if you take Grace and mix it with Isabella (found on the top of the popular baby names for twin girls) you will have the exact name combination that actor Lou Diamond Phillips, best known for his role in the 1987 film La Bamba, chose for his twins!

Did you like our list of popular baby names for twin girls? Are you having twins and look for the perfect combination? We hope that you found what you are looking for and rely on the power of data and stats provided by SSA. Good luck and all the best with your twins!

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6 responses to “10 Popular Baby Names for Twin Girls”

  1. Kylie smith says:

    Lindsey Jo and Josie Lynn

  2. Aleisha says:

    One of my friends just had twins girls and they named them Harmony and Melody and I think that was an amazing choice!

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Aleisha, thanks for stopping by. Harmony and Melody are indeed awesome names for twins, we love them and we are glad you like them too! Thanks for your feedback, God bless your friend and their newborn twins!

  3. Codie says:

    My twin girls are Lilee and Laurelle. Lilee sounds like lilly but is spelled the way it is because my maiden name is Lee. Laurelle sounds like laurel, but is spelled with Elle because I loved both names laurel and Elle and wanted both somehow.

  4. Tony says:

    Amazing! Wonderful idea!

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