21 Female Baby Names inspired by Animals

The following list of female baby names inspired by animals is dedicated to the people who love and respect animal life and their kingdom. Animals can be attractive and bear certain skills and attributes that people along the centuries have identified and valued. Others carry deep symbolism and giving one of these female baby names inspired by animals to your daugher will not only show that you are knowledgeable but also a real ecologist and that you care about protection of animal life and preserving species.

Here’s to natural lovers and animal friends around the world…this baby names list is dedicated to you!

Baby Names for Girls inspired by Animals

Birdie: an oldie, but a goodie, Birdie derives from the bird and is a cute little name for baby girls.

Bunny: if your mind goes to Playboy Bunnies, then this baby name isn’t probably for you! Instead, if this adorable name reminds innocent memories from your childhood, when you used to watch Bugs Bunny for hours on the TV, then you just hit a jackpot!

Cat: catwoman might be a character that Batman almost fell in love and is probably suited best for our Superhero Baby Names list, however cats are among the most popular pets that human have and there is a good reason for that: you just can’t resist loving them when they stare at you with their big black or green eyes! We are sure that the same emotions will flow to your baby girl too!

Chick: perhaps a bit bold decision for naming your daughter, since the word chick does not represent the chicken anymore, but is slang for the woman who likes to fool around with men.

Deer: this majestic animal that can be found on the forrest has suffered from severe hunting and is now among the protected species. Don’t forget that the movie Deer Hunter (1978) starring Robert De Niro at his best, showed exactly that, raising worldwide critical acclaim. Deers are beautiful creatures and your baby girl will love you for giving her such a superior name.

Doe: this is the female deer, not the rapper D.O.E. (stands for Dominant Over Everyone)!

Dove: similar to pigeons, doves are white birds that have a deep symbolism of purity. Remember that a dove landed on Jesus Christ head to show that the Holy Ghost was in him at the same time that the Father spoke to the people, showing Himself for the first time in history as the Holy Triad. In this sense, Dove is a baby name suitable for religious families with strong devotion to God.

Fawn: a French name that means young deer.

Gazelle: one of the rarest female baby names inspired by animals which is given to baby girls because parents want to express an image of speed and agility.

Kitten: a cute alternative name to cat (see name above)

Kitty: a pretty baby name inspired by animals which is getting more and more popular after the famous cartoon Hello Kitty!

Lark: a name of English origin that means songbird.

Linnet: means lake girl and it might not be an animal per se, but it reminds all the animals that live around lakes.

Lupe: a name of Spanish origin that means wolf of the river. Celebrity stage name for rapper Lupe Fiasco (real name Wasalu Muhammad Jaco) who rose in fame in 2006 after releasing his debut album Food & Liquor.

Mare: the female horse.

Marlin: a fish that has a very distintive long nose. Be careful as you don’t want your daugher’s girlfriends to mock her for having a long nose!

Poodle: a sweet baby name after the delighful Poodle dog breed.

Skylark: a small passerine bird.

Starling: another form of little birds.

Swan: now you are talking! If you really want your baby girl to make a difference and have a truly unforgettable baby name then this imposing bird will do the job. Known as one of the most stunning birds, swans are not only a symbol of beauty but also stand for delity because of their long-lasting, apparently monogamous relationships, which can be a great role-model for your baby girl.

Tawny: a bird that symbolizes good navigation skills. Celebrity name for actress Tawny Kitaen, born August 1961.

Wren: small but splendid cute little bird.

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