21 Male Baby Names inspired by Animals

If you love pets, nature and wilderness, then this list of baby names inspired by Animals is made for you! We have found 21 unique baby names for boys that can be found anywhere in the natural environment, from the forrest to up in the sky. Wild animals or cute domestic animals were both taken into consideration for this eco-friendly list, suited for people who respect all forms of life and are devoted to animal rights.

The best way to show your affection to animals is to give your baby boy one of the following names:

Baby Names inspired by Animals for Boys

Bear: a symbol of strength. Celebrity baby name for Bear Grylls, the famous British explorer who hosted the TV show “Man VS Wild” and other rality shows as a true adventurer should convince any parent that naming your baby after a wild animal is totally cool.

Buck: a baby name of English Origin that means male deer. The name break into mainstream after the release of the classic John Candy film Uncle Back, where the lead character had the name Buck.

Colt: an English name that means young, male horse. It’s now one of the most popular baby names inspired by animals, as it’s currently standing on the no.332 spot of the American baby name charts! Macho and trendy, Colt is attractive like ice cream and haunting like a thunder storm.

Cougar: it miganother name for the puma, this animal is one of the world’s most successful predators

Crow: a symbol of omens, crows can fly high in the sky so they can see practically everything. Naming your baby boy Crow will not only link him with celebrity actor Russel Crowe, best known for his performance at box office hit Gladiator, but also will give him leadership attributes such as never missing the big picture, able not only to see the tree but to see the forest!

Cub: a catchy baby boy’s name that is known as a name that is given to lots of other little animals such as fox, leopard, badger and seal.

Drake: no, you are not reading the baby names list inspired by famous rappers, so we are talking about the Canadian rapper Drake here! Drake, apart from being the male duck, comes from the word Dragon and has a Middle-English Origin.

Eagle: as the lion is the king of the jungle, eagle is considered the king of the sky. It has a deep symbolism of power which is depicted in American heritage, that’s why baby name Eagle can also be found on our Patriotic Baby Names list.

Falcon: similar to eagle, falcon is a majestic bird that has amazing hunting skills and can identify its pray from miles. No surprise why the military has picked this name for their war aircrafts. Naming your baby boy as Falcon will not guarantee a career in the air force, but will definitely give him a great start as a person who can chase his own dreams and make the come true!

Finch: an English animal with the literal meaning which is more commonly used as a last name.

Fox: the truth is out there…the famous poster that was hunging on special agent Fox Mulder’s wall from the ultimate sci-fi TV series X-Files, making it one of the “most wanted” baby names among the ones who were obsessed with conspiracy theories.

Gibbon: a name of French origin, gibbon is a small ape. Think twice if you have a hairy son!

Grayling: a sophisticated English name that means gray-haired but is also a small freshwater fish.

Hart: an unassuming name that means stag, is refers to the male red deer.

Jaguar: a symbol of luxury if you are an automobile enthusiast, but also a great example of agility and speed jaguars are among the fastest animals on planet Earth!

Jay: a Latin name that means blue-crested bird. We are wondering if that’s what inspired famous rapper Jay-Z to pick up his stage name. A magnificent bird that rules the sky.

Lion: we bet that this name will climb the baby name charts after Snoop Dogg turned his name into Snoop Lion after he visited Jamaica and stated that he is the reincarnated soul of Bob Marley.

Raven: a large black crow that is widely associated with sorcery and witchcraft, but if you are a true Goth and want your son to be an emo then this baby name might suit you well…if not, then it’s still a unique and cool name!

Ray: the incredible manda ray!

Tiger: Rocky Balboa, the Italian stallion that Sylvester Stallone played on the blockbuster series of the 80’s, was known for the eye of the Tiger because it evoked power and stealth that could knock out all his enemies. A baby name that is commonly used as a nick name will turn a lot of heads and will be  trully unforgettable.

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