August Baby Names that are hot hot hot!

August baby names might have the same origin, but you can find many different forms. Are you having a baby on August or you just in love with summer holidays? Either way, we have build the perfect list for you! You will find ideas for August baby names that go beyond the usual name August. The word itself means supremacy and it was associated to all things majestic. Thus, August baby names can carry deep admiration and a sense of grandeur.

August is the last care-free month as it is one breath before Autumn comes. The vast majority of people take holidays during August so it’s a beloved month. Everyone wants to have a bit of fun before going back to work. August baby names can bring in mind travelling, relaxing on the beach or reading a great book. August baby names are also great for people that love water sports and sun tanning!

Slow down time a little bit and enjoy this beautiful month and choose to give your baby boy or baby girl a name loved by millions!

hot august baby names

Hot August Baby Names

Augie: it started as a nickname of August, but it later established itself as a given name. It all started with “The Adventure of Augie March“, a novel by Saul Bellow written in 1953. The lead character’s full name was August but it sounded sexier to cut it like Alfie (from Alfrend).

August: the 8th month of the year, August has 31 days and is the last month of summer. Traditionaly, most of the holiday period in the West is taken during August, which makes it very popular! Did you know that August originally had a different name? In Latin, it was known as Sextilis as it was the 6th month in the early ten-month Roman calendar. When Julius replaced it with his twelve-month calendar that we still use nowadays, August made it’s first appearance and it came to stay!

Augusta: the female form of August, it was given to Roman Emperor’s wives (as if they didn’t have their own names, uh-oh strange times indeed)! Augusta is one of the vintage baby names for girls that never really came back to fashion.

Augustin: the French form of August which happens to be very popular in France (currently found on the top 100). Linda Evangelista named her son Augustino, which is the Italian equivalent.

Augustine: the English and French form of Augustus is largely associated with the great thinker, teacher and doctor, St. Augustine of Hippo, and with his namesake who became the first Archbishop of Canterbury. AUGUSTIN is the German and Spanish spelling—used by model Linda Evangelista; the Italian AGOSTINO is now 892 on the US list.

Augusto: The Spanish version of the name August.

Augustus: the Roman emperor Octavius, who was the great-nephew of Julius Ceasar, was given the name Augustus to honor him when he rose to the throne of the Empire. It was the Senate’s idea to title him as Augustus to show greatness, a person who is mighty and supreme. Consider it as “your highness” of its age. Following Octavius, later Emperors all received the same official title next to their names. However, August was never really used as a given name until the Middle Age when the German king Augustus of Saxony, tried to resemble the magnificent times of the Romans.

Austin: one of the different forms of August baby names, it was actually the most popular diminutive of Augustus in the middle ages. Primarily due to the hillarious movie series Austin Powers, it became one of the top baby names in the early 2000’s. Since then, it remained in the top 100 chart, perhaps because of the link with the city of Austin, in Texas. One of the largest music festivals around the globe, SXSW, is based in Austin every year boasting thousands of music professionals and impressive artist line-up.

Gladiolus: it is the the flower of the month August. Gladys is also a well-known short form of Gladiolus (which is a bit rare). It’s also known as sword lily, thus Gladiolus can be one of the August baby names that can be linked to strong and confident babies destined to rule the world! If you aspire to see your son growing up to be a business man or a politician, then Gladiolus can help him make a difference in his field.

Gus: a street wise form of August. As the old quote says, noone remembers the second one. So, let’s refresh our memories. Did you know that Gus Grissom was the second man that set foot on the moon? No? That’s OK, that’s why you have us at to remind you of these little details!

Gussie: one of the vintage baby names for boys that was popular during the early 20th century. Now it’s making a strong come back and being one of the most favourite August baby names for parents. Your son will have an easy to remember name and will be known as an easy going and friendly person who is not afraid to risk from times to times.

Leo: the sign of the month August. Considered as confident and ambitious, mainly because of its assosciation with the king of the jungle. People of Leo sign are usually loyal and generous. Almost all are encouraging and you can rely on them. Be ware of their famously stubborn character! They can also get a bit domineering, but hey, noone is perfect!

Peridot: known as the August gem, it was the symbol of the sun. Rumor says that this rare jewel helps people forget bad experiences and move on with their lives.

Poppy: considered an August flower especially in UK.

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