Baby Names 2014 Inspired by Movies

Are you a movie goer? Then you will love these baby names 2014 inspired by movies. We have gathered the best movie pictures of 2014 so far and we added names for boys and girls inspired by movies that will be released later this year. No matter your favorite genre, we have you covered. From romantic comedies to action adventures, the following movies offer the most interesting choices for baby names 2014 inspired by their lead characters. Heroes or ordinary people with a great story, these characters have touched the hearts and minds of millions of cinema fans.

We have the most complete baby names 2014 inspired by movies list that you can find online because our experts presented all the information needed around names. Meanings, origin, associated characters and links to mythology or history explained in great detail by our team of expert researchers. We take proud on our work and we can safely declare that the following baby names 2014 inspired by movies is one of the best list we have ever issued!

Let’s remember the movies that made headlines in 2014 and find out more about the names of the lead characters split by gender. Ladies first.

Baby Names 2014 Inspired by Movies: Girl Names

Artemisia: let’s start with an original Greek name from the 300 sequel. In the Rise of Empire (watch now on HD quality), Artemisia I of Caria is the evil Persian general who leads the naval army of Xerxes against Athens. Her enigmatic past is unlocked by Themestocles, the charismatic Greek leader who managed to join the Greek forces against the Persian threat. Artemisia is one of the strongest female baby names 2014 inspired by movies while remaining feminine. A red thin line which is difficult to balance, it’s a name that derives from Artemis. According to Greek mythology, she was one of the 12 Gods who resided at mountain Olympus and ruled the world. Artemis was the Goddess of the hunt and animals, so it’s perfect for parents who are eco-conscious. A baby girl called Artemisia will grow up to love nature and learn to love all animals.

Baby Names 2014 Inspired by Movies
Flittle: an alternative name for Flora, a character who first appeared in the 1959 Disney movie Sleeping Beauty. Flittle made a come back in 2014 in Maleficent, the re-make of the classic story that Angelina Jolie starred. An envious fairy cursed a baby princess, but later find out that the girl might be the only one able to bring peace back to their country. Flittle is a cool combination of the letter F- with the cute -little ending. It will make a pretty name for any girl that wishes to be a princess one day. Well, that’s the dream of every woman, isn’t it?

Inez: another excellent comedy this time with a French touch. Chef is the 2014 movie where Inez is making the first appearance in Hollywood, a role played by Colombian beauty queen Sofia Vergara. Inez is nothing but the American version of the Portuguese and Spanish name Inés/Inês. These are the two forms that the name Agnes took, a name of Greek origin. The true meaning of Inez is pure as it derives from hagnē, a Greek word which represent all things holy. So if you wish to combine baby names 2014 inspired by movies with religion and the Roman Catholic church, Inez is a fine choice. Extra bonus if the parents have Latin-American roots as it’s going to be an even better fit for them.

Megara: another Greek name, this time taken from the 2014 action adventure movie Hercules, a role played by the fittest guy in Hollywood right now, Dwayne Johnson. Megara was the wife of Hercules and the mother of his 7 sons (hope to see the symbolism here). A cute nickname could be Meg, a short form often heard in the US as a diminutive of other common names as well. For the history, stunning actress Irina Shayk plays the role of Megara, best known for her appearance in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit contests.

Raven: according to the popular baby names 2014 trends, sci-fi names are going to rule the charts. Raven is a name inspired by the X-Men saga, given to the mysterious mutant who has the unique ability to take any form she likes. Yeah that’s right, Raven is the real name of Mystique and is one of the hottest baby names 2014 inspired by movies since it was voted by movie fans as the most attractive female character this year. Raven currently ranks in the top 500 baby names in US and is a word name (derived from the bird) chosen primarily by African-American parents who wish to honor blackness’ beauty. If you choose to name your baby girl Raven, she will be known a hot girl who can adapt anywhere without problem, flexible and ready to act. But most of all, Raven will symbolize the power that women have over men when they want.

Tessa: baby names 2014 inspired by movies sequels have better chance to rank higher in charts. That’s because they follow the trend that mega block busters often have follow up movies that build on the success of their predecessors. Transformers: Age of Extinction is one of these movies that will bring the technology of Transformers back in the theatres in 2014. Beautiful actress Nicola Peltz plays Tessa Yeager, the gorgeous character that you are going to love as soon as you see her. Tessa is derives from Theresa and it’s far more appealing in this short form than the original version. The true meaning of Tessa is to gather and it’s one of the most popular baby names 2014 inspired by movies as it currently holds the 242th spot.

Baby Names 2014 Inspired by Movies: Boy Names

Foy: a cool short name for hipster baby boys. Foy is a character in the hilarious comedy A Million Ways to Die in the West. A movie made by the same guys who brought us TED (remember that cute teddy bear that rocked our world in 2012?) starring Neil Patrick Harris best known as the lege -wait for it- ndary Barnie Stinson from “How I Met Your Mother”. We love Barnie, but it’s a bit too much for a baby boy’s name. On the contrary, Foy is an ideal choice if you are a fan of unique short names.

Mac: Neighbors is a fun comedy about a couple who just had a baby and was unfortunate enough to live next to a fraternity house. Wait a second, baby names 2014 inspired by movies that have to do with babies, isn’t that a fantastic coincidence? Yes it is, and that’s why we picked Mac as one of them. Talented actor Seth Rogen plays Mac Radner, the father of the newborn baby, going into a face to face battle with Zac Efron. The meaning of Mac is the son of, and it’s one of the most common prefix of Scottish surnames. As you can see, it can be easily used as a name on its own right.

Baby Names 2014 Inspired by Movies

Jenko: charming and energetic actor Channing Tatum plays Jenko in 22 Jump Street, the follow-up action comedy 21 Jump Street. Together with Schmidt, officer Jenko goes undercover at a local college where havoc is waiting for them. Jenko is also going to create a buzz as one of the most dynamic baby names 2014 inspired by movies. Fuelled by the energy of J-, this name is powered with the first letter’s strength. Jenko is suitable for confident baby boys who are going to follow a career in business where you need to be aggressive and street smart.

Did you like our list of baby names 2014 inspired by movies? We hope that as a movie lover, you appreciated the level of background information we have provided you with each choice we picked. If you have more suggestions, please feel free to leave us a comment using the form below. We would love to hear your thoughts!

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