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Baby names 2014 are not a mystery anymore! Thanks to our experts, the secrets of top boy names for 2014 are revealed so that parents can decide on the name of their babies with confidence. The list of popular baby names 2014 has been chosen carefully to reflect all the latest trends. We have based our predictions on strong evidence derived from plenty of different data sources. This way we ensure that each entry of this top baby names 2014 list has been cross checked and earned its spot the hard way.

Top baby names 2014 for boys are inspired by celebrities and their children. Inspiration can also be drawn from the royal family that welcomed a new member amidst media frenzy for the heir of the British throne. Blockbuster Hollywood movies and successful TV series also play an important role as usual in forming the hottest baby names 2014. We are going to analyze each entry and provide you with background information, the reason why we think they deserve to be listed as top baby names 2014 and of course, we won’t leave out the name meanings and their origin.

By our well known and trusted methodology, we are delivering the safest bets on predicting top baby names 2014 for boys. Our step by step approach in baby names shows that our name experts are doing all the hard work for you striving to maximize the success rate of our predictions. We are looking forward to see how the new year will bring new baby names 2014 and how we have performed in terms of predictions. Oh well, everyone likes to see the outcome of his research being confirmed!

Top Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Alastair: fuelled by the royal baby, Alastair is going to be a huge success in 2014. How? Well, Alastair is nothing but a cool spelling variation of the Scottish name Alasdair, which in turn derives from a Gaelic form of Alexander. See the royal connection now? Not so obvious by first sight we must admit, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have royal blood flowing in its veins! The meaning of Alastair is defender of the people (same as Alexander name meaning). Before the royal baby name Alexander was revealed, Alastair was made known to the wider public through the prominent British journalist Alastair Campbell who turned into an author. His no.1 bestseller titled “The Blair Years” (get it now from Amazon) received critical acclaim from book critics around the world. The book unveiled a lot of secrets around the former British prime minister. Thus, Alastair might be perfect for boys who aspire to be a Pulitzer awarded journalist one day!

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Cyril: let’s stay on the intellectual path a little longer and explore another all time classic name that will see a rejuvenation in top baby names 2014 charts. Cyril has Greek origin and a heavenly meaning of “lordly”. Ideal for devoted Christians that are looking for a fresh baby name for their cute son. It can also be an awesome idea for parents who would like to see their baby boy grow up to be an inventor, since Cyril was the missionary who invented the Cyrillic alphabet during the 19th century. Moreover, the international acclaimed Irish poet Oscar Wilde picked Cyril as his son’s name, strengthening the ties of this name with literature and famous scholars.

Edwin: it’s been around for ages and it has been for a reason. Parents seem to love this Victorian baby name that has an English origin. The meaning of Edwin is wealthy friend and will suit perfectly for career oriented parents who have big dreams for their baby boys. A safe choice that is always relevant and will have no problems making it in any top baby names 2014 chart. Last year, it secured a pretty good spot landing on no.282! Our predictions based on the latest trends show that it has potential to go even higher.

Everett: nature baby boy names 2014 is a rising trend that experts have identified. Everett is one of the top baby boy names 2014 inspired by nature. It’s a macho name that has a strong meaning, brave as a boar. The tough looking image of Everett is softened by the double -tt ending which makes it different from the rest of the pack. It has German origin and has taken its current English form via Eberhard. Everett is a star performer that recorded meteoric rise the last few years and can be now found at no.189! It is one of the fastest rising baby boy names 2014 that makes a strong statement about the person and the family that will choose it. If the trend continues, we can easily see Everett within the top 100 names in US, so keep an eye on this one!

George: long live the King! We call it UK because it’s still a Kingdom. And every kingdom deserves a worthy king with a name of rich royal heritage. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s beautiful son was born on July 22, 2013. A few days later, the royal family announced the handsome baby boy’s name to be George Alexander Louis. This has put an end to the betting fever that consumed most of the bookies around the world. In fact, George has confirmed most of the rumors and it came as no surprise, as the royal family is all about preserving its tradition. The meaning of George might be humble (it means farmer) and its origin might not come from a place known for its Monarchy (its roots can be found in the country that gave birth to Democracy, Greece). However it will conquer all baby names 2014 charts and rule as a true King!

Gilbert: German baby names 2014 like Gilber are going to enjoy a stylish rebirth. What was once considered to be a vintage baby name, it’s an all time favorite for American parents that have consistently showed their love for Gilbert. The name rose all the way up to #121 and will continue it’s rise to the top! The meaning of Gilbert is shining pledge and you might also see it as his cool alternatives Gibby or just Gib (short baby names are always hot.

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Gideon: looking for Biblical baby names but you can’t afford to have one more Jacob (which happens to be the single most popular baby name for 2012) around? No worries, we got you covered! Why don’t you choose Gideon, a Hebrew name that represents someone who is having a stump for a hand. Gideon has been neglected but it’s time for a grant comeback as top baby names 2014 are forming to have a particular favor for symbols. A boy named Gideon is someone who is destined to create the finest kind of work achieved only by very few people. Now that’s the kind of name meaning we call truly inspirational (along with some other great inspirational quotes that can motivate people).

Isaiah: Hebrew baby names 2014 are hot as ever. Research shows that Isaiah is set for a huge come back after years of staying away from the wide parents audience. The meaning of Isaiah is salvation of the Lord and in case you don’t know, he was one of the top prophets in the Old Testament. According to the Bible, Isaiah was the son of Amos and was such an important religious figure that one of the Old Testament books were named after him. Retired professional basketball player and NBA superstar Allen Iverson, also known as A.I. (his initials) or the nickname The Answer, named his son Isaiah. Surely an MVP among the baby names 2014 dream team!

Louis: the third name of the royal baby was set to be Louis honoring so many other kings that bore the same name before him. Typical for French monarchs, Louis means renowned warrior and apart from the royal baby, a number of hot celebrities have also chosen it as the name of their pretty boys. “Astronaut” Sandra Bullock is a busy mom when she is not spinning in space (we are talking about her remarkable performance in box office hit Gravity), and a very stylish one as she chose Louis for her baby boy name before the royal baby name was announced, proving once again her famous forward thinking ability.

Mateo: short names will remain top choices for baby names 2014 and Mateo is no exception. The Spanish form of Matthew which means gift of God will prove to be both attractive and hot for the new year. There is also a pop/RnB singer called Mateo, whose real name is Iman Jordan, releasing albums from the same label as Alicia Keys. Mateo is huge in Europe and especially hot in Croatia, where it was introduced from the Italian Matteo. We can’t help but to admit that it’s a sexy baby boy name that girls will find hard to resist.

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Owen: let us move into unisex baby names 2014 and present you with a Welsh name that has been rising like a rocket through the charts! The meaning of Owen is young warrior and was originally used for well-born children. No wonder why parents adore this evocative Celtic name with such an expressing meaning. We included Owen in the top baby names 2014 list for boys because its vibrant sound is appealing to celebrities like Emmy Awarded TV host Ricki Lake.

Rhys: another unisex name that is haunting American parents lately. Rhys is an evocative short baby boy name 2014 of Welsh origin. The meaning of Rhys is ardor and you can find it in the top 500 baby names in US. It’s a cool alternative to the more common Reece or Reese which tends to be given more to baby girls rather than baby boys. Our prediction is that we will hear more of Rhys in the coming years thanks to Tudors star Jonathan Rhys Meyers. The sexy young actor brought the name into mainstream and since then there is a spike in its popularity. Who knows, maybe we’ll see it climb all the way up to the top 100 baby boy names 2014 as it’s already no.70 in most parts of the UK.

Tobias: the third Biblical name found on this top baby names 2014 for boys list which is trending in US according to official SSA data. The Social Security list shows that Tobias is climbing plenty of spots each year and this makes us confident enough to predict that is going to be one of the top baby names 2014 for boys. The meaning of Tobias is God is good and its origin is Greek from Hebrew. According to the Old Testament, Tobias was the son of Tobit who met the mighty Archangel Raphael and didn’t realised it was in fact a heavenly creature that he encountered. The angel gave specific instructions regarding what Tobias should do when he catches a really big fish. This wonderful story from the Bible is full of symbols (read full analysis here). Toby is also a cool short alternative that started as a nickname but developed as a new entry for baby names 2014.

Zinedine: if you are a soccer fan, you must be already familiar with Zinedine Zidan. The French football super star was the captain of the national team of France for many years and has been awarded several cups and championships. Zidan might be retired now, but he will be forever remembered as one of the greatest midfielder that played on great European teams like Real Madrid and Juventus. As you can imagine, Zinedine is synonymous with sports so it’s perfect if you are looking for baby boy names 2014 inspired by athletes. The origin of Zinedine is not French though. In fact, it has roots in the Arabic language where it has the meaning of beauty of the faith. Combining religion with sports is a unique match that will take your baby boy to the highest levels of popularity in school and further in his life.

So there you have it, the most up-to-date list of baby boy names in 2014. Did you like our recommendations? Do you have any other suggestions for the best baby names 2014? Leave us a comment and let us know what you think!

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  1. Jh says:

    Umm…. Kate Middleton and Prince WILLIAM have a baby named George, who is now a future king. Who is Prince Harris? (William has a brother named Harry, not Harris, and I seriously doubt he and Kate had a baby together)

  2. Rhoda says:

    Hi, Think the Tobias story is from the Book of Mormon. Definitely no Tobias in the Bible :)

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Rhoda, thanks for your comment!

      The Book of Tobit (Book of Tobias in the Vulgate; from the Greek: τωβιθ, and Hebrew: טובי Tobi “my good”, also called the Book of Tobias from the Hebrew טוביה Tovya “God is good”) is a book of scripture that is part of the Catholic and Orthodox biblical canon, pronounced canonical by the Council of Carthage of 397 and confirmed for Roman Catholics by the Council of Trent (1546). (source

  3. Sarah says:

    Just named my newborn Tobias – Tobi x

  4. Julian says:

    Thank you for sharing this excellent baby name suggestions! I am looking forward to see much more posts!

  5. Toni says:

    Our sons name is Seamus (shay-mus) a lot of people don’t pronounce it right. Its still a pretty great name and pretty rare, but never in any lists :(

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