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Check out our top baby names 2014 unique collection of absolutely cool girl names. Cute girl names with awesome meanings and rare origin. You just found you are pregnant and you are already browsing through baby names 2014 lists to find the best choice for your daughter? No problem, we get you! That’s why we’ve built the most comprehensive baby names 2014 collection with the crème de la crème of top girl names.

Our suggestions for baby names 2014 has been thoroughly considered. Before releasing any final outcome, we have carefully weighted a number of popularity factors before we build this baby names 2014 list. First we looked into existing trends in the popularity of girl names and we have included in our analysis any significant spike in the numbers of spots that a name has risen among the charts. Then, we associated each baby names 2014 entry with famous celebrities or well known TV/movie characters that have been tremendously sueccesful bringing these girl names into the spotlight. Finally, we have evaluated the name meaning and origin of its of the baby names 2014 contestants and decided which has the most unique and rare combination of name meaning and origin.

We are proud of each baby names 2014 entry and we are sure that you are going to love them! We do hope that we will help you in the baby name hunting for 2014 and we are certain that these names will play a major role into shaping tomorrow’s baby names charts. Let’s have a closer look into the baby names 2014 list!

Top Girl Baby Names 2014

Abigail: a radiant Hebrew name that means my father is joyful. According to the Bible, Abigail was one of the many wives of King David. She had the perfect mix of wisdom and beauty, a rare combination that can make any woman desirable. Abigail was also known as a talented prophet, with unique powers that could foresee the future with details and make the right kind of choices for her husband and King. We have spotted a significant trend towards vintage baby names like Abigail as the name rose all the way up to the 7th spot on the official baby names SSA chart two years ago and rising. A cool baby name alternative for old-fashioned Abigail could be Abby which is cute and fresh. The choice is yours!

baby names 2014 girls

Cadence: a musical baby name of Latin origin. The meaning of Cadence is rhythm or beat and is best for parents who aspire to see their beautiful baby girl become a famous singer when she grows up. We can’t guarantee that your daughter will be the next Rihanna, but you can definitely give her a popular name that came out of nowhere and we spotted it as a name that will become one of the top baby names 2014. Rest assured that we have done our homework and have also found that other cool spelling variations like Kadence and Kaydence are also become more and more popular among parents.

Ella: there’s little to add to this popular English name that has dominated the baby names charts for years. Ella’s popularity is evident everywhere and our prediction show that it will remain hot and trendy in 2014. The reason? First of all, celebrities love it! They can’t get enough of it, as super stars like Hollywood actors Ben Stiller, John Travolta and British singer Eric Clapton have all chosen Ella for their pretty baby girls. Another reason is because the name strikes a fine balance between the old-fashioned and the trendy types, so it’s a fave for parents of both worlds. A quick look at the numbers will testify for us: back in 2000 Ella could be found in the 265th spot. 12 years later she jumped 200+ spots, landing at no 12, the highest spot it ever got! And it’s not only in America. The name is a huge international hit. You will find it in the top 10 baby names 2014 everywhere from Australia (no.6) to Sweden (no.4) and many more countries.

Eliana: a multi cultural choice that has Hebrew origin. The inspirational meaning of Eliana is my God has answered. The motivational message behind the name meaning is enough to convince you why people love it and have given it extra attention now that all the El- names have been on the rise.

Evie: diminutive of Eva, it started as a nickname for girls that wanted to differentiate from other girls called Eve. Energetic baby names 2014 will have a huge impact on parents who adore their spark and want a lively meaning to their baby girl meaning. Parents who have seen V for Vendetta (watch the official trailer) and were surprised by Natalie Portman’s amazing performance as Evie, they can envision their cute girl become a fighter who stands up for her rights.

Kayla: consistent in charts performance, Kayla is set to rule baby names 2014 with a feminine touch! The origin of this beautiful name is Gaelic and Irish while the true meaning of Kayla is slim and fair. Some name researchers suggest that the name origin is totally different, Hebrew to be exact, and the meaning of Kayla is crown. No matter who is right and wrong, Kayla remains an attractive girls name that has been used as diminutive of Michaela but it’s now a name of its own dominating baby names 2014 for yet one more year, thanks to TV character Kayla from the Days of our Lives drama series.

Kendall: belongs to the baby names 2014 of Old English origin. Kendall is a place name and its meaning is the Kent river valley. Boosted by celebrity stardom by Kim Kardashian’s sister, Kendall is set to become one of the most interesting and popular baby names 2014. We should also note that the name can be used for baby boys, making it ideal for parents who prefer unisex baby names. Other spelling variations include Kendal and Kendahl, so now you know how to spice things up a little bit!

Kinsley: by being classy and cute at the same time, we couldn’t leave it outside of the baby names 2014 list as this is a hard to get combination. Jumping chart positions every year, Kinsley is becoming a tremendous success. The meaning of Kinsley is king’s meadow and the name origin is English.

Laila: a cool variation of Layla, this trendy name has Arabic origin. The meaning of Laila is night beauty, making it a prime candidate for party animals and out going girls who love to have a good  time. Lovely and exotic, we believe that this spelling variation of Leila (which is now considered over-used) will rule the baby names 2014 trends.

Lydia: let me tell you a story about Lydia. It was my grandmother’s name and I absolutely loved her. She was my favorite person in the world. You know, the type of grandma that hugs her grandchildren as her own children and loves them “twice as much” as she used to say. As you can imagine, this is an important name for me so I have reserved it for a special occasion. Listing it in the baby names 2014 collection, we believe that it gives all the attention it deserves for an exciting new start. Lydia denotes a woman from a wealthy Greek town called Lydia. It represents power and authority, as it was home to one of the richest kings of the world, Midas. According to the myth, Midas had the magic power to turn anything he touched into gold. His special ability was a gift from a goddess, however it turned into a curse because Midas could not hug his loved ones or even feed himself as he couldn’t eat an apple. Moving on from the wealth and prosperity factor, Lydia was also creativity and innovation. After all, the people who lived in Lydia invented coinage. Women called Lydia are expected to become successful in business and generally considered to be affluent. With such a haunting history and rich associations, we strongly believe that it will become a favorite baby names 2014 without any doubt!

Mya: let’s stay a little bit longer in Greece and explore this historically important country that gave birth to countless myths and stories. Mya derives from Maia which means the person who helps pregnant women during birth. When hot RnB singer Mya made a break through, it took the name with her up in the sky and fuelled it with some much needed star power. Follow Miss Mya on Twitter and catch up with her latest developments along with some really cute baby pics like the one you can see below!

baby names 2014 mya
Nevaeh: time to take baby names 2014 back to America with a name that comes from the native roots of USA. Nevah is an invented baby name that people coined after the 9/11 terrorist attacks in New York City and the Pentagon. With lots of people praying for the lost ones, everyone’s eyes turned into Heaven and religion became a huge part of every day life. And then God responded by inspiring singer Sonny Sandoval to name his baby girl Nevaeh, which is Heaven spelled backwards. And boom. A miracle. Everybody loved the idea and a new baby name was born. It’s fresh and inspirational, so it will continue to be a favorite choice as baby names 2014 need to be modern and current.

Nina: baby name experts opinions are divided on this one. On one hand, some suggest that Nina has Spanish origin and means little girl. As evidence, they bring Colombu’s third ship that was named Nina and of course it was Spanish. On the other hand, various sources document Nina as a diminutive of Ann which means grace. And then, more recently, research has placed Nina’s roots in mother Russia, as a short form of Antonina. And that’s only the surface. If you go even deeper, you will find out that the ancient civilization of Incas worshiped a deity named Nina, who happened to be the goddess of fire. In Eastern culture, Neena means pretty eyes in Hindu. A truly multicultural choice for baby names 2014 that can fit in virtually anywhere.

Priscilla: a sexy and attractive choice for pretty girls, it will continue to be a top influencer in the baby names 2014 world. The meaning of Priscilla is “ancient” and its origin is Latin. It derives from the Latin word Prisca which has another meaning as well, that of the venerable person. Priscilla was haunted for years from a puritanic image, as the name was popular among Puritans in Britain during the early Christian years all the way down to the 19th century. However, things have changed and parents now appreciate the history and the delicate nature of this unique baby name making it a prime candidate for a top spot in the baby names 2014 charts.

Sienna: when Dan Brown publishes a new book, the world listens. Book lovers, casual readers, art critiques and the media all dive into his story paying attention to every little detail. His latest novel, Inferno, features Sienna Brooks as the lead female character who stands by the well known professor Robert Langdon. She is the epitome of a genius, an extremely clever, skillful and determined lady that treats Langdon’s wounds in a Florence hospital. OK no spoilers here, we won’t reveal more, so you can carry on reading! Sienna is an Italian place-name that derives from clay. Its red-orange color makes it as distinctive as this trendy name which will undoubtedly make a big jump in the baby names 2014 charts.

Trinity: ever since the first series of The Matrix block buster series, where Trinity was the dynamic character who fell in love with the messianic hero Neo, the name became an instant hit. Apart from the obvious religious links, we included Trinity as part of our top baby names 2014 list as it has a special euphoric image that it’s not easily forgotten.

That’s the end of our baby names 2014 list and we know that you already feel excited about the number of choices that we presented you. Feel free to add your own suggestions by leaving us a comment below. We’ll make sure that all your feedback is reflected in our monthly reviews as part of our efforts to keep this baby names 2014 list as fresh as possible!

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