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Baby Names for Girls and Boys around the World. Browse a comprehensive database of baby names for your beloved baby boy or baby girl. Find out new names per category and link with celebrity names. Learn name meanings and check popular names and unusual names.

BabyNamesLog.com is the ultimate database for baby names. Get inspired by finding new names ideas, check name meanings, see celebrity names, popular names, unusual names, cool names, names by ethnic groups, and many more!

Check out names of English, French, German, Spanish, Greek, Hebrew, African, Arabic, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Scandinavian, Native American, Indian, Latin, Turkish, Aztec, Irish, Welsh, and many many more!

Baby names can be a hard task for new parents. It shouldn’t! Babynameslog.com is here to help you name your baby, showing all available names for girls and boys, names that make a difference, names that your baby will thank you in the future!

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