10 Baby Names for Boys Inspired by the Hottest Movie Stars

Do you ever dream your baby boy becoming one of these movie stars that all women desire? We have a list of the most up-to-date celebrity A-list from Hollywood, analysing their names and origin.

Sexy Hollywood Actors Baby Names for Boys

Benedict: We start the list with probably the hottest movie star of 2013, Benedict Cumberbatch. His full name is Benedict Timothy Carlton, providing an array of interesting names for a handsome baby boy. We chose Benedict because it is the most distinctive of them all. First of all, the current Pope’s name is Benedict XVI so it gives an elevated image of respect. Benedict Cumberbatch thought takes the name to a whole new level! Too clever and too cool, he plays characters that are uber trendy and prestigious. He has an insane charisma that glorifies the name. Your son will be thankful!

Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom: perhaps you might expect to see Tom because of Tom Cruise. But in fact, the name made it to the list of baby names for boys inspired by the hottest movie stars thanks to Tom Hiddleston. Eloquent and tall, Hiddleston is one of the most charming men in Hollywood. His stardom was so great that he beats all other Avenger characters for a good reason. A philosophical soul that radiates happy vibes and loves being with a crowd, Tom Hiddleston’s sexiest role was Loki as the twisted brother of Thor. Ladies pay attention to this one!

tom hiddleston

Henry: it might be a royal name, but thanks to Henry Cavill, it can be seen as the hottest 6-abs in Hollywood. Impossibly sculpted and buff, his role as Superman generated frenzied lust for millions of female fans around the world. If all ancient Greeks looked like him, as we saw him in the 2011 movie Immortals, I wouldn’t mind stepping into the time machine and travelling back in time! Your baby boy will be confident with this kind of body and of course name to accompany his every step!


Ryan: seriously, can you get any sexier than Ryan Gosling? From the romantic Notebook to the mugger thwarting Driver character, Ryan knows what women want. He is the epitomy of cool and steadfast. Ryan is an Irish name that means little king, and Ryan Gosling is the king of your heart. It can be one of the safest bets you can have when it comes to sexy baby names for boys.

ryan gosling

Robert: I can think of some people who would even sell their lives to the devil to be like multi billionaire genius Tony Stark, the alter ego of the Ironman. The same goes for Robert Downey Jr, the intelligent man behind the machine. Thanks to his sheer charisma, he is one of the hottest movie actors in Hollywood. A ludicrously good-looking man that can fly not because he has super powers but because he invents stuff. If you want to see your son becoming a creative genius, then choose Robert and sleep with a peace of mind!

robert baby names

Chris: the name sounds familiar and yes it’s common. But if you think about Chris Hemsworth, there is nothing common about him! The hot actor who plays Thor, the mighty Norse God is a romantic character who risks everything to come back for his human love. Strong and fierce with a hammer, Chris Hemsworth gives this name a godly aura that can smash his opponents in a link of an eye. Perfect for parents who are looking a name to go along with a career oriented baby boy that needs to be tough in a business environment.

chris hemsworth

Michael: yes, you can forget about Mike when you have Michael Fassbender next to you! The Irish-German actor is on fire with his latest films: he plays Magneto in the superhero film X-Men: First Class. He was Archie Hicox in the Inglourious Basterds, next to Brad Pitt (a bit overused name for a list like this so don’t expect to find it here). And more recently the Counselor and 12 years a slave. A talented and some times cocky figure that can boost your baby boy sex appeal!

michael fassbender

Hugh: the anti-hero Wolverine Marvel comics character earned international fame for Hugh Jackman. Along with him, Hugh became an instant hit rising in baby name charts across the world. The meaning of Hugh is mind, intellect and if you add this to the frequently shirtless beast that can rip people to shreds with his claws, then you have a winning combo! Bonus: Hugh Jackman is known for being one of the nicest people in Hollywood, a person with honestly good heart that cares for his friends. These are the attributes that your son should have, ain’t that right?


Bradley: does the surname Cooper sound any bells to you? Of course it does! Silver Linings Playbook was one of the cutest movie films of the last couple of years and Bradley Cooper played an amazing role as the half-crazy guy who was trying to get over his ex by learning how to dance. Com’on admit it, you felt sorry for him too and wanted to just give him a hug. Bradley is in a great shape and he can inspire your baby boy to get at least some of his mega-star image. He also speaks French, so expect a multi cultural and international heritage with this name.


Idris: brace yourselves for an unusual name that became insanely popular thanks to hot actor Idris Elba. He is the only person in our list who is also a producer, singer, rapper, and DJ. All in one amazing package! Idris is in fact a baby name of Welsh origin that means lord. Some baby names researchers suggest that the name has Arabic roots with a bit different meaning, study and learn. It can be also considered as a Muslim baby name since the name can be found twice in the holy book Koran as a name of a prophet.

Idris Elba

Bonus Baby Names

Zachary: if you count the list right, this should be the 11th name, but who cares. When it comes to Quinto, you can’t resist the temptation. With his fiery Vulcan passion, he is one of the movie stars that has hidden depths, waiting to be discovered. Just like his name! A rare Hebrew choice that means the Lord has remembered. Zach or Zak can be short alternatives, though the full Zachary name bring in mind the powerful Sylar from Heroes that almost destroyed Earth (no spoilers!)

Zachary Quinto

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