Baby Names for Girls and Boys of English Origin – G

English Baby Names that start with the letter G

Names of English origin can be funny, bold and have a European spirit that holds traditional values like strength and nobility. They can also be linked with God and mortal rulers due to their royal heritage. Don’t forget that England has still got a living Queen and has a very long tradition in kings. No wonder why the official name of the country is United Kingdom.

Baby names Gordon and Graham can be found in the following list of English names that start with the letter G. These are the most popular names according to the most recent research, but feel free to browse the list and find other interesting ideas for cool and unique names for your baby girl or baby boy!

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Baby Names for Girls and Boys of English Origin G

Gabby or Gabe or Gaby: Diminutive form of Gabrielle

Gabrie: God is my Strength

Gage: Measurer

Gail: Joy of the Father

Galahad: Pure, noble and selfless

Gale: Pleasant, merry

Galilee: Country of Gentiles

Garden: Cultivated Land of Flowers or Plants

Gardenia: a flowering plant that belongs in the tropical coffee family

Gardner: the person who takes care of a garden

baby names garfield

Garfield: From the Triangular Field, but also a comic that desribes the life of the cat Garfield, his owner Jon Arbuckle and Odie (his other pet which is a dog).

Garland: Maker of Garlands

Garnet: A red Semi-precious Gem

Garrett: Spear Rule

Garrick: From a place covered by oaks

Garridan: Descendant of Gerard

Garrison: Son of Gerard

Garron: Form of Garren

Garry: Diminutive form of Garrett or Gareth

Garson: Valet

Garth: Garden keeper

Garton: From the enclosed farm

Gary: Spear Rule

baby names gates

Gates: Dweller by the gates, business celebrity surname Bill Gates, Founder of Microsoft, now an investor and a philanthropist

Gatland: Dweller in the Land by the Gate

Gatlin: Fellow, Companion

Gauge: Measurer

Gavin: White hawk

Gay: Merry, Happy

Gayle: Joy of the Father

Gaylord: Lively, brisk

Gelsey: Jasmine

Gene: Well Born

Gent: Gentleman

Gentry: Nobility of birth

Geoff: short name for Geoffrey, see below for meaning

Geoffrey: God peace, also known as Jeffrey

Geordi: Diminutive form of George or Jordan

Georgia: Farmer, a US state and a country in the Caucasus region of Eurasia

Georgianna or Georgianne: Combination of Georgia and Anne

Georgina: Feminine form of George

Gerald: Rules with Spear and a former US President. Gerald Ford was the 38th President of the United States, serving from 1974 to 1977.

Geraldine: Rules with Spear

Geranium: a type of flower

Gerard: Brave Spearman, celebrity name for Gerard James Butler is a Scottish actor who has appeared on film, stage, and television.

Geri: Rules with Spear

German: from Germany, inspiring isn’t it?

Gibson: Son of Gilbert, celebrity surname for Mel Gibson the American actor.

Gift: Present, Offering

Gilbert: Bright pledge

Gilda: golden

Giles: Pledge or Young Goat. Giles Gordon K. Barnes is an English professional footballer, who plays as a midfielder for Houston Dynamo in Major League Soccer.

Gillian: Youthful, Downy

Ginger: Reddish orange color

Ginny: Diminutive form of Virginia

Glenward: Towards the Valley

Glinda: Pretty

Glory: praise, honor, or distinction extended by common consent

Godfrey: God peace

Godiva: the god’s gift

Godwin: good friend

Golda or Goldie or Goldy: Made of Gold

baby names gordon

Gordon: From Gordon, Scotland. Celebrity chef name Gordon Ramsay, is a British celebrity chef, television personality and restaurant owener with many awards

Gordy: another form of the name Gordon, see above for meaning

Gore: Triangular-shaped Land

Gracelynn: Combination Of The Names Grace and Lynn

Gracie: Grace of God

Graeme: From the Gray Homestead

Graham: From the Gray Homestead. Celebrity name for Graham William Walker, also known as Graham Norton, who is an Irish comic presenter and hosts a very successful show, named after his stage name

Gram: Contraction of Graham, see name meaning above

Granger: Farmer

Grant: great

Gratian: grace

Gray: the intermediate color between white and black

Grayson: Son of the Grey-Haired One

Grayton: From the grey town

Greenlee: From the green field

Gresham: Grazing Homestead

Grey: Grey-haired

Greyson: Son of the grey-haired man

Griff: Slang information; news

Grover: From the Grove

Guildford: From the marsh marigold ford. Guildford is a county town situated 27 miles southwest of London.

Gulliver: Glutton, used as a surname for Lemuel Gulliver was the main character of the story Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

Gunhilda: Battle warrior

Gus: Diminutive form of Gustav or Angus or August

Gypsy: a bohemian traveler. Gypsies have their origin in north India, but now reside in many countries of the world, forming local communities.

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