23 Baby Names That Make You Smile

Every baby has the unique ability to put a smile on their parents face. How about putting that smile in every single person they will meet? Smiling makes you feel happy, it gives you energy and revitalize your body as it creates chain reactions in the central nervous system and endocrine system. To put it simple, smiling makes you feel better even if you are feeling down. Scientists agree that a single smile is enough to make you feel beautiful and young.

Giving your little angel one of the 24 baby names that make you smile is one of the best tricks to make your child popular as everyone will have a cracking smile in their face every time they hear their name. It’s the best way to win friends and bond lasting relationships as names are powerful methods that the brain associates with certain attributes, in this case the feeling of joy, happiness and empowerment!

Let’s explore one by one each of the 24 baby names that have this special ability to make people smile and dig into their meaning and origin!

baby names that make you smile
Angel: a heavenly creature that comes to us in times of need, an Angel is always a symbol of good news and out of this world support that can change our lives.

Bambi: diminutive form of bambino, Bambi is an Italian name that means little child and is mainly given to baby girls.

Bitsie: an unusual name that make you smile which is an alternative form of Bitsy which is of English origin.

Boots: wether they are Prada or Gucci, boots are suitable to put a smile in any woman’s face, especially if they are limited edition!

Buffalo: strange name that make you laugh (in a good way!)

Buffy: the American origin of this baby name comes from Eliza-beth and it became popular after the tv show Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997-2003) starring Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Bunny: kids love cartoons as they are funny and they make them smile in every episode! Bugs Bunny is one of their all-time favorite cartoons so this baby name is definitely making it in our list.

Champagne: maybe your children don’t know it (yet) but champagne is the bubbly drink that is a must in every party and ladies love it, so do your baby girl a favor and give her a name that will be remembered even after an after-party!

Cheer: laugh, live, love…!

Cherry-Sue: everyone love sweets, don’t you?

Cookie: ice cream cookies versus cookies with milk, an epic battle that has something in common, something that all kids agree: cookies are just lovely!

Corky: a made-up name that is funny, isn’t it?

Dusty: this baby name is the diminutive of Dustin which is a bit more serious. Dusty is cheerful and happy!

Fluffy: brings memories of fluffy little cute dogs or adorable fluffy cats, pets are considered to be one of the best friend a kid can ever have!

Galaxy: no we are not talking tech here, so take Samsung’s latest gadget out of your head, galaxy is not only a smarthphone but also stars in the sky, romantic and beautiful as they might be.

Harmony: this pleasant feeling that everything goes well, when all of your friends and family love you and support you, when you don’t have too much ups and downs, you are in absolute harmony. Is there anything better than that?

Honey: sweety, honey, love, the man that calls you this way can make you smile and that’s why you love him. Now it’s time to give your daughter a baby name that make other people smile as well!

Peach: a baby name which popular among celebrity babies!

Poppy: a happy baby name that comes from the flower, also used in UK as the remembrance poppy to remember the fallen British soldiers. If you ever visit London, or any other English city, during November 11th you will see a lot of people wearing a Poppy pinned on their suit as a symbol of gratitute for the brave soliders who died during the wars.

Ritz: get Ritz or die tryin’ (paraphrasing 50 Cent’s debut hip-hop album) is a baby name that is linked with abundance and a rich life not only with money but more importantly with memories and amazing experiences!

Snooki: the woman who you love to hate, Snooki (real name Nicole Elizabeth Polizzi) is the funniest persona of MTV’s reality show Jersey Shore who made America laugh with her crazy character and over the top attitude. Choose this baby name if you are a bit wild like Snooki!

Sundance: another made-up name with feel good attributes as it is a combination of two wonderful things, the sun and dancing, both can make your day and let your worries fly away.

Sunny: a bit like Sundance but without the dance part, the ending -ny also relates to happy which is a bonus for a smile.

Tweetie: another favorite cartoon (and lately more popular because of Twitter), Tweetie was actually here before even the internet was invented, so don’t fall into fast conclusions of sounding too nerdish!

Is this a smile on your face? Good. This means we have made it! Now hit the Like button and share smiles everywhere :)

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16 responses to “23 Baby Names That Make You Smile”

  1. ghrp-2 says:

    Thanks for the article.

  2. andrew says:

    Perfectly written content, Really enjoyed reading through

    • crystal says:

      I found the perfect name for my new Border Collie. I would not,however,subject a person to the name “Sundance” ,”Dusty”,or any of the other words up on that list…
      Its hard enough bring young today without a name like Fluffy.
      Which,btw,was the name of my husky as a child,and probably every other person who reads this can recall an animal with that moniker.
      As,well as Snooki. We all know the famous animal named Snooki.

  3. crystal says:

    Yes,these names made me smile.

  4. Samantha says:

    omg I sincerely hope no one names their kid most of these names, they’re good for dogs but not for people. Seriously, Buffalo? omg… I don’t want to live on this planet any more.

  5. Ashley says:

    These sounds like stripper names to be honest

  6. Alana says:

    These names did not make me smile. I think my end face was one of disgust. These are not good names for the women little girls will one day become. These are not names that draw respect or exude strength, wisdom, maturity, beauty, or elegance. I will thank my mother next time we see each other for not naming me “corky” or “fluffy” as if I were some toy.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Alana, thanks for your feedback. I’m sorry you feel this way, a lot of people find them funny, and as with everything it’s a matter of taste and style. There are dozens of other baby name lists for you to discover. I hope you like them!

  7. cool like galaxy says:

    I love all these names you should do one on spotlight acting school I would love that so much thank you and please consider my idea please

  8. taylor says:

    I actually have a friend named Sundance and he’s kinda hippie ish but he’s like my best friend

    • BabyNames says:

      Hey Taylor, this was list was generated having in mind awesome names like your friend that are funny and a bit out-of-this-world, so it’s absolutely fantastic that you actually found it and we’re happy that you shared your feedback with us! All the best, Amanda xx

  9. Lori says:

    I had a horse named Sundance, a cat named Fluffy, a bird named Bitsy, an iguana named Snooki……..get where I’m going with this……..

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