Baby Names You Never Hear

Apart from the popular baby names 2015 that dominate the baby name charts, there are dozens other choices that remain under the hood. These are the baby names you never hear, because they are so rare that chance are you haven’t met any one bearing that name. How can you identify these names? That’s where the baby name experts come in.

Our extensive research has uncovered the most beautiful baby names you never hear. The hidden gems that people miss when they are looking for a name for their baby boy or their baby girl. You don’t have the time to look so deep, so in most cases, you go for the most obvious choices. And that’s normal, nothing wrong with that. But what do you do when you are looking for unique baby boy names 2015 that are cute without being weird?

You are in a safe place, we have come up with the most up-to-date list of baby names you never hear. Be open minded and let the following ideas work their magic. You will appreciate the delicate sound and deep meaning of each one of them. You will love how different they can be, marking a new level of elegance and style.

Baby Names You Never Hear

Baby names you never hear

Aris: the ancient God of war, is in fact a rare choice. Aris is one of the strongest baby names you never hear and can be given to boys that are very confident and tough. The macho feeling of Aris, is balanced by the easy going aura that this name carries.

Arrington: a modern name that was invented by curious parents who are constantly constructing alternative names by combining existing ones. Arrington is especially interesting because it has a cute short version, Arri, which can be given to both baby girls and baby boys. We love unisex baby names because it can be chosen when parents keep the gender of the baby a surprise until the big day!

Berwin: the meaning of this rare name is bright friend. Something between Bertrum and Bronwyn, it belongs to the baby names you never hear because it is pretty nerdy while being chic at the same time. Highly recommended choice for stylish parents who are looking for something different and extra ordinary.

Cadman: you know Catwoman, the lethal enemy of Batman. Time to meet Cadman, her male version. Well, not quite, but it definitely sounds like it! All jokes aside, Cadman is another strong choice for your baby boy, as the real meaning of this name is warrior. Choose it if you would like to see your baby boy grow up to be a real fighter, a person who doesn’t takes no for an answer, who is willing to stand up for the truth no matter the cost. An altruistic name that you don’t hear every day, just like the attributes that go with it.

Camber: take Cameron and Amber and join them up together. What do you have? Camber, a catchy choice that ignites the imagination. Certainly one of the most interesting baby names you never hear, don’t you think?

Elowyn: a different version of Elwyn. It’s fascinating how different a name can sound by the addition of a single letter. In this case an -o between the letters l and w is what it take to give this name a new spin. Attractive and mysterious, Elowyn has something exotic that can set your mind travelling to another universe, in a world of elves and beautiful creatures that live on an ideal world of love and peace.

Hadassah: the reason why you don’t hear this baby name so often is because Hadassah does not have the easiest spelling you could think of. But if you take out the fact that Hadassah is a bit difficult to pronounce, it is a compelling choice that people will love. The real meaning of Hadassah is Myrtle tree

Hagan: the pagan God of fire is behind this old Irish name. Hagan is rare and is rarely used, which makes it unique and special. If you have Irish roots which you would like to honor, then Hagan is an exclusive choice that will fit your baby boy like a glove.

Harding: an uncommon name that derives from Heard, an English surname that contained the hardy element, used to describe brave people. It’s another strong and tough name for your baby boy. If you have dreams to see your son being the President of the United States one day, then this name might be perfect for him as it was the name of Warren G. Harding (1865-1923).

Jovie: do you like names that are associated with happiness and smile but you are tired of the common names like Joy? Then it’s time to get a twist in the old and tried name recipe introducing the funky -v letter right in the middle of Joy. Here’s to Jovie, the new entrant in baby names linked to positive state of mind and tranquility. If jovial is too exotic for you, then Jovie is one sweet choice that you will love!

Marin: there is good reason why Marin is listed in the group of baby names you never hear, even though it sounds similar to Mary, one of the most popular name of all times. It’s because it doesn’t have to do anything with our Lady Mary, the mother of Jesus Christ. It actually derives from the Latin word that means sea. It’s much more modern and stylish than the old-fashioned Marina while it gives you an amazing dive into the deep blue. If you want to have an extra dose of style and finesse, then the French version of Marine is also suitable for you.

Neva: it rhymes with never, so it can be a name that goes well with smart word games. The origin of Neva is Spanish and is one of the baby names you never hear which can used for girls born during winter as the true meaning of Neva is white snow. Check out our list of December baby names to get more inspiration!

Onalee: I’m sure you haven’t heard this baby girl name before. Onalee is one of the most rare baby names we have stumbled upon. In fact, the real numbers behind this extremely uncommon name will give you the whole picture. Only 1 in 322,086 baby is given the name Onalee in the US, which makes it truly unique. It’s a combination of Ona (derived from One) and Lee which is a popular Asian name, particularly with Chinese parents.

Reeve: it used to be a popular choice thanks to Christopher Reeve, the actor behind the original Superman movie in 1978 (watch the trailer here). A lot of movie enthusiasts and comic fans still believe that the first series of Superman were deeper and more sophisticated than the Man of Steel, released the past few years. That’s exactly what happened with this name too. Reeve was behind the Alpha Male symbol, the man who could achieve anything in life, the fearless guy who could fly from the one corner of the planet to the other just to save a cat walking down the road. Reeve is a symbol of the absolute gentleman that is hard to find nowadays, that’s why it belongs to the baby names you never hear any more. It’s time for you to change all that!

Svea: Swedish names are prime candidates for our list of baby names you never hear, simply because they are not so popular on this side of the Atlantic. However, Svea is a lovely baby girl’s name that has been extremely popular in its home country. The meaning of Svea is hidden in the ancient Swedish history as it derives from the warrior tribe that invaded the proud land of Sweden centuries ago. The tribe’s name was Svear so it’s like a tribute to the roots of the mighty warriors and explorers. One of our readers from Sweden, Charlotta, suggested in the comments section below that we should also add Sverige. According to Charlotta, Sverige is an abbreviation of “Svea rike” which means in English “the kingdom of Sweden”. Thanks for the tip and keep suggesting more names!

Baby Names You Never Hear
Thessaly: a place name that derives from the Greek midland of Thessalia. According to the Odyssey, Homer described this land as Aeolus and it was famous for the brave people and the beautiful landscape. A true paradise of peace and harmony, Thessaly is one of the baby names you never hear which can be used if you want to choose a calm name for your baby girl. She will definitely appreciate the zen factor you applied on her!

Waller: there is always something interesting when you look up surnames that turned into first names. Waller is one of these baby names you never hear that has an aristocratic Anglosaxon origin. Its roots can be traced in the high society of noble English people.

Did you like our list of baby names you never hear? Did you find any new names that have given you an idea for the future? Please share your thoughts with us by leaving a comment using the form below. We would love to hear your input on baby names you never hear simply because no one can really claim that he has heard them all!

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33 responses to “Baby Names You Never Hear”

  1. quentisa says:

    Hello, I have a very rare & unique name for your list. My name is Quentisa. The original spelling is Quintessa. Which is latin, meaning “Essence Of”, or “the fifth”. From my research I’ve only found 4 other females with the same name as me.

  2. Jarnelle says:

    My name is Jarnelle. its hebrew for God’s gracious gift. Iknow janell is quite popular but i have only heard of one person with my name. Its pronounced french with the J. ( like one would say jean-paul) and not jar like a jar of cookies lol. Thought it may be useful :)

  3. Tzigane says:

    I too have an unusual name. I have never came across anyone with the name or met anyone who knew another with the same name. I used to hate it when I was younger and even told my mom I would be changing it as soon as I was old enough. However I LOVE it know and wouldn’t trade it for any other!
    Tzigane (we pronounce it Tie-Gain)
    true pronunciation noun tzi·gane \(t)sē-ˈgän\
    meaning- gypsy, romany
    origin is french, from Hungarian cigány

    P.S. all of my children have unique names as well, though not as unusual as mine. Sarai (sarah), Micah and Zephaniah

  4. Zadi says:

    My name is Zadi! pronounced ZAH-dee, My name was Originated from Sadie, another version of Sarah. My mother got creative and shortened it up and added the “Z” took out the “e” and I am forever grateful, my unique name has set me apart from most people.

  5. sharlene says:

    My 2 year old’s name is Rhayah pronounced RHAYA-AH
    And her second name is Ligia-usually pronounced as LII-GA
    i PRONOUNCE IT AS leegia (Portuguese) both names are pretty unique.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Sharlene, thanks for stopping by. Both Rhayah and Ligia are unique and rare names, well done on making awesome choices for your little angel! All the best, Amanda xx

  6. I'm Grechia says:

    My name is Grechia (gre-sha) I have been told it is Russian but don’t know the origin.

  7. Aretha says:

    Good day!
    My daughter’s name is Charmion (shaarmeeon) and my son’s name is Dillihan (dilleehun), have not heard of anyone else with the same names yet..

  8. Jamie says:

    I’m confused by Aris. “Ares” is the Greek god of war, and everything I’ve found says “Aris” is a feminine name. I liked the sound of it when I read it but now I’m questioning it.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Jamie, Aris is definitely a male name in Greece where it is widely used for baby boys. However, parents like to experiment and sometimes give male names to baby girls just to mix things up. It’s the idea of having unisex names, so it’s not something unusual. All the best, Amanda xx!

  9. Monica says:

    Our son’s name is Louden. We have never met another real person with this name although we have heard it before (Louden Wainwright, Louden Swain)

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Monica, thanks for stopping by. Louden is indeed very unique it’s one of the most rare baby names in US. We are always digging deep to find the best of the best names no matter how uncommon they are. All the best to your son, love Amanda xx

  10. Charlotta says:

    Sweden in Swedish is “Sverige” , witch is an abbreviation of “Svea rike”. In English it means “the kingdom of Svea”. I live in the middle of Sweden and this area is called Svealand. I love the name, but a lot of people think it’s a name for elderly women.

  11. Bethia says:

    My name is Bethia! I’ve never come across anyone called this before. I’ve heard it spelled Bethea, though. It means Daughter of the Lord, and has a Hebrew origin. It’s said like, Beth-ia, with the up-beat on the Beth, and the soft sound on the ia. There are a few nicknames I have had over the years such as Beth, Bet, Betty, Bets.
    Anyway, hope you like the suggestions. :)

  12. Linda says:

    My grandma’s name is Onalee so that will make her 1 or 2 of the 322086 with this “rare” name🌹

  13. meri says:

    Both my daughters have unheard of names. One is Fenix(phoenix), and the other is Gracyn, and I like spellin them differently.

  14. Randi says:

    Camber, Jovie & Marin! Love them!

  15. Niesette says:

    Thought i would share my name Niesette (knee-set)
    My children are Charlieze (shar-liese) and Xand (zand)

  16. Damaris says:

    Interesting post. I like how etymology is important in nearly all the names; I think it is a good thing to know what your name means! My name is Damaris, which means gentle girl/wife or heifer, weirdly enough. My kids’ names are Janna (Hebrew, means ‘flourishing’) and Nahum (Hebrew, means ‘servant of God’ or ‘messenger’.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hey Damaris, we believe that etymology is the single most important factor since it gives names character and a certain background history behind it. Thanks for sharing your story, love Amanda xx

  17. Onalee Sutherland says:

    I am a Onalee, my parents named me this in 1948. Named for a friend of my father who was first generation German immigrant. I’ve met only one other Onalee via the internet and she has a close friend named Onalee. I find it curious the statement that it is a compound name partially Chinese? I cannot refute that but in sharing this article with the other Onalee’s we all three find it hard to comprehend as we’re all of European descent. I’d be especially grateful to understand how you’ve come to this conclusion?

  18. Carnel Wilt says:

    My first name is Carnel (car-nel’). I’m named for both my grandmothers. Carrie and Nellie. I get asked about it frequently. Mostly about the origin and pronunciation. I like it. I never hear anyone call my name in a crowd unless it’s someone I know. In a room full of ‘moms’, my kids will call out my name. They always get my attention!!

  19. Carnel Wilt says:

    I have NOT posted on here before.

  20. Maquel says:

    I have a name I rarely hear. Maquel (MUH-Kel)
    I used to hate it because no one could pronounce it correctly, but I got over it as I got older and now I truly do love my name.

  21. Monique says:

    My daughters middle name is Lydè and while her first name is common, her middle name is quite rare. I found in an old Greek book and fell in love with it.

  22. Monique says:

    pronounced (Le•day)

  23. Tehee Haha says:

    my REAL name is quite rare too!

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