Betting on royal baby names

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge stated that it will be difficult to find the perfect name for her royal baby with Prince William. That came as no surprise as the pressure will be coming in from everywhere for the ideal choice among baby names. Royal family, the Queen herself or even the media will have a role to play in naming the possible heir of the throne. After all, the legacy needs to be carried on with honor and respect, so there will be a lot of things to take into consideration before naming the newborn royal child.

Names in the royal family are passed from generation to generation and naming a royal baby can be tricky. Once the name is announced, the bookies will start to place bets on other things, like the hair color, the color of the baby’s eyes and virtually everything else you can possibly imagine.

Possible Royal Baby Names

Upon the news of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, bookers around the world and especially in UK and US have gone wild. They are placing high stakes in baby names that might actually make it. For example “Elizabeth” rank very high as it is the name of the living Queen and grandmother of Prince William. Or maybe “Diana” after the beloved princess that lost her life in a tragic car accident. “Alexandra” can also be a choice as it is one of the middle names of Queen Elizabeth II and also the name of her great-grandmother, Queen Alexandra. What if it is a boy? Can Edward be a choice that qualifies?

royal baby names betting

Who knows, but after all that’s the beauty of betting. For your information, and if you really into booking, the name Alexandra is becoming more and more popular and is gaining traction among the bets. The bookings had to reduce the odds for Alexandra dramatically and they had to suspend the betting in the end!

So if you have some dollars or pounds to spend, go online, check the odds and place your own bet for royal baby names!

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