Biblical Girl Names 2014: Unique and Rare Names

Biblical girl names are going to be extremely popular in 2014. Beyond Abigail, which is one of the most common baby names of all times, we take a look in other less known names. Inspired by the Bible, we have uncovered some of the most amazing biblical stories of faith and devotion. Beautiful by nature and religious by right, these biblical girl names have strong association with Hebrew tradition and the Old Testament.

That said, our biblical girl names 2014 are not out of date. On the contrary, they have a fresh approach as they are still underused and not widely known. Some might call them hidden gems, but we prefer to call them “hey, it was about time someone found me” kind of names. Biblical girl names that links to unusual meanings, places, influential women, mother of kings, and daughters of famous men. Our unique list has it all. Rare biblical girl names that are not strange and have vivid melodic sound.

Let’s skip the usual biblical girl names that start with M- like Mary, Martha, Miriam and Magdalen, and present off-beat ideas for your lovely daughter.

Unique Biblical Girl Names 2014

Abra: the female version of Abraham. Biblical girl names that are diminutives are not common, and that makes Abra so special. It has all the power and respect of a traditional patriarch name blended with the feminine soft version of a name that starts and ends with the always happy “a”. Abra sounds just right when you are looking for unique biblical girl names for 2014 babies! The powerful spell abracadabra that you often hear in fairy tales adds a bit of magic and makes it mysterious and playful.

Biblical Girl Names 2014
Bathsheba: wife of Uriah the Hittite who later married the mighty King David and became one of the most influential women in Isreal. Not because he was wife of David. He had thirty wives after all. But because she gave birth to the prominent child Solomon, who grew up to be the future King of Israel and built a magnificent temple. The name is constructed from two Hebrew words, Bat which means daughter and Sheba which means oath. Thus the actual meaning of Bathseba is daughter of the oath. Bathseba might not be as common as Anna, but it is popular among the Puritans thanks to the rich biblical references. A cute nickname could be a shorten version, Bath.

Deborah: among the most beautiful biblical girl names that will make a strong come back in 2014. Deborah has seen a decrease in popularity as its short version, Debbie, saturated the baby names market for more than three decades. The full version of this name though is a totally different story. According to the Bible, Deborah was not only a prophetess, but also the one and only female judge mentioned in the Old Testament. Moreover, her skills as a poet are documented in the Book of Judges. Chapter 5, also known as The Song of Deborah, is often dubbed as the earliest example of Hebrew poetry. Deborah certainly qualifies as an ideal name for parents who love literature and are looking for unique biblical girl names that make a difference.

Dinah: daughter of Jacob and his first wife Leah. Dinah was the unfortunate victim of abduction from a Canaanite prince which led to the fierce revenge of her brothers Levi and Simeon (check the meaning of these biblical baby names for boys here). The meaning of Dinah is God will judge and it already sounds like a threat to those who will be foolish enough to go against His will. Dinah is a beautiful and vivid name celebrated by both musicians and authors. Singer Dinah Washington changed her birth name from Ruth. The same goes for Dinah Shore (born Frances). Southern-accented biblical girl names like Dinah are lovely, as the The Mills Brothers song “Dinah, is there anyone finer?” reveals.

Galilee: suitable for the adventurous parents who are looking for rare biblical girl names in 2014. The meaning of Galilee is province, where Jesus Christ lived. The elegant and exquisite sound of this unusual baby name inspired English author Clive Barker to publish a book named Galilee in 1998 (get it now from Amazon and read it on your Kindle or iPad straight away).

Havilah: staying on the place name lane, here’s another unique Biblical baby name. Havilah was a place that can now be traced within the Arabian Peninsula, north of Yemen. The meaning of Havilah is stretch of sand thought to have abundance of gold, but apparently the name was given to prominent people too. Two individuals named Havilah are mentioned in the Table of Nations, the complete genealogy tree of Noah. Always curious and creative, musicians often go miles when it comes to finding a unique name for their albums. Sometimes they are even better than baby name experts themselves! Take Australian band The Drones for example. In 2008 they released their fifth studio album titled Havilah, inspired by a beautiful California valley that bares the same name, and was home to where most of their recordings were made. Pretty awesome story, don’t you think?

Jael: short and sweet, this unisex baby name will make a great impression to parents interested in biblical girl names in 2014. The trend favors the girl side, as it sounds lovely for a pretty baby girl. The origin of Jael can be traced in northern Israel. Jael was the heroine who stood up and killed the commander of the Canaanite army Sisera and saved Israel from his troops. According to the Old Testament, Jael hammered a tent peg into his temple. Her action was so crucial to the Hebrew nation’s history that she is now considered as blessed. Suitable for strong and confident women that will have to make their way into a man’s world and prove that they don’t fear anyone. An alternative and less common spelling is Yael, but we prefer the energetic and dynamic J- start.

Jemima: are you tired of overused names like Gemma but at the same time you found them attractive? Thank God, you can find unique biblical girl names as a unique alternative. A prime example is Jemima, the oldest of the three daughter of Job. Jemima and her sisters, Keziah and Keren-Happuch, were famous for being the most beautiful ladies in the country. It was God’s gift to Jacob for being patient and remaining faithful. The literal meaning of Jemima is warm, even though some scholars think it means dove. In fact, both approaches are correct since in Hebrew, the word dove derives from warmth.

Biblical Girl Names 2014
Keziah: as we explore Job’s family, let’s stay a bit longer to discover yet another rare and distinctive biblical girl name. The meaning of Keziah is spice tree but is linked to much more than that. It is often used as a symbol of female equality. This derives from the fact that Job split his grand wealth equally among his three daughters for the first time in Hebrew history. According to tradition, the first born took everything, but Jacob was so fair and just, that couldn’t distinguish his love for her daughters. So he decided to split it equally, giving all of them the same amount of his possessions after his death. A great lesson of fairness for any baby that grows up in a world full of discrimination.

Tabitha: the first woman that raised from the dead! The amazing story of Tabitha is documented in the New Testament, where Saint Peter used his immense faith to God to bring her back to life. The same happened when actress Sarah Jessica Parker used all her celebrity power to resurrect this name when she chose it for one of her twins (see pictures of the beautiful baby girl Tabitha). The meaning of Tabitha is gazelle which makes it even more attractive. The Greek equivalent name is Dorcas, though not as sweet and cute as Tabbitha.

Tamar: nature inspired biblical girl names are perfect for eco-friendly parents. Tamar derives from the palm tree and has its roots in mother Earth. In some cases, the name is reserved for baby girls that are born on the holiday of Sukkoth. King David had a daughter named Tamar who was described to have a beautiful face.

Did you like our biblical girl names suggestions? Are you expecting a child in 2014 and you just found inspiration for biblical girl names that could suit her? Brilliant! Let’s hear your stories. We would love to see if you have decided to use one of the above biblical girl names or if you have any unique suggestions of your own.

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    We named our sweet baby girl ” phebe” from the bible! So many people were shocked that it was a biblical name!!!!! Romans 16:1-2

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