Biblical Names 2014 for Boys: beyond Jacob and Noah

Biblical names will remain popular in 2014. Experts around the world agree that the demand for unique baby names inspired by the bible is going to be huge. 2014 marks the year for a major come back for biblical names. In a rush to find cool baby names, parents neglected some of the best choices they had for years. In their effort to pick a different name for their baby, they even invented names that mean pretty much nothing. However, a turn in tradition will set new foundations for baby names in 2014. As religion becomes more relevant to parents in US, biblical names will become once again hot.

It’s not like biblical names were ever out of fashion. According to official data that come from SSA, Jacob has dominated the baby names charts for years. It remains the no.1 choice for thousands of American parents in almost every state of the country. Apart from Jacob, other biblical names like Paul, Mark and Peter are good all-time-classic choices. But what about biblical names that are not over used?

Moms and dads who are not interested in popular baby names 2014 will need to have an array of unique and rare choices for their baby boy. It’s OK, we understand the need. That’s why we have done our homework and gathered the best biblical names for boys that remain uncommon. Every single one of them has a beautiful story behind it. Some are taken straight from the Old Testament, some from the New Testament, but all biblical names in this list have a deep religious connection. They are dedicated to parents that appreciate tradition and are respectful of the Grace of God.

Check unique biblical boy names with name meanings and origin that are rare but not strange.

Unique Biblical Names 2014 for Boys

Abel: we all know the tragic story behind Cain and Abel, the two sons of the fall couple, Adam and Eve. According to the Book of Genesis, Abel was the first human in the history of man who ever died. He was murdered by his own brother Cain. Even though it might sound like a burdensome name, the cool sound of the vowels for Abel make it a rhythmic boy name. Abel was in fact a competent young man, full of energy and love for his family. His readiness and willingness to help was remarkable and praised by his father Adam. These are exceptional qualities for any baby boy, so you might want to check it out. The actual meaning of Abel is breath and it’s currently ranking on #192. That’s the highest spot Abel ever got, evidence of how trendy biblical names will be in 2014.

Biblical Names 2014 for Boys
Abner: not as common as Abel, but still charming and cool. The meaning of Abner is father of light and derives from the commander of Saul’s army. Abner actually appears twice in the New Testament. If you are a fan of baseball, then Abner might be just what you have been looking for. Abner Doubleday is the man who has mistakenly invented baseball and even if this is a myth busted, you can still use it as a cool stroy with your friends and co-workers. In more recent history, Abner Mares is a professional boxer from Mexico.

Amos: many biblical names start with A, and Amos is one of them. The meaning of Amos is carried by God and it currently sits comfortably on the #807, ready to break through and make a huge jump to even higher positions on the baby names charts. Amos was a minor prophet of the 8th century BC. The Book of Amos is credited to him. It speaks of his tale, how God used him to “purify” Samaria in Northern Israel. Amos was famous for always speaking truth and was full of God’s love. Amos used to preach against the abuse of the poor and slavery, making him a forward thinking man of his age.

Boaz: robust biblical names like Boaz are going to be a huge success in 2014. Thanks to the exotic -z ending, this cute boy name is destined for sweet babies that will grow up to be mysterious and charming men. Even though Boaz was a major figure in The Book of Ruth, it’s not among the overused biblical names like Moses. He was a rich landowner who noticed Ruth and eventually falls in love with her and they get married. In other words, Boaz is not the rigid archetype of a prophet who is often strict to ordinary men, but a loving figure with a warm heart. The meaning of Boaz is quickness and expresses swiftness from people who like to get things done quickly.

Enoch: want to teach your baby boy a lesson about dedication and devotion? From all the biblical names, Enoch is the one that fits the purpose, as it means committed. Enoch appears in the Book of Genesis as the great grandfather of Noah. He is considered to be the first person, and among the very few in the history of mankind, that never died. God loved Enoch so much that sent a cloud to take him in the sky and appointed him as guardian of Heaven. Enoch is thus the master chief of all angels and is the only one capable of speaking directly with God himself. A man of great power, which was earned by his dedication to God.

Jabez: biblical names are not only about joy and happiness. Unfortunately life is not always about laughing. It’s about pain as well. And this is a great lesson for any baby boy as they grow up in this tough world. The meaning of Jabez is “he makes sorrowful” because his mother said during birth that he gave her pain. However, Jabez lived a rich and fullfilling life as his prayer for blessing nullified the sorrow. Basicaly his real life was in direct contradiction with his name. His story inspired author Bruce Wilkinson to publish in 2000 one of his most successful books ever. The Prayer of Jabez: Breaking Through to the Blessed Life sold almost 10 million units worldwide and made it to the New York Time best sellers list. You can get it now from Amazon and let Jabez’s inspirational story about the power of prayer, bless you too. The J- start of biblical names like Jabez give them a jazzy feeling and make them fancy and cool.

Jadon: the Bible is not your typical text where you have names that can be given in either boys or girls. Due to the religious nature of biblical names, this is not the norm. On the other hand, we are dedicated in finding the most unique names, even when it means that we have to discover unisex biblical names. God has heard your prayers! Here’s Jadon, which means thankful. Thanks to Will Smith’s son, Jaden Smith, which is just an alternative form of Jadon, the name was brough into the spotlight. Other trendy forms like Jaidan or Jayden, are modern versions of this classic biblical boy name.

Jethro: the father-in-law of Moses. Jethro appears in Exodus as the father of Zipporah, who got married to the powerful prophet Moses. The meaning of Jethro is excellence or posterity, providing an amazing background for this dynamic boy name. As the -o ending is popular among hipsters, Jethro has good chance of becoming fashionable and chic. An excellent choice for parents who are looking for rare and uncommon biblical names for boys.

Phineas: a strong and attractive choice that derives from the high priest of Israel during the Exodus. According to the Bible, Phineas was the grandson of Aaron. He was a man that stood by his beliefs and thanks to him the Israeli people was ultimately stopped from falling to idolatrous practices and disrespecting God’s sanctuary. The actual meaning of the name Phineas is oracle in Hebrew language. When Julia Roberts chose it for his son, the name was instantly a hit among her fans and movie lovers. However, it seems like Julia’s stardom was not enough to rocket Phineas high on the baby names charts. That’s not necessarily bad though. It remains among unique biblical names that are exclusive and solid.

Reuben: Jacob’s first son with Leah. As his eldest child, Reuben was one of the founders of Israelite Tribes that got their name after him. The meaning of Reuben is behold, a son and refers back to the fact that Leah unable to have children. Thus, when she got pregnant and gave birth, it was indeed like a miracle, that made Jacob shout these words “behold, a son”. Reuben just made it to the top 1000 list of baby names, but it remains uncommon to the wider audience of American parents. The name is just starting to rise so we can safely predict that it will become more popular in the future. Especially now when there are so many Jacobs around, what’s better for them to keep the tradition going and name their first sons Reuben, following the example of the biblical story.

Biblical Names 2014 for Boys
Samson: it can’t get tougher than that. Samson was one of the strongest men alive. He was a real Israeli hero, capable of fighting dozens of enemies at once and never defeated. As the Philistines could not find a way to defeat him on the battlefield, they used Delilah, a beautiful woman, to learn the source of his supernatural power. The plot involved a lot of wine and Samson found himself all tight up when he woke up blind. He then prayed to God asking for forgiveness and God answered his prayers. The tragic fall of Samson might be an excellent lesson to boys that are over confident. Even the strongest have a weak point, so don’t let anyone find out and exploit it. Samson is a combination of two words, sam which means sun and son, which means, well, son. An illuminative choice, ideal for parents interested in inspirational baby names.

Did you like our list of unique biblical names 2014 for boys? If you have discovered biblical names that you think they deserve a spot in our exclusive collection, please leave us a comment. We love feedback and can’t wait to hear from you!

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  4. Gemma Hudson says:

    Great list! If we have a boy, Samson is our absolute fave right now :) Such a strong, handsome name. I also really like Jadon and Reuben. Enoch reminds me of ‘Nucky Thompson’ from ‘Boardwalk Empire’ ;)

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    we named our son Jericho after the city that Joshua marched around 7 times and God gave to the Israelites .

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