Broadway Baby Names for Boys

Broadway and Musical Theatre are the gifts that Americans gave the world of performing arts.  Everyone has memories of their favorite characters they love, remember the ones they hate and remember seeing the show and getting to live in a different world.  Because of the influence of Broadway and Musical Theatre, broadway baby names have been popular for people who love theatre.

Here are some popular broadway names forboys that you may want to think about using when your little one is born.  Using broadway names for baby boys is a great way to tell a story of how he was named, makes seeing his first show special if it is the one he was named after and also helps to have a favorite bedtime story.  Pick your favorite broadway name for baby boys below and let us know what your favorite one is and why.

Broadway Baby Names for Musical Theatre fans

Jean Val-Jean – The hero of Les Miserables went from being someone who needed food for his family and risked his own freedom to help his brothers and sisters.  He grew up to not only save himself, but also save the woman he loved, her daughter, his future son-in-law and to help create a better life for the people of France.  Broadway baby names for boys like Jean Val-Jean are perfect if you want a name that is for someone selfless, heroic and for a son that will think of others before himself.

Broadway Baby Names

Erik – Erik is the real name for the Phantom from the novel of the Phantom of the Opera.  Some people see him as the villain, others as a mentor and a teacher.  If you watch the show you’ll see that he is a someone who helps to train, motivate and encourage the people he sees potential in.  If you’re going to name your son with a Broadway baby name for boys, Erik can be a great option if you want a son that gives credit to other people, stays loyal to the causes he believes in and also mentors, motivates and helps push people to reach their full potential.

Danny – Everyone loves to handjive and sing the songs from Grease.  The leading man Danny isn’t really as tough or as much of a rebel as he seems.  He shows leadership skills, decides that being the leader of a group of rebellious teens isn’t what life is about, and even changes into a jock, a prep and then a regular guy for the girl he loves.  Danny is a great boys broadway baby name if you want a son that shows leadership skills, will change for the woman he loves and will also be there to support and defend his friends.

Shrek – This may sound weird, but the origins are actually Yiddish meaning that Shrek is actually a nice Jewish boy.  Although you may not want an Ogre for a son, by taking on the name Shrek you can have a son that sees the good inside people and doesn’t worry about what is on the outside.  He takes care of the people surrounding him and will defend what he believes in, fight for what he wants and learn to love anyone no matter what they look like and instead for who they are.

Alonso – Alonso is a great boys broadway baby name.  It is the real name of Don Quixote.  A man who was a dreamer, a lover and that would fight to the end for a noble cause.  He faces the most fearsome monsters and protects beautiful women while rescuing his friends, even if his version of reality isn’t what everyone else sees.  When picking broadway baby names for boys Alonso is a great option if you want a thinker or a dreamer that will defend what he believes in and risk his own life for the people he loves.

Link – Link is a great broadway name for boys.  He is the lead in the show Hairspray.  He starts out self-centered, dating the most popular girl and has a chance to become an actual star.  While battling his lifes dream of being a celebrity and a singer he sees a girl that everyone else makes fun of.  He fights his own demons and eventually pushes everyone aside and falls in love with the girl who isn’t perfect, a culture and community that is second class at the time and comes out ahead by doing what he believes in.  If you want a boys broadway baby name that stands for someone that shoots for the stars but also does the right thing, Link is one of the best broadway baby names for boys.

Huey – Huey is the lead in the show Memphis.  He is a white guy stuck in a time where color wars and race were a big issue, especially in the south.  Instead of following what everyone else does, he takes a few risks to help get “colored music” on the radio.  Huey falls in love with a colored girl, gets her family and community to accept him and also gets her music on the air helping to bring rock and roll to America.  When choosing broadway baby names for boys Huey is the perfect option if you want a risk taker that cares more about his cause, what he loves and the people around him than getting rich.

Tony – Tony is the lead male in West Side Story.  He’s a tough fighter and a romantic lover.  Just like Romeo, he doesn’t care that his group is at war with the group of the girl who falls in love with.  If you want your son to be a lover and a romantic, Tony is the perfect broadway baby name for boys for your son.

Broadway Baby Names

There are a ton of other great broadway baby names for boys like Peter, Albin, Seymour, Benjamin, Emcee or even Roger.  Think about the character and the show and the good qualities that they have.  You’ll love that you have a “Broadway Baby” and he’ll love getting to see the character he was named after.

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