Calm Baby Names for Peaceful Girls

Calm baby names are capable of giving a peaceful character to your girl. No more screams and sleepless nights, take advantage of the serenity effect of these calm baby names and rest assured that you will feel much more relaxed in your every day interaction with your kids. It’s not magic, it’s science. Every sound and every word triggers a specific reaction. Calm baby names carry an enormous tranquility that is responsible for self control. Repeated usage of these calm baby names will bring the much needed restfulness for you and your family.

We looked everywhere to find calm baby names that carry the notion of peace and serenity. Our list is composed by names of different origin that tell amazing stories about loving each other and living in harmony. The following calm baby names all come from the same origin, the pacific truth of how people should respect one another and avoid tension not because they are afraid, but because it’s their choice to remain calm no matter how hard the situation. We truly believe that this is an excellent lesson for children and we strongly suggest you consider one of these calm baby names that can teach it with the most exciting way.

Calm Baby Names for Girls

Amnah: we will start with one of the most unique calm baby names for girls that means peace. Amnah is a soft-sounding choice that is barely heard, making it an ideal name for parents who don’t like common names.

Calm Baby Names for Girls
Clemence: the meaning of this French name is merciful or mild. A chic choice for sophisticated baby girls with style. Clemence is the female version of Clement, which has Latin origin and was the name of no less than 14 popes! With her slightly old-fashioned feel, Clemence will remind people of the phrase “clement weather” and will be a testament of a Catholic family that honours the numerous saints who carried this name in the past.

Dove: the world wide symbol of peace, Dove is the beautiful white bird that means one thing across the globe. Purity, calmness and serenity are associated with this clean and pleasant name. Thanks to famous poet Rita Dove, the former United States Poet Laureate who won the Pulitzer Prize, Dove is echoing a sound of rhythm and intellectual capacity. If you are a fan of poetry, we strongly suggest you check out The Penguin Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Poetry edited by Rita Dove herself. It’s a fascinated book that will take you a journey into the amazing world of varying styles of poetry, with unique cultures and themes.

Frieda: the meaning of this name of German origin is Peaceful ruler. It can also come in a slightly different spelling for those who favor simplicity, Frida. Calm baby names like that have an admirable association with peace, but Frieda has also strong links to painting. Eccentric Mexican painter Frida Kahlo de Rivera claimed international fame for her self-portraits. She had a one of a kind style that left a deep mark in modern art as she was a deep influence for artists who explored surrealism and magic realism. Interested to know more about Frieda before you decide giving her name to your baby girl? Make sure you read her awesome biography by Hayden Herrera. Expect your daughter’s friends to give her cool nicknames like the vibrant Fritzi.

Harmony: a word name that can bring a warm zen feeling. Harmony is one of the most straight forward calm baby names for girls that don’t play with symbolism or unknown stories of the past. Harmony Kendall was a character played by Mercedes McNab in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, a successful TV series that aired from 1997 to 2003. Her rapid healing super power is a perfect match to calm baby names that favor peace and despise war.

Inga: Ing was the powerful Norse goddess of peace and Inga is a calm baby name that you don’t encounter too often. Ideal choice for parents who have any kind of Scandinavian roots and wish to honor their legacy.

Irene: Greek language proved to be a great resource of calm baby names, mainly because their history is full of great philosophers like Socrates and Plato who talked about freedom, equality and respect. Irene comes from the Greek word Irini which means peace. The cute name has a subtle appeal in parents across the world. For example it has earned the 13th spot of popular baby names in Spain. Royal families in the Netherlands and Denmark have also used the name Irene as a symbol of a peaceful ruler that guarantees prosperity for his land. It was brought into the spotlight in the US after Uma Thurman’s enigmatic character Irene Cassini in the 1997 sci-fi movie Gattaca.

Olive: a not so common alternative to the mega popular Olivia. The obvious meaning of Olive is olive tree and it is essentially an English name derived from Latin language. You can find it among the calm baby names for girls simply because the the olive branch was used by ancient cultures as a symbol of peace. The Greeks also used the olive wreath to celebrate success for winners of the Olympics. Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher chose Olive for their baby girl, giving the name a much needed celebrity endorsement. It now seems that Olive can make a good come back and rise to the top 100 territory, bringing calm baby names one step closer to universal peace and tranquility.

Placida: a trendy Italian girl name that means serene. Used more and more frequently by fashionable parents who wish to make a statement with the names of their babies.

Serenity: what a amazing term to describe peaceful minds, what an inspiring baby name indeed! Serenity is synonymous to being calm, so we couldn’t possibly leave this name out of our calm baby names list. As virtue names are on the rise, Serenity has become increasingly popular. It now stands at the top 50 baby names in US and current trends show that it’s going to rise even higher. The origin of Serenity is Latin and there are a number of alternative spellings that you can use, with the most notable of them being Serena.

Shanta: Indian culture is known for peace and serenity, so it can also be a great resource for calm baby names. Shanta means peace in Hindi and as it doesn’t sound strange or weird to English speaking countries, it can be used without any risk in Western families too.

Calm Baby Names for Girls
Shiloh: as always, we present you with a unisex baby name that can be used as calm baby names for both girls and boys. Shiloh as you can guess has Hebrew origin and it’s a Biblical place name that means tranquil. References of the town of Shiloh can be found in the Old Testament. The physical location of the Ark of the Covenant is believed to be Shiloh which later became a place of worship. When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie chose this name for their baby girl, they immediately transformed it to an international star name. Celebrities have the power to change the perception of an entire nation towards a forgotten name and bring it back to life from the dead!

Winifred: last but not least, we would like to include a fantastic name of Welsh origin that means blessed peacemaking. Winifred has certainly a vintage touch without being dated, something that many parents will appreciate. If you are looking for more celebrity baby name examples, you will be surprised to see that British actress Jacqueline Bisset was in fact given Winifred as her first name before she changed it to something more mainstream. Fear not, we don’t think that it will ever cross your daughter’s mind to change such a great name when she grows up!

Did you like our peaceful list of calm baby names? Have you felt the serenity and tranquility that surround all of these calm baby names for girls? We hope that you make your final decision based on your style and taste, taking into consideration all the background stories and information we have provided here.

Keep calm and name your baby!

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