Top Celebrity Babies and their Names 2013

Celebrity babies are by default popular even before they are born, and people’s interest in celebrity baby names many times force their parents to come up with strange and crazy names for their little ones. We have gathered the list of celebrity babies that were born in 2013 and we present you their name meanings and origin.

Top 10 Celebrity Baby Names 2013

North: The whole world tried to guess the name of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West baby. However, most of the bets were thrown into the bin, leaving Kimye and similar ideas into the past, as their famous parents chose a baby name that was not in the radar: North. The already famous baby will thus be something like a broken compass that is stuck to North West!

Klay: famous British soccer player Wayne Rooney son was given the name Klay which is a variant of Clay and means he who is immortal. Wayne Rooney is a box mega fan, so he might have been chosen a baby name inspired by legendary athlete Cassius Clay who later changed his name into Muhammad Ali. Other famous athletes named Klay include the American basketball player Klay Thompson.

celebrity babies wayne rooney name
Edward: Eva Herzigova chose a baby name that reminds of royalty and is closely linked to Kings. Edward is a very popular name across the world, find more about it here.

Elijah: Elton John is one of the first celebrity gay that decided to adopt a kid and raise it with his civil partner David Furnish. Their celebrity baby got the name Elijah, after the great Hebrew prophet. The meaning of the name is the Lord is my God. Actor Elijah Wood, known for starring in the Lord Of the Rings trilogy, is the best known celebrity that bears this name.

Felix: a name that is more often given to cats than to humans, because of the well known cartoon Felix the Cat that has a huge fan club! Hugh Grant’s son might have a bit of a problem when he goes to school!

Hartley: Veronica De La Cruz’s son got a lovely baby name of English origin that means from the stag’s meadow. Other forms of this name include Hartlea and Hartlee.

Lula: Bryan Adams welcomed a beautiful baby girl into this world in 2013 and chose an unusual celebrity baby name for her. Lula means famous warrior and comes from the the old English name Luella or the old German name Louise.

Mario: the son of the most famous blogger in the whole world, Perez Hilton, was blessed with an exotic name that reminds us of Latin lovers, passion and romance. Did you know that Perez Hilton’s real name is actually Mario Armando, meaning that he gave his son his own name?

Milan: Shakira gave birth to a boy in 2013 and inspired by her many trips to the fashion capital Milan she gave her boy a name to remind all men that they need to remember that shopping is important!

celebrity babies name shakira milan

Violet: Poppy Montgomery’s daughter got a really nice and cool baby name inspired by flowers.

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