Celebrity Baby Names: A quick infographic

Celebrity baby names are most of the time funny as celebrities strive to come up with a really strange name that you never heard before. Some critics say that they will do their best to get attention playing even with their baby names. We are not sure if that’s true or not since we would like to think them as responsible people and responsible parents.

However, it is true that some of the names are indeed very bizarre!

But how are the celebrities inspired to name their babies? Is it nature? Is it art? Or is it plain, ordinary things like fruits and comic book characters?

Before we go to the infographic below, let’s find out more about the ten distinct categories that come out of the analysis.

celebrity baby names

Analysing the infograph

You can clearly see that colors is the most popular category among celebrity baby names! Blue is the name of Beyonce and Jay-Z baby, born in 2012. Violet is the name of Ben Affleck baby born in 2005. More recently, another rapper and friend of Jay-Z, Kanye West and reality star Kim Kardashian named their baby North after a frenzy of betting. The endless list goes on and on.

Next comes the “authors” category which seem to inspire most celebrities out of respect to the people of the arts. The best known example is Dylan Douglas, from Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones.

Cities are also popular in the hot celebrity list, as Phoenix, Memphis, Dallas and Paris (Michael Jackson’s baby) have been given as baby names in the past a lot of times.

The really strange ones, are fruits! Apples and Peaches are no strangers to celebrities!

celebrity baby names apple

Shakespeare must be truly admired by celebrities as his characters rank among the highest categories of celebrity baby names. Adrian, Imogen, Ophelia, Robin and Viola are among the many in the celebrtiy baby names list. Try researching our database and you will find dozens of other alternatives.

Old Holywood is the choice of most actors that pay tribute to their most respected fellow artists. Who can forget the beautiful Monroe (Mariah Carey gave this name to her daughter)? A haunting choice from one of the most famous female celebrities in the history of Hollywood and beyond!

As with actors, musicians and rock stars have their own category, as they pay tribute to Music Icons that will never be forgotten, such as Presley (son of Cindy Crawford) and Lennon (son of Liam Gallagher).

Check out the celebrity baby names infographic yourself and be surprised by the percentage each category takes up.

Celebrity Baby Names: A quick infographic

celebrity baby names infographic

Did you like our analysis on celebrity baby names? Would you consider giving one of these so called celebrity baby names to your son or daughter? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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