Confident Baby Names for Boys

Your baby boy will soon grow up to be a young confident man, a strong individual who can hold under pressure and overcome any kind of obstacles. The following list of confident baby names for boys will help you give a suitable name for such a strong personality. We hand picked baby names that include the letter X or Z that give this kind of attribute by default.

Let’s have a closer look in the list of confident baby names for boys!

Top Confident Baby Names for boys

Axel: a name of Scandinavian origin which means my father is peace. Apart from the letter X that gives it a tough image, Axel is also linked with a true rock star, the front man of Guns ‘N’ Roses, Axl Rose, who is an undeniable confident peronsonality that rose to stardome with a legendary band that still has thousands (if not millions) of fans around the world!

Ajax: another strong name due to the letters J and X that sound too tough in any baby name! Ajax means the person who is from the earth (as if it can be from somewhere else? Hello X-Files!)

Cadmus: a Greek name that means from the East. According to the ancient Greek mythology, Cadmus fights a fearsome dragon and saves his sister Europe from the land of the dead. That’s a pretty confident and strong person, isn’t it?

Cason: a baby name that is the combination of case and jason.

Damon: a name of Greek origin that means to tame, to subdue. Celebrity baby name for actor Damon Wayans.

Dexter: an English name that means the dyer of clothes. It also has the meaning of main-handed, dextrous, in Latin. See our list of English Baby Names that start with the letter D.

Gunner: this baby name might not contain any of the strong letters, but is a really confident one as you can imagine! Naming your son Gunner will give him a reputation of the alpha male and he will be always in the A-list of any team!

Harley: any man that drives a Harley Davidson is considered cool and confident, an easy rider that just love to ride his bike and couln’t care less for day to day business.

Jax: this baby name is the tough version of Jackson, formed for the first time in America! If you are a video game enthusiast, you will surely remember Jax from Mortal Kombat, a really tough and strong guy!

Jett: like Gunner, this confident baby name is considered as such not because of the letter combination but because it refers back to things that extremely cool and only take a strong and tough guy to handle. We are talking about pilots who can drive jets, like Tom Cruise did in Top Gun, the ultimate symbol of a confident young man who is both a gentleman and a womaniser.


Maximus: live your life into the maximum, an unforgettable quote that can be linked to your baby boy if you give him the name Maximus. Plus he will be remembered as one of the many latin generals who had the name Maximus (the word itself means greatest) or even the Pontifex Maximus who was the highest priest in ancient Roman College.

Phoenix: the ancient Egyptian symbol of the Phoenix hides a great story behind it. It’s about a bird that is burnt and reborn from its ashes. This might sound a bit brutal for a baby name, but think about the symbolism of a confident person who is not afraid of doing mistakes, learn from them and come back. A person who is up for anything, always rising after a fall. Children need these kind of lessons in order to be able to continue living a full life and fullfil their wildest dreams by being persistent and confident.

Pierce: a celebrity as famous as  Pierce Brosnan does not need an introduction. A truly confident baby name Pierce will remind everyone of the capable secret agent James Bond 007 who is legendary for his skills and ability to deliver results!

Ryker: a name of Danish origin which means strong and hardy power.

Titus: a roman Emperor who gained renown as a military commander who had a controversial relationship with Berenice, the Jewish queen.

Zander: another Greek name (apologies if this is too much but Greeks have a rich mythology and a long history in names, so you will find a lot of them in our lists!) which is derived from Alexander The Great,  the confident defender of the people of Macedonia who led the most successful military campaign against the all powerful army of the Persian empire.

Zeke: a modern and confident form of Ezekiel, a name of Hebrew origin that means God will give you strength.

confident baby names

That’s the end of our Confident Baby Names for Boys list. Do you feel empowered and more confident already? We bet that your baby boy will feel the same way when he first finds out about the meaning of his name!

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