Baby Boy Names 2014: Cool & Fresh Ideas

Baby boy names that prove to be extremely cool in 2014 while being unique and trendy is a difficult combination. It’s not easy to find cool baby boy names that have not been over used so far. On the other hand, you will also have to be careful not to go with an overly strange name just to make it cool. Nobody likes over the top names that are just pretentious. Cool is supposed to be effortless. It makes a fashionable statement without a sweat. That’s how we like our baby boy names to be and that’s exactly what we got for you, the stylish parents who are chic and smart and wish to give a sense of hip in their baby boy names.

We can’t think of anything more aesthetically pleasing than to treat baby boy names as beautifully curated selections not easily found elsewhere. There were no restrictions while building our list for 2014. We carefully picked only the coolest baby boy names that have a certain amount of swag. These baby boy names are covered with the amazing super stardom quality that redefines the way we see baby names.

To celebrate the celebrated heritage that we created with the popular baby names 2014 list, which became a huge hit soon after it was published leading to numerous citations from blogs around the world, we draw from the trendy baby boy names options that can be found on mainstream media, Hollywood movies, celebrity children and many other diverse sources. Read on and find out more!

Cool Baby Boy Names 2014

Beau: we kick off the list with a super chic and fashionable boy name that immediately bring into one’s mind the image of an extremely handsome man. French baby boy names are always hot especially when they can be associated to fashion icons like Beau Brummell, born in England in 1778 and died in France in 1840. His name is reviving two centuries later in 2014 as a long string of first class celebrities have chosen Beau as their son’s name. Emma Bunton, Jamie-Lynn Sigler, Art Garfunkel and Wendy Wilson all picked Beau as a tribute to style and charm. This gentle baby boy name has started as a nick name but SSA has been recording it consistenly in their lists since 1967, reaching #311 in the popularity baby names charts in 2012. We predict that is going to get even higher in 2014, so mom and dad you better get ready for Beau’s swag!

cool baby boy names 2014
Breccan: baby boy names of Irish origin are always hot and parents tend to prefer them because they have strong connections with mythology. It gives them an intriguing, mystical air that is often haunting. The same goes for Breccan, a name that can be found in a number of mysterious ancient tales. Its meaning is speckled or freckled and it derives the Isle of Arran (the largest island in West Scotland) saint. In more recents time, parents have been improvising and giving cool alternative spellings in their attempt to refresh the image of this name. An example from Hollywood would be American actor Breckin Meyer, best known from his role as Josh Parker in the 2000 comedy film Road Trip (watch the official trailer on YouTube).

Day: it’s a long tradition for African parents to pick baby boy names according to the time of the day that they were born. Day is a cool suggestion for African Americans parents that have strong links with their culture, or for parents that want to have a look in alternative baby boy names with a twist. Day is a word name that is straight forward, clean and unambiguous. A no nonsense baby name like this is destined for boys who will become tough negotiators and inspirational leaders with tremendous will power.

Iker: if you are a sports fan and soccer is your thing, then you should already know this Spanish baby boy name. Thanks to one of the best goalkeepers in the world, Iker Casillas, a Real Madrid player whose current salary is at 7.5 million euros per year, this exotic name was transferred to the US and becoming one of the fastest rising baby names. It was found at #230 in the latest baby names charts but it’s a safe bet that this baby name will conquer the future, just like the football star has done while earning international trophies for both Real Madrid and the Spanish National Football team, including FIFA World Cup 2010 and UEFA Euro 2008 and 2012. Iker has out performed other cool names in terms of popularity, coming like a hurricane from the Iberian peninsula. The meaning of Iker is visitation and its origin is in fact Basque to be exact.

Levi: and from the soccer fields let’s take it to the religious grounds. Levi is a cool Hebrew name for boys that means attached or jointed. According to the Old Testament, Levi was Jacob’s son and a prominent figure in the Bible, having his own tribe called Levites (estimated around 1 million nowadays). The name will become more and more popular in 2014 as more celebrities choose Levi for their baby boy name. Musician Sheryl Crow and hot actor Matthew McConaughey were among the few stars that helped Levi shot up in the sky and jump all the way up to #55 in the charts. Successful branding by Levi Strauss might put off some parents as they wouldn’t like to associate their boy’s name with a pair of jeans, but hey what’s hotter than a well-dressed boy?

Nico: in a move that brings the old and the new into olfactory union, we present you a limited-edition of a well known name with a modern twist. Nico derives from Nicholas which means people of Victory in Greek. This cool unisex diminutive is very common in Italy and thus carries the sex appeal of Italian men that are always well dressed and charming. Nico is proving to be a major hit in the US as it’s rising as fast as an Italian Ferrari supercar. It’s has jumped 95 places in the official baby names charts of 2012 and the trend is still strong. The acnient Greek origin is super cool as it’s related to Nike (yep, with obvious links to the urban athletic international brand) the Goddess of Victory.

Soren: let’s stay in Europe a bit longer. In ancient Scandinavian stories, one will find a cool alternative of the Latin name Severus which means stern. Norwegian and Danish people invented Soren, a kind and gendle baby boy name that Americans will love! What makes it cool? First of all, Soren appears in the sci-fi mega hit The Matrix Reloaded, as the captain of the hovercraft Vigilant who died in the most heroic way. Most of The Matrix fans agree that the Wachowski Brothers were inspired by the influential Danish theologian poet Søren Kierkegaard who is considered to be the first existentialist philosopher. Baby boy names with such a cool history and origin, that’s what I’m talking about!

cool baby boy names 2014
Zaden: you asked for cool baby boy names and we have delivered. From A to Z we have selected some fine examples of boy names that capture the image of cool and fresh. Zaden is the last entry in our list because it is a modern invented name like no other. Parents who appreciate innovation and are fans of progress will get excited with this cool boy name with the trendy -en ending. Just like other novel boy names like Jaden or Braden, Zaden is still relatively rare. If you don’t mind giving an unusual name for your son, then jump right on it as you won’t find a cool name like this that hasn’t been overused yet.

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  1. kristie says:

    I absolutely love your website..Kudos!

  2. Mandy says:

    My son’s name is Beau Connor and he gets complimented all the time on its uniqueness.

  3. Gabe says:

    Beau is a horrible name for a guy. Honestly.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Gabe, thanks for your input, we welcome every comment. What might sound “horrible” to some one, can be amazing for some one else! It’s a matter of taste :)

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