Cool Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Interested in cool baby names 2015 for boys? Check out our latest suggestions for the most stylish boy names this year! Here at we value your time, so we did all the hard work and gathered the best of the best baby boy names that will be cool in 2015. Our baby names experts have crunched the latest trends and came out with the definite list of hip names.

The following cool baby names 2015 for boys redefine the word unconventional. Think out of the box, clever, smart and attractive baby boy names. Think of the names that other parents will envy because they didn’t think of. As a responsible parent, you should do your homework before naming your children. It’s such an important decision that you cannot afford to mess up. Take your time and go through our cool options of baby names and make a shortlist depending on your own taste. We guarantee you that these names will rock the world in 2015 and beyond!

Cool Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Anton: you like history, but you need something fresh. You are amazed by all-time classic heroes, but you are looking for a contemporary name that reflects your modern lifestyle and your forward looking attitude. Meet Anton, the cool diminutive of Anthony. Short and sexy, Anton was the CI that made up with Debra in Dexter season 4. He was a musician, a free-spirit, and a guy who would risk everything for his love. Veteran actor and Hollywood superstar Al Pacino named his son Anton, this should give you a hint of the popularity of this cool name. The origin of Anton is German and it means priceless one, a meaning that I’m sure you will immediately fall in love with. Anton is such an adorable name that could be a good bet for the next big thing in baby names.

Cool Baby Names 2015 for Boys

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Breccan: an unusual name for boys whose parents have Irish roots. The typical -can ending is iconic for Irish baby names but Breccan is some what different. It has been blessed with an air of mystery, as it comes from an ancient tale of fantastic stories. An intriguing choice for parents who love mythology and fiction. Breccan is also associated with an Isle of Aran saint giving a religious angle into this cool name. You can also play with the spelling and transform Breccan into Breckin, following the lead of American comedy actor Breckin Meyer.

Dermot: another rare choice for parents who are looking to be cool through uniqueness. Dermot comes from Diarmaid, which means free man, but it has a slightly different meaning. Free from envy to be exact. Cool baby names 2015 for boys are supposed to spread positive vibes all around them, and that’s exactly what Dermot is doing. It remains widely undiscovered by American parents, so you can show off your research skills by bringing up this amazing name on the table. Your family will appreciate the amount of effort you put into finding the perfect candidate for your baby’s name.

Dierks: country music fans behold! We honor the American way, the traditional music that is deeply rooted into our culture by celebrating the singer who won a Grammy in 2015 in this awesome category. Thanks to Dierks Bentley, the name made headlines and is now a trending choice that can be spotted high in the latest baby name charts. Our researchers found out that Dierks is in fact a Danish name that means ruler of the people. It derives from Derek, which has a similar meaning (leader of the people) and you can also find it with the alternative spelling variation of Dirck.

Elyes: few people have the right amount of talent in both music and acting. Elyes Gabel is part of this elite group who enjoy a career both as an actor (with roles in block buster movies such as Interstellar and World War Z) and as a singer. Born and raised in London, he brings the aristocratic accent of a true gentleman, along with the air of the new kid on the block. He also had a brief appearance in Game of Thrones, as the fierce Dathraki warrior Rakharo. As you have probably already guessed, Elyes has a Hebrew origin as it derives from Elias, one of the most significant prophets of the Bible. It is pronounced EHLIYEHZ and this particular variation is enough to differentiate the name from the crowd. Something is telling us that this is going to be huge in the future, don’t you agree?

Heron: cool baby names 2015 for boys are also inspired by nature. Soft sound that can get you flying up in the sky. Heron is suitable not only for bird enthusiasts, but for any one who admits that every now and then becomes a day dreamer. A person who can shut down from the ugly reality of every day life and take a step back to admire the wonders of nature. It’s important not to lose the touch with mother earth. Natures baby names like Heron achieve this goal with ultimate glory.

Ido: we strive to present the most up-to-date baby names, inspired by pop culture. Ido is one of the cool baby names 2015 for boys inspired by the movies. Thanks to Hollywood’s new star Ido Ostrowsky, who became widely known through his role in the Imitation Game movie (nominated for an Oscar in February 2015), Ido was brought suddently into the spotlight. Short baby names have always a particular edge and Ido’s 3-letter spelling is so easy that even a 3 year old kid can spell.

Phelan: another Irish origin name that is stylish enough to make it into our list of cool baby names 2015 for boys. The reason why we picked Phelan is because it’s a strong and independent background. It means wolf and it represnets the boys (younger or older) that lead a life out of the pack, who don’t care what other people say, who are able to control their fate by taking things into their own hands. There are two different pronounciations that you could pick. Both FEE-lan and FAY-lan are correct, it’s up to you to decide which one is better according to your preference. Naming your baby boy Phelan will earn him a reputation of a fiercely loyal friend, as the story of this name reveals.

Runyon: do you wish your son to grow up being a winner? Of course you do, every parent has the same dream. We make a lot of sacrificies in order to see our kids achieve their goals in life. Hopefully, you don’t have to give up something in exchange of this strong name. Runyon is among the cool baby names 2015 for boys that brings such a boost to your son’s confidence that it can work magic without doing anything else. The meaning of Runyon is “son of a champion” and as you can imagine, it is as powerful as it sounds.

Thornton: we love pure English names because they give an elevated status of elegance. Thornton belongs to the cool baby names 2015 for boys that take advantage of this heritage to the fullest extend. Legacy is critical when it cames to passing names from one generation to another, so it’s crucial that modern parents honor their ancestors in every way they can. Thornton is a combination of old-school with stylish vintage aura which can be haunting and mesmerizing. Highly recommended for an upscale choice that beams success and confidence.

Cool Baby Names 2015 for Boys

Urban: from the cool urban music of R’n’B and hip-hop to urban cities, here’s a name that highlights the modern life style of busy city people. With Latin roots, the name Urban means of the city and is connected with the new landscape that defines our society. Yet, it’s not an entirely new name. It goes all the way back to the time of Jesus Christ, where Urban was an active member of the Roman Catholic church according to the New Testament. It has been given to a number of saints and even a Pope! So it definitely has religious roots, even though today Urban will be most likely linked with Billboard’s charts and Beyonce!

Did you like our list of cool baby names 2015 for boys? Pick any of these names and make a statement. Your son will love you for the choice you made for him. Be cool, be stylish, be you!

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  1. Aoife says:

    RUNYON??? Rhyming with Bunion???? Don’t inflict this on your baby!!!!!

    • BabyNames says:

      Hey Aoife, well it’s all about having different perspective and keeping an open mind. Some baby names work incredibly well for some parents, and at the same time can sound awful to others. Don’t forget that it’s a personal matter of taste, regards Amanda xx

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