Cool Baby Names 2015 for Girls

Cool baby names 2015 for girls are like an unfurled candy box, full of life and happiness. We have found bespoke name choices with an arty approach that highlight the exceptional taste and style of cool parents. They represent all things that belong to the future, the new age that brings modernism into the spotlight, with new ideas and trends. Cool baby names 2015 are designed for girls with an attitude, destined to be successful and energetic. These names are going to be popular in 2015 in a way that you won’t expect. Why don’t you have a look and make your own short list now and get ahead of the game?

Our exclusive list of cool baby names 2015 for girls was built by a team of experts based on exhaustive research. Each name made it to the list for specific reasons. You will find all kinds of references, from nature and flowers, to religious and made-up names. We take pride in representing as wider spectrum of choices as possible and leaving the final decision to the parents.

Cool Baby Names 2015 for Girls

Alia: we love exotic names that have a mysterious aura around them. Alia is one of those cool baby names 2014 for girls that have a true Arabic origin and an amazing meaning, exalted or supreme. The feminine version of Ali can be found on the top 750 names mainly because it is popular among Muslim parents. According to the Quran, Alia represents one of the 99 attributes of Allah.

Cool Baby Names 2015 for Girls
Alis: cool baby names 2015 are all about variations of existing names. Alis is a hip way to transform the old and bit tired Alice into a new and exciting name for girls! Spelling can be a subtle differentiation factor but you should use it with care because it might end up being a little bit confusing. If you don’t mind and you wish to go on with a unique variation, then Alis is ideal for you!

Anwen: the typical -wen ending is very common with Welsh baby names. Anwen is one of the cool baby names 2015 for girls that have a serene image. The meaning of Anwen is beautiful, very fair, so it will be a pretty girl name for your little angel. It also hides a bit of a sci-fi feel that Star Wars fans can relate, due to the fact that it reminds us some strange creatures or distant planets. In any case, it’s more unusual that the rest of the -wen names like Bronwen which means white breast, and that’s why we qualified Anwen to our list of cool baby names 2015.

Araceli: last but not least from the A- names presented here, is Araceli, a Spanish name that sound like an Italian diva! The meaning of Araceli is altar in the sky and it can be chosen by Roman-Catholic parents who are very close to the Church. An intriguing choice that can be seen as obscure by some, highly recommended if you are into rock climbing thanks to famous female mountain climber Araceli Segarra.

Damaris: a tender baby girl name for parents that are looking for soft and humane meanings for their daughters’ name. The meaning of Damara is gentle girl and is a rhythmic choice that sounds melodic and haunting at the same time. Damara was the name of an ancient Goddess related to fertility. That’s why it is linked with the month May, qualifying it as an excellent choice if your baby girl was born in spring. Damara is an unusual but equally interesting alternative that deserves your attention.

Evanthe: cool baby names 2015 that have a Greek origin enjoy a tremendous rise in the charts. Evanthe is taking advantage of this trend and rides the wave of stylish choices among names. The meaning of Evanthe is fair flower and its origin is Greek. The hipster prefix Ev- is all it takes to make this name interesting enough for your attention.

Fresia: the oh-so-fresh coolness of Fresia is in the air! The name derives from Freesia, an exotic name that combines the notion of freedom (in a true patriotic way) and the flower beauty of a remarkable plant. Cool baby names 2015 tend to be closer to nature due to the fact that parents become more eco-conscious. An environmentally friendly choice that is much more fresh than Daisy or Rose.

Iyana: invented modern names are cool because they bring a new attitude towards naming your baby. It’s not about history or legacy, it’s all about innovation, moving forward and bringing the best you have into the new life. Cool baby names 2015 for girls like Iyanna have a certain new age feel that separates them from the crowd and makes them unique without being weird.

Mamie: cool baby names 2015 take inspiration from the past. Mamie is an old-fashioned name that makes a huge come back, bringing some of the vintage aura on the table. The real meaning of Mamie is pearl as it is a diminutive of Margarita, a flower name that has Greek origin as a word. What used to be an insouciant nickname, it’s now an adorable name on its own. Mamie is the perfect way to honor a relative (mommy or auntie) whose name is a bit more common, like Mary, but you would like something more sophisticated. Academy awarded Hollywood star Meryl Streep chose this name for her daughter, Mamie Gummer, who also happens to be an actress.

Cool Baby Names 2015 for Girls
Nea: you probably already noticed that we favor short baby names as they are cute and attractive. Nea is a wonderful example as the diminutive of Swedish Linnéa (which also happens to be a flower name). Some other baby name experts consider Nea to be a variation of Nia which is a Swahili name that means resolve.

Temple: a word name that is straight forward and means a place where people gather to worship their God. Temple’s association with the divine makes it perfect for parents who are looking religious baby names that are cool and modern.

Did you like our list of cool baby names 2015 for girls? Do you have some new suggestions for names that are modern and hip? Send us your recommendations by leaving a comment below. We promise to add any new cool names that you will suggest!

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