Cool Baby Names 2016 for Boys

Welcome to our annual version of the cool baby names 2016 for boys. Each year, we look at trends around the world to spot the most anticipated baby boy names for the new year ahead. And boy do we have some cool suggestions for you! If you are pregnant and expecting a baby in 2016, this post is definitely for you as it will cover your needs for absolutely gorgeous male names.

Our list of cool baby names 2016 is an exclusive group of awesome names for boys that will surprise you. Our baby name experts curated the list with love, having in mind new parents who are looking for fresh names for their baby boy. But even if that’s not your first child, you will still find many ideas for your second or even third kid’s name, we pride to always deliver the most up to date suggestions for our readers. Each name comes complete with definition, origin and background information to decode the inner meaning. This way, you can be sure that you have done your homework before making your final decision on choosing the name of your little angel.

Cool Baby Names 2016 for Boys

Abel: everybody agrees that Abel will be a major hit in 2016. This Hebrew baby boy name might have some bad karma on it, as it was the first guy who was ever murdered in history, but nonetheless it’s has a cool sound. Don’t be so superstitious and join the army of the positive thinkers by committing to pure love and joy that will eventually defeat evil in this world the same way Abel had an eternal victory over his rogue brother, Kain. It’s clear that this trend is growing with a crazy pace and Abel is becoming one of the fastest rising baby boy names in 2016, so it’s not hard to miss the success of this one!

Cool Baby Names 2016 for Boys
Amias: our specialized team of baby name experts is dedicated in uncovering hidden gems like Amias. You probably haven’t heard it very often so far, but believe me you will in the future! Amias is a straight forward, no-nonsense, dead-easy to remember name that has a cute meaning. Amias is a Latin boys name that means to be loved. How can you resist saying “aaaawwww” after that? Some name researchers believe that it might be the male version of Amy, however this was never proven. Others go as far as suggesting that it derives from Amadeus, even though this theory is a bit over the top. Either way, it’s one of the most adorable cool baby names 2016 and we absolutely love it!

August: remember who cool it was to be name your baby boy Oscar? Well, meet the name that will replace this trend with a Latin name that sounds as fresh as it was invented today. It’s not only perfect for baby names expected to be born in August 2016, but in any other month indeed. August is a unisex baby name that sounds nice both for boys and for girls. The meaning of August is venerable or majestic, thus it suits perfectly the Hollywood abundance. That’s why it’s so popular with movie stars like Lena Olin, Mariska Hargitay, Jeanne Tripplehorn and Dave Matthews. It’s the perfect way to give a strong and confident name for your baby boy.

Baird: George Clooney is the definition of cool. He represents the Alpha male, the successful man who has it all: rich, famous and insanely good looking. He was the most wanted bachelor before he married Amal, the sexy British-Lebanese lawyer who is based in London. What does that have to do with Baird? Well, it’s simple. All George Clooney movies are a massive box office hit by default. The characters he plays in his movies all have cool names that become instant hits as well. Think of Everett, the name which was virtually unknown before “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” released in 2000. Now, exactly the same is going to happen to Baird, since George Clooney stars in another Cohen Brothers movie which features a cool name like that, in Hail Caesar. Baird, what else?

Benicio: we are in truly, madly, deeply in love with the hipster ending -o. Thus it’s no surprise you find Benicio in our list of cool baby names 2016 for boys. It’s certainly more fresh than Benjamin, and it has much more mojo than just Ben. It adds an international layer that reminds you right away the charming and mysterious movie star Benicio Del Toro. This attractive Spanish name derives from the Latin word benedictus which means blessed, so it has a great name meaning as well. It could become the new Luca or even get more popular than Mateo, names that have a certain Mediterranean feeling that brings summer memories of fun sun holidays.

Bodhi: moving on to a higher level of consciousness, let’s meet Bodhi, a refreshing spiritual name that is breaking the ice and swiftly becoming mainstream. This enchanting Sanskrit boys name has the deeper meaning of enlightenment, when someone is awakening from a deep sleep and starts to finally realize his true state by accepting his surroundings as a totally new reality. We wish that your baby boy has this amazing gift so that he can lead a happy and fulfilling life. Celebrities in the US are giving a vote of confidence in this spiritual name as more and more famous couples are naming their baby boys Bodhi.

Bowie: when a true pop idol leaves our world to the heavens, they leave a great legacy behind. Such is the influence of David Bowie, the iconic British singer that rose to fame in the 80’s, that millions of people around the world were shocked to find out about his sudden death in early 2016. True fans and music lovers have showed deep feelings of affection for the pop phenomenon that has influenced music for generations. Now it’s time to pay a real tribute to David Bowie by choosing his last name as one of the cool baby names 2016 for boys. Alas, it’s already happening! Howard Donald, a member of a British boy band has already given Bowie to his son. We are sure that Bowie will join the hall of fame surnames like Lennon, Hendrix and Marley that became first names from the sheer love of their fans and music enthusiasts.

Bridger: most of our cool baby names 2016 are based on movies, and that’s normal because Hollywood defines each year trends on so many levels. So when you have Leonardo di Caprio playing the father who lost his son and wants revenge on The Revenant, you immediately know that there can be a rocket baby name just waiting to fire into the sky and become the star of the year. The name of that rocket is Bridger, and we strongly believe that this uncommon name will be the underdog in 2016. In case you still wonder what it means, it’s an English name that denotes the person who lives near a bridge, a classic place name that sounds so hot right now.

Cassian: in case you haven’t noticed, cool baby names 2016 is all about Latin names. Yep, that’s right, the ancient history has a lot to offer still, as uncommon names that were missed by parents in the past, are re-surfacing in 2016 as trendy options that make a difference. Cassian is a much more modern version of Cassius (I’m looking at you Muhammad Ali) waiting to hit the jackpot and throw the competition away. Other alternatives include Kassian, but that might be too close to the Kardashian brand – not sure if you want this for your son!

Gael: a rising star that has proven it’s worth during the past few years, is here to claim the throne of the cool baby names 2016 for boys list. Thanks to macho Mexican actor Gael Garcia Bernal, this unusual name has jumped right into the top 200 baby names in USA (and top 100 in Texas). The meaning of Gael is mainly unknown, but most baby name experts suggest that it derives from the word Gaelic. Since Gael Garcia Bernal won the Golden Globe for the best actor in Musical or Comedy for his part in Mozart in the Jungle, we are super confident that the name will carry on surprising us with even more swag in 2016.

Navin: let’s take a trip to the far East and find an intersting Hindi name that means novel. Since our cool baby names 2016 for boys list is all about bringing out the new, we found Navin can be a great fit for parents who don’t believe in giving names after your grandparents, but rather coming up with something completely new. As millennials break more and more ties with the past, Navin can be a charming name for your little angel and a fresh addition to your family tree that won’t shock grandma. Moreover, the -in ending is oh-so “in” right now!

Cool Baby Names 2016 for Boys
Xander: electrifying and dynamic, that’s what you get when you choose a baby name that starts with the most mysterious letter of the alphabet. Xander is all that and even more, since it derives from the legendary Great Alexander, the ferocious Greek leader who won countless battles and invaded the Persian empire by uniting the Greeks against their true enemy. Xander is the simplification of Alexander from an unusual way. It’s usually Alex, isn’t it. Well, some parents gave it some thought and figured out, wait a second, why do we always cut the last part? Why don’t we keep the ending for a change? Alas, Xander was born! Just to confirm the bad-ass tough image of Xander, let us remind you that it was Vin Diesel’s character in XXX, the action packed movie that brought down the mafia with the most unorthodox way. You can also make it even shorter and opt in for Xan. The choice is yours!

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