Cool Baby Names 2016 for Girls

What’s cool to you? Is it something objective or totally depending on each person’s definition of cool? We tried to find answer to this troubling question and came up with the best list of cool baby names 2016 for girls. Regardless of your taste, you will find these girl names stylish and hip. Our experienced team of baby name experts have built the following exclusive group of cool names by rendering hundreds of web pages and filtering thousands of suggestions from our readers over the past months. It’s now time to release the official results to forward looking parents!

Cool Baby Names 2016 for Girls

Abitha: we start our list of cool baby names 2016 for girls with a truly beautiful name that stands for gazelle. Get rid of that T from Tabitha and you reshuffle the deck by creating a mesmerizing new name that comes straight from the fairy land. One can say that Abitha is made of dreams and Abigail has nothing on her. Let’s get crazy, shall we?

Annunciata: who said that biblical baby names cannot be cool? For our religious friends who wish to honor Virgin Mary, here’s Annunciata, one of the most powerful names that our Mother has been given throughout the centuries. Popular among Hispanic parents, the meaning of this religious name refers to the good news that the Angel Gabriel gave to Mary about her diving pregnancy. A simpler variation could also be Anunciata, lose one letter (n) and get even better!

cool baby names 2016 for girls

Bernice: the origin of this name is Greek and has a beautiful meaning: the one that brings victory. Bernice can be found in the Bible as the sister of King Agrippa. It might sound very unusual to you today, but let me tell you that Bernice was actually one of the most popular baby names. No wonder why it has sprung so many cool nick names like Bunny, Berry, Binnie, or even Bernie. It’s worth while noting that the original spelling of this gorgeous name was Berenice and it came all the way from ancient Egypt where historians found references to the loyal wife of Ptolemy I.

Ilisha:  sultry, vibrant and sassy, this Hebrew variation of either Alisha or Elisha is rocking the list of cool baby names 2016 for girls with her unique energy. The meaning of the dynamic girl name is God is my salvation.

Nemea: place names are rarely that cool, but Nemea is one of the few shiny exceptions that prove the rule. Coming from sunny Greece, this athletic name has ties to the historic Nemean Games held in Nemea every two years, a year after the Olympic Games. Unfortunately, we didn’t revive them alongside the Olympic Games in modern times, but you can do this by giving this historic place name to the future world breaking female sprint athlete!

Oona: simply because one is never enough. Start your day with double happiness, always being positive and look for the abundance in your life. No more dilemmas, we hate the word “or” we love the word “and”. You can see where this is going right? Double Oo- is one of the coolest prefix for baby names and thus Oona makes an amazing pick for fashionable parents who dare to be different. Una is so 2000, let’s all welcome Oona. The name has an origin in Celtic mythology where she was the daughter of the legendary king of Lochlainn. Fans of Game of Thrones should seriously consider this name as the exotic wife of Robb Stark was in fact played by the sexy Spanish actress Oona Castilla Chaplin.

Ottoline: vintage is the definition of cool and Ottoline combines the old with the new style in a perfect match. Just ask Sienna Miller who didn’t think twice before using Ottoline as the middle name of her baby girl back in 2012. Cool baby names 2016 for girls are deeply characterized by history and essence. A diminutive of Ottilie, and either one of them would make a wonderfully dainty but strong vintage pick. used Ottoline as the middle which names prosperous in battle and derives from the German name Otto.

Rubyna: precious stones are always cool since they are a lady’s best friend. Rubyna derives from ruby, a deep red precious stone that is extremely rare to find. Ruby not so much. It has ranked among the top 100 baby names in US last year. However, Rubyna is not so common yet is very easy to spell and it carries the early rock classic aura from songs like “Ruby Tuesday” by legendary rock band Rolling Stones. And it’s not only US. Aussies love Ruby, it has climbed all the way up to top 10 in Australia while English parents prove to find Ruby a popular choice at number 15.

Tanaquil: another religious name, makes me think that Biblical names are back in fashion after a few years outside the spotlight. The origin of Tanaquil is Etruscan and its meaning is gift of God. It’s not often that a queen has prophetic powers, but the famous Etruscan Tanaquil was one of the mighty legends who reigned her kingdom with true wisdom. That’s certainly a gift that any parent should wish for their children. However, if your dreams about your baby girl is focusing more in extra ordinary things like dancing, you might be surprised to find out that Tanaquil LeClerq was a prima ballerina who belongs among the most notable ballet dancers of all time.

Did you like our list of cool baby names 2016 for girls? Go on, leave us a comment with your own suggestions. We would love to know your thoughts about these names!

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