Cool Baby Names for Boys 2013

We promise you that the following list of absolutely cool baby names for boys will be the one that all parents consult before naming their babies! You want a unique baby name, a baby name that is unusual but at the same time not so old-fashioned. A cool baby name that will stand out from the crowd and be always remembered.

We have researched countless baby names databases, real data of baby names around the world, and gathered information from various sources to get you this list of cool baby names. No matter your taste, we assure you that you will find a baby name for your baby boy! And he is going to be oh-so cool when he grows up, that we know already!

Forget the usual, boring baby names that can be found everywhere. Choose one of the cool baby names that will make a difference and your son will be the only one who has this cool name in school. George and Tom are too dull. We are not suggesting that Paul or Nick are bad choices, because when it comes to naming your child, there is no right or wrong. It is totally up to you to name your boy. After all, you are going to raise it with all the love in the world! So, you have the right to ajdust the baby name of your son to your personal taste and flavor.

cool baby names boys 2013

Cool Baby Names

Becket: one of the cool baby names loved by celebrities, Becket means bee cottage. This strong baby name of English Origin was prdecited to be one of the top baby names in 2015 according to the authors of Freakonomics. They might have some inside info, so we totally believe them!

Callum: this Scottish baby name derives from the Latin word Columba, which means dove, the symbol of purity. In Christianity, the dove symbolized the Holy Spirit, which made Calum (a different version of this name) very popular among early Christians. A baby name inspired by animals that Kyle McLachlan gave to his son.

Cedar: a predominantly aromatic name. Like Oak, Ebony or Pine, this cool baby name is one of the trendy  tree baby names that inspire parents more and more lately.

Ezra: a cool baby name of Hebrew origin which means help. Ezra was the heroic Biblical character who led thousands of his own people from Babylon to their home, in Jerusalem. Famous fathers are paying attention to this story as both Taylor Hanson and Paul Reiser named their sons Ezra.

Heath: the heart breaking and sudden death of Heath Ledger rose the popularity of this baby name to the sky. The best Joker so far, in the block buster movie The Dark Knight, Heath Ledger gave an amazing performance which will be remembered for many years to come. The name  meaning is heathland dweller.

Jericho: another cool baby name inspired by the Bible. In the Old Testament’s book of Joshua (6:1-27), Jericho was a town that the Israelites conquered by simply trumpeting for 40 days and 40 nights. What used to be a rare baby name, can now be found almost everywhere, from TV series to book, and from songs to names of entire bands and even video games and comics!

Luthor: an unusual variant of Luther makes this baby name unique and cool! Meaning soldier of the people, this Old German name has been associated with Martin Luther King, the famous activist of African-American civil rights who was ultimately assassinated.

Marius: a cool baby name that comes from Mars, the mighty and fiercy God of war. A strong and confident baby name with a cool European flavor, Marius is very popular in France and Germany. Mario is the Italian sexy alternative name and they all grabbing more attention from cool parents around the world.

Skylar: a cool variant of Skyler, which in turn derives from the Dutch word Schuyler. Meaning scholar, this baby name is trending with the help of dozens of TV series characters and movies that feature a guy called Skylar (it all started in 1997 with the character that appeared in Good Will Hunting).

Thayer: an uncommon French variant of Taylor. It means tailor and it was it became mainstream after actor Thayer David who is better known for his role in boxing sensation movie Rocky and later in action thriller Dark Shadows.

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