Cool Baby Names for Girls 2013

Find out a fresh list of cool baby names for girls. Look no further if you are down for a cool girl name as we have gathered the best ideas for naming your babies! You want a trendy baby name, a baby name that is uncommon but at the same time fashionable. Choosing one of the following cool baby names is going to turn heads and define your daughter as a hip girl.

Having done our homework and all the research for you, we have compared dozens of different sources to build a cool baby names list that set new standards. Be rest assured that you will get great inspiration for your baby girl. She will be a stylish little angel with a really cool name, you can count on us on this one!

Forget the common, dull baby names found anywhere you look. Select one of the cool baby names that will make a difference and your daughter will be the only one who has this cool name in school. Sophia and Emily can be a bit boring. We are not suggesting that Emma or Olivia are not great choices, because it’s really up to you to decide what name suits your child better. Remember, the only rule is that there is no right or wrong. In other words, you can pick the baby name of your baby girl according to your own perception.

cool baby names for girls 2013

Cool Baby Names

Ada: having German roots, it’s ranked among the cool baby names that come from Europe. Ada means noble and it differentiates from the popularity of the sister-name Ava. It belongs to the vintage names that are now cute again, mainly because it starts with a vow like other trendy choices like Ivy or Ella.

Anouk: a French baby name that means grace. Anouk is a beautiful name that became cool thanks to actress Anouk Aimée (born 1932). She started her filming career at the young age of 14 so Anouk is an excellent choice for parents who aspire to see their daughters as a moive star one day!

Blanche: another French name that brings sexy back! The actual meaning of Blanche is “white” so it was primarily used as a nick name for pale blonde girls (especially super models in the ’80s). Blanche DuBois was one of the most unusual characters seen in theaters in the clasic 1950 film “A Streetcar Named Desire“. The lead character of the movie was a semi-crazy type of girl who was desirable as chocolate and remained cool even when things fell apart. Marlon Brando totaly fell in love with her and his role as the tough guy Stanley Kowalski made him a rising Hollywood star.

Caia: a cool baby name of Latin origin which means rejoice. Caia was the feminine version of the name Caius, a name that became widely known thanks to the Twilight saga. The Roman Goddess of women was Caia Caecilia making this cool baby name a perfect candidate for a really feminine choice of baby name. Caia is also a fresh substitute to the overpopular name Maya, as it rhymes.

Clio: speaking of cool alternatives, forget about Cleo which links to the mighty Egyptian queen Cleopatra. Clio’s origin is actually Greek. According to the ancient Greek mythology, Clio was the muse heroic poetry and history. Homer called Clio to inspire him before he could write the two epic poets: Iliad and the Odyssey. This cool name would give your daughter a insightful story to tell everytime someone asks her name!

Finn: it started as a boys name. Derived from the everlasting popular Irish hero Finn McCool, who obviously had the coolest name ever! It became a trendy girls name straight after Finn appeared as a character in the 1995 romantic comedy “How to Make an American Quilt” starring Winona Ryder. We really loved how young Finn turns into her grandmother and the movie tagline “there’s beauty in the patterns of life” is one of the coolest quotes around.

Ivy: it was the baby name that two of the coolest stars in the world picked for their baby girl. Unless you live on Mars, you should know that Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed their first kid in January 2012. When Beyonce announced that the star couple is going to name their daughter Blue Ivy, it was immediately marked as one of the coolest baby names ever since. It’s also particularly popular in Australia where it ranks no.21

Lilou: wondering how are you even going to pronounce this French baby name? Lee-loo is fun, cosy and definitely cool! It derives from the flower lily however the origin is a bit more interesting. The ending -ou indicates a pet in southeastern France, so it actually comes from the pet name Liliana. Hot Ukrainian born actress Milla Jovovich played LeeLoo (same pronunciation with Lilou) in sci-fi movie “The Fifth Element” along with Bruce Willis, raising the coolness of this name to new heights!

Lux: one of the cool baby names of Latin origin that is starting to gain some traction in the charts. Lux has a wonderful enlighting meaning: light.

Paz: carrying on with the short 3-letter baby names, Paz is a Hebrew name that means peace. Exotic Spanish actress Paz Vega and sexy model Paz de la Huerts give a trendy hot atmosphere to this name. Don’t worry about picking a name associated with sex symbols. Paz is actually a title of Our Lady of Peace, which is one of the titles of Virgin Mary. So it’s not only naughty, but it can be religious too, striking this hard-to-find balance between cool and traditional.

Pippa: with all that royal baby talk, we tend to forget the person that came out of nowhere and surpised everyone with her cool looks. Pippa Middleton, sister of Princess Catherine, is a stylish 30-year old lady that keeps the paparazzi busy with all the rumors flying about her engagement to boyfriend Nico Jackson. Most newspapers and style editors rank them among the coolest celebrities thanks to her trendy outfits, even though she is too close to the royal family she never hides her passion for cool clothes. Pippa is a short for Philippa and its meaning is the lover of horses.

Tempest: one of the world cool baby names with a stormy meaning. Tempest means turbulent and is a hip, modern choice for parents that consider themselves citizens of the world.

Did you like our list of cool baby names? Would you consider picking one of them for your baby girl? Let us know what you think and feel free to suggest your own cool baby names. Just leave us a comment below, we love your feedback!

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8 responses to “Cool Baby Names for Girls 2013”

  1. Nic says:

    These names are cool!

  2. Concerned reader says:

    Have you read or even seen the movie for Streetcar Named Desire? Blanche was insane because her gay husband shot himself in the face in front of her at a party after she told him off. She became pathologically promiscuous, allowing everyone in town to take a turn at her until she was finally run out for making a pass at a seventeen year old boy. She then lived as a prostitute until she was kicked out of the hotel she ran her business out of. After moving in with her sister, she almost convinced a factory worker to marry her (despite her advanced age) but he left her once he discovered her past. Then Stanley hate raped her, which really caused her to go nuts. Then she was committed to a mental institution.

  3. Zofia says:

    I liked the names Lux, Paz and Tempest was simply awsome. but firstly you need some facts fixed. Blache is also an awsome name exept that it comes from Slavic countries as Blanca. It may have come with the Polish wife of a french king and bean modified by the french.

  4. lili says:

    Paz is not Hebrew, it’s Spanish.

  5. Chrisy says:

    I m french.
    Anne is french name but Anouk is slave name. Blanche : 3 french queen. And the 1st baby girl of king name Blanche.

    Je suis Française. Anne est un prénom français. Par contre, Anouk est d’origine Slave, russe : Anouchka. Anouk Aimée se nommé en réalité Françoise.

    Blanche, ce fut le prénom de 3 reines françaises (moyen-âge). Traditionnellement, les rois de France donnaient ce prénom à leur première fille.

    Luz is french name : light

    Luz est un prénom français qui signifie lumière.

  6. Marilyn says:

    I live in Israel and Paz is a Hebrew name for both boys and girls meaning “golden”. An alternative for girls is “Pazit” which means “little gold”.

  7. Christiane says:

    Love the list! Our babygirl of 9 months is called Anouk. Super cool name in Germany, too!

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Christiane, thanks so much for your awesome feedback, we are thrilled to have international parents on our website, it helps to grow this community around the globe. Didn’t know that Anouk was popular in Germany, thanks for the tip – love Amanda xx

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