Creative Baby Names

Creative baby names tell the story of celebrated artists in literature, poetry, film and music. It’s an amazing way to honor the most creative minds we’ve seen in art. Creative baby names is a statement that you want to pass the enthusiasm about creativity and innovation to your baby boy and girl. They are highlighting the need for a higher form of expression that don’t t sacrifice the unique spirit of creative baby names. The generous references in significant creative figures will make your choice a little bit easier by providing you with the most popular creative baby names for girls and boys.

Our team of experienced baby name experts have looked in a wide range of history of art before we construct our list of creative baby names. Our grant ambition was to build an out of the ordinary collection of creative baby names that go beyond the usual Leonardo et al. After all, creativity can be found almost everywhere, there is no need to restrict it in some of the most popular baby names you hear again and again. Culture is always high on our agenda. We value multi-tenanted master minds who devoted their lives in pushing forward style and literature. Our delicate list of creative baby names is here to beautify the names of your future children and make them omnipresent.

Creative Baby Names for Girls

Abra: the female version of Abraham, which means father of multitudes. Abra is one of the softest creative baby names for girls as it was used in “East of Eden” movie. Based on John Steinbeck book, the lead character called Abra won the audience and brought the name into the spotlight. In a totally different context, the name Abra is used for girls born on Tuesdays in Africa. It’s so interesting to have so diverse interpretations of one name that come from different cultures. Expect many beautiful girls to get this name in the future.

Creative Baby Names for Girls and Boys
Allegra: Italian creative baby names are very popular as the elegant Mediterranean country is rich in artistic references. Allegra has a wonderful name meaning, it stands for the joyous person who is bringing happiness to her friends. It comes from music theory where Allegra is used to describe a lively tempo that is usually executed quickly by the orchestra creating an uplifting feeling to the audience. Creative master minds like Donatella Versace chose this unique girl name for her sweet daughter.

Anais: a French form of the Hebrew name Anna. Anais is both exotic and uncommon making it perfect for parents who are looking for a rare European name with an inspirational meaning. Anais means grace which gives it access to religious families. Thanks to Anais Nin, the diarist turned novelist born in France and raised in US, the name deserves a place in the creative baby names since it’s associated to literature and books.

Bronte: strong and confident girls will love this name as they will find its meaning “thunder” intriguing. But Bronte is so much more than that. After all, you don’t get three sisters as top writers every day! You might have heard the Brontë sisters, Charlotte, Emily and Anne. They lived during the 19th century and were famous for successful novels like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. These works are considered master pieces and have received world wide critical acclaim. Thus, Bronte is forever linked with literature making it one of the creative baby names not to be missed.

Calliope: straight from the Greek mythology, this uncommon name means beautiful voice. According to the ancient myth, the daughter of Zeus Calliope inspired Homer to write his two epic works, the Odyssey and Iliad. A muse that has the magic ability to bring awesome inspiration to creative people is all you need to list Calliope in the creative baby names list. We are sure that your daughter will appreciate it if she decides to work in the entertainment business.

Dharma: let’s leave Europe and take a long trip to the far East. Meet Dharma, an enlightening name that is associated to the cosmic rule of Karma. It means ultimate truth in Sanskrit and is popular among hipster communities. Dharma is also linked to cool book, Dharma Bums, written by Jack Kerouac. If you are a big fan of the Beat movement, the American bohemian literary and social movement of the 50’s, you will immediately feel the love for Dharma.

Creative Baby Names for Boys

Amedeo: the attractive Italian version of Amadeus is one of the most creative baby names for boys. It was the nick name of the famous painter Modigliani who left his mark in the history of art with his undeniable talent and visionary skills. If you aspire to see your son growing up to be as creative as Modigliani, then Amedeo is the name you were looking for. Some Latino families might prefer the alternative spelling, Amadeo.

Auden: this is in fact a unisex baby name which can be used as a creative name for both boys and girls. Auden has English origin and means old friend. It’s has an unusually poetic aura that will help your son make friends fast wherever he goes. Auden will also teach your  children the importance of friendship, how critical it is to preserve it no matter the cost and how this will help them build long lasting  relationships in their lives. It’s included in the creative baby names list because it’s associated with the famous poet W.H. Auden.whose 1948 book “The Age of Anxiety” received international critical acclaim.

Baldwin: let’s explore a bit more the notion of friendship and discover one more creative boy name that means brave friend. Baldwin is a soft name of German origin which is going to be forever remembered as the Harlem-born African-American novelist James Baldwin. His work was pivotal in the struggle against racism in mid 20th century. Baldwin’s first novel, Giovanni’s Room, was ground breaking when published in 1956. Most people know him from his master piece “Go Tell It on the Mountain”, the semi autobiographical novel which was honored by TIME  magazine as one of the top 100 novels from 1923 to 2005.

Byron: one of the most romantic creative baby names for boys of the last century. Thanks to Lord Byron, the English poet who led the Romantic movement, this name has been a synonym of love and passion. Byron was a flamboyant and notorious figure, known for having a lot of  love affairs. Nonetheless, he is still considered a huge influence in scholars and writers, a creative mind that has been celebrated for his courage, since he left a safe life full of aristocratic excesses and joined the Greek war of Independence and died like a true hero at the young age of 36. Byron is an affectionate and tender name that will make your baby boy unselfish and kind.

Cerulean: one of the new creative baby names that attract modern parents. Cerulean is s a wonderful alternative to the common color names that you often hear, ranging between cyan and blue. A unique choice that reflects a creative addition in the color palette combining sky blue and azure. Cerulean started to gain more traction as soon as Meryl Streep mentioned Miranda Priesly a high fashion cerulean colored sweater “In The Devil Wears Prada”,  in the 2006 comedy drama tribute film to Anna Wintour, the legendary U.S. Vogue editor. With such high profile style references, it’s certain that Cerulean will get significant attention among the rest creative baby names for boys and girls.

Creative Baby Names for Girls and Boys
Darius: thought this name is taken from ancient history, it has also been associated with culture and art. Thanks to prolific French composer Darius Milhaud, the name has been linked to the modernist era of influential composers. Thus, you can often find a Darius within gallery announcements or concert programs. The name Darius itself derives from Greek and it means the one who possess well. According to historic references, Darius was the great Persian Emperor who started a war with Greece in order to punish Athens because they helped the Ionian Revolt. Darius was known as a king who appreciated art and was a creative mind who initiated massive architectural projects himself. Persepolis is a grant example of his ambitions to leave his mark in history, since UNESCO included it in their World Heritage Sites list. Darius is a sparkly choice that disrupts the creative baby names delicately combining past and future with great care.

Elia: exemplifying the idea of multi-culture creative baby names, Elia is a true example of how a name can sit comfortably between different origins and meanings. Some baby name experts suggest that Elia is an Italian diminutive of Elijah, the Hebrew name which means Jehovah is God. On the other hand, further research in name origin adds a different angle on Elia’s origin as the Greek olive tree which represents peace and is still used today as an Olympic Games symbol. Now add into the mix the creative mind of Elia Kazan, the multi talented director, screenwriter and actor who produced social issue themed films, you have an awesome story to tell your friends about your son’s name! As a trivia, we reference Stanley Kubrick who mentioned Elia Kazan as the “best director in America” capable of performing miracles on screen.

Did you like our innovative list of creative baby names? Has it inspired you to find an artistic name for your baby girl or baby boy? We are happy to hear your own feedback and make an interactive dialogue between parents with creative minds.

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