Cute Boy Names and Meanings

Cute boy names will boost your baby’s confidence and appeal. Discover dozens of cute baby names for your sweet boy and choose the best one! Apart from being cool and unique, baby names should also compliment your son’s overall image as a handsome man. Maybe it’s too early to think about your baby boy as a grown-up person, but time flies and before you know it your little angel will start to build his reputation and will be recognised as a cute boy.

Cute boy names can enhance your boy’s quest to be conquer cuteness! They are either associated with people that are universally accepted as cute or they are just sound too cute! It will be hard to say no to these cute names as they radiate attractive vibes that turn your baby boy into a charming prince.

Cute Boy Names

Coby: Coby is the new Cody. It belongs to the cute boy names of English origin and it’s a short form of Coburn. Other name researchers suggest it comes from the Hebrew Jacob. No matter the origin is super cute!

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Cooper: even though it’s an occupational name (and yes, we know, working sucks, you prefer to stay home with your baby!) Cooper has became a cute sensation thanks to the upscale character that it radiates. Extremely popular in Australia, Cooper has its origin in the old profession of barrel makers.

Corey: a cute baby name of Old Norse origin that reminds us of teen idol Corey Haim. Corey found tragic death on March 10 2012 at the tender age of 38. He suffered from from complications with pneumonia and left this world in Burbank, California, USA. The name Corey derives from the English surname Kori which in turns comes from an Old Norse personal name. Corey became somewhat trendy in the 60’s thanks to TV Series “Julia” character named Corey Baker.

Declan: a baby name of Irish origin that is widely known to be cute thanks to its association with the great singer Elvis Costello. His real first name was Declan Patrick and his surname was McManus before he changed it to something more sexy. Declan means the man of prayer and it has a steady risign popularity in US. Apart from cute, this sweet baby name is also perfect for religious parents as it holds the name of St. Declan of Ardmore, the early Irish missionary who preceded St. Patrick in the 6th century.

Dillon: means loyal or strong like a lion. Though it doesn’t have the same Welsh origin as the more common name Dylan, it pays tribute to the rock idol Bob Dylan as it is a combination of his name and surname into an original wordplay. Can also be found as a surname, with actor Matt Dillon, born 1964, being the most famous example (read his biography).

Freddie: a cute variant of the more serious and “adult” English name Alfred and kind of strict German name Frederick. Freddie is much more playful and would suit to parents who wish to give a bit of magic to their sweet little angel. Freddie actually means the peaceful ruler and is usually an elf or a magical counsel that helps people when they are in trouble. A wonderful friendship lesson for your baby boy! Not to be confused with Freddy Krueger, the evil character that highjacks people’s nightmares in the famous thriller series “A Nightmare On Elm Street”.

Kayden: a cute variant of Kaden which in turn is a spelling variation of Caden. Though this name is actually invented by modern parents who use their imagination to come up with new names, it is particularly sweet and popular. It belongs to the common family name of other Ka- starting names like Kadin, Kaeden and Kaiden. Too confused? Don’t know which name to choose? Don’t worry, we don’t blame you! The good thing is that any of these names are going to be super cute for your beloved baby boy!

Keiran: another imaginative spelling variation that derives from Kieran which is an Irish baby name that means the little dark one. Fact: girls will go “aaawwww” when they hear a boy called Keiran, as it’s not very common and it has links with female names like Kyra. Having a bit of femine touch (but not too much!) always helps boys to get closer to girls. #truestory :)

Kian: an old traditional Irish name that means ancient or God is gracious. It became ultra cute when actress Geena Davis picked Kian as one of her twin’s name. A unique baby name that might be a bold choice for parents who would like to be more alternative.

Marcel: a cute diminutive of the French baby name Marcellus that means little warrior. Academy awarded actress Marion Cotillard that earned an Oscar for her performance in French movie La môme and later starred in the 2012 blockbuster “The Darnk Knight Rises” chose Marcel for her beautiful baby boy. The name is so cute because of its proximity with other sweet female names like Marcella and Marcheline, remember what we said about a boy’s name that sounds a bit feminine? Oh yes, it earns your son extra points of cuteness without too much effort!

Milo or Myles: both are variations of English name Miles. Milo is an all time classic choice for authors, but became an instant favorite for all girls that are looking for their prince thanks to Milo Ventimiglia of Heroes. His role in the successful TV series is hurt-breaking and sets the bar high for sensitive guys that are caring and full of love. Milo is widely popular among celebrities who seem to share the same enthusiasm about this super cute baby name. From Liv Tyler to Ricki Lake and from Sherry Stringfield to Alyssa Milano, have all named their baby boys Milo (and this is just a few examples of the long list!).

Noel: OK we know you know the meaning of this baby name already, it’s Christmas! Now, you must agree that there is nothing sweeter than the spirit Christmas,  Santa Claus, presents to family and friends and a true festive happiness that is spread everywhere. Noel is a baby name that inherits all this lovely feelings and becomes one of the seasonal cute baby names that radiates positive vibes!

Reggie: we talked about Freddie a few paragraphs ago. Now it’s time to meet his cute cousin name, Reggie. These kind of diminutives are coming back to fashion as fresh and stylish. Reggie takes the “counsel power” name meaning of Reginald and tears it apart in the cutest way ever!

Sid: for punk parents, it’s not just a cute name, but symbolizes a wild era of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. Sid Vicious was the bass guitarist of influential punk group Sex Pistols. However, modern kids will not have that kind of link with the 70’s so it’s cool to pick this name if you are a bit “rock” character yourself (just make sure your mother won’t find out!).

Spencer: one these cute baby names that combines everything in one: it’s sounds both eminent and easy going, exclusive and oepn at the same time. Spencer is yet another example that celebrities (like Russel Crowe and Cuba Gooding Jr) love cute baby names, as they have been using it quite frequently for their baby boys. In two occasions Spencer was even used by celebs as a girl’s name adding to the feminine cuteness of a baby name. A highly recommended choice that happens to be a favorite too!

Teddy: who can say no to the all time classic cute teddy bear, any girl’s best friend and company to countless of baby beds? Noone, and neither can we! It would be a heresy to leave this sweet baby name out of this list, even when it might sound a bit cliche by now it’s still in the top 1000 list of popular baby names. There must be a reason for that, don’t you agree?

Ty: short for all name  starting with Ty- (a prime example being Tyler). As shorter names became more popular parents thought that a two-letter name cust straight into the point without any time to waste. Practical if you are a CEO that has to sign a lot of checks, this cute baby name is like someone’s initials! British hip-hop artist Ben Chijioke uses Ty as his nickname. Would you like to rise your son to be a rapper? If so, there is also Ty Dolla $ign, you can follow him on Twitter, we are sure that you will find him interesting!

Did you like our list of cute boy names? Are you intrigued by the supreme cuteness of these cute baby names? If so, please share the sweet lovely boy names with more parents that are looking for some inspiration! And don’t forget to leave us a comment with your own suggestions of cute boy names.

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