December Baby Names

December baby names tell the wonderful story of Jesus birth in the most compelling way. Deeply influenced by the festive period, both boy and girl December names have the Christmas spirit inside them. And this is natural, since Christmas is one of the biggest holidays of the year and the most important date for all Christians around the world. December is first Winter month and is privileged to host the day that Jesus Christ was born. It’s a time when religious feeling is warming back again in everyone’s heart as they remember and honor the birth of God as a human in the earth. The greatest story of them all is unveiled, and December baby names compliment it in the most amazing way.

December is often associated with holidays, happy children waiting impatiently for Santa to bring them presents, families getting together to celebrate around the Christmas tree. December baby names reflect the most typical types of celebrations. Christmas songs are heard everywhere from the radio to the malls as people walk under the snow feeling loved and close to each other.

Looking beyond Christmas, we have also found alternative choices for parents who want to give unique December baby names. Boys and girls born this month, have plenty of other choices. December is the first month of the winter and is associated with other pagan ceremonies celebrated across the world.

December Baby Names

Angelica: the Bible describes in detail how the sky was full of angels during the cold night when Jesus was born. Angelica is one of the December baby names that are closely linked with the celestial creatures from heaven that have wings and carry messages directly from God. They often deliver news to ordinary people like the modest and unpretentious shepherds, instead of high priests honoring the ones with the humble heart.

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Anna: a beautiful girl name that is lyrical and sounds nice in all cases. According to Luke, Anna was the female prophet who was in the temple where Jesus was presented for the first time. Anna is a Hebrew name that means merciful or gracious. December baby names like Anna have been traditionally linked with Christmas and so we couldn’t leave it out of this list. A less popular spelling variation is Hannah or Anne.

Bella: show me someone who doesn’t know how to sing jingle bells and I’ll believe again that Santa Claus is real! Bella is among the quirky December baby names that are both musical and cheerful. If you name your baby girl Bella, she will inherit the magic ability to spread happiness among her friends and family.

Carol: on December 24th, the streets of the Western hemisphere fill with little angels singing the Christmas carol to the older people who leave their work aside just for a bit as they become children again. Carol is one of the most wonderful December baby names as it reminds of the carefree days when we were kids and sang Oh Silent Nights with all our heart, even if we were freezing out in the cold! A name of purity and innocence

Celyn: rare December baby names make nice alternatives if you wish to pick a lesser known choice. Celyn is one these names that can relate to Christmas with a subtle way. The meaning of Celyn is holly and is origin is Welsh, while the pronunciation can be a bit of headache since it pronounced Kellin. Not to be confused with the widely popular and over used Celine which has French origin and a totally different meaning (Heaven).

Christian: fashion lover mom due in December? The first thing that comes in our mind is Christian Dior, the famous French luxury brand also known as simply Dior. The actual meaning of the name Christian is the follower of Christ. Thanks to hot actor Christian Bale who is behind the latest Batman movie, this unusual December boys name was brought to the spotlight. Dark knight’s tremendous box office success with millions of movie goers watching it, made Christian a trendy name for 2014 onwards.

Claus: you know that chumpy character dressed up in red that climbs chimpies and drives a horse slate? Yep, that lovely figure with the white beard that visits every house on Christmas Eve and give away presents to the good boys and girls that were not naughty all year? Sure you do, it’s Santa Claus the most recognizable Christmas character on earth! Now, what you probably don’t know is that the one of  the most typical of all December baby names has German origin and is a short form of Niklaus, which in turn derives from Nicholas. The true meaning of Claus is victory of the people.

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December: you can’t get more blunt, can you? December is the twelfth month of the year and had 31 really short days. In fact, it’s the month that winter solstice occurs every year. This is an important astrological phenomenon where the sun appears at its lowest height above the horizon. Winter solstice had deep cultural influence on people in the past since it was one of the largest pagan celebrations. Some researchers suggest that the birth of the Christ was symbolically placed on December 25th in order to co-exist in the early Christian times with other wider accepted festivities. December as a baby name means tenth and derives from the Latin word decem. Thus, December was the tenth month of the Julian calendar before January and February were added.

Ember: started as a cute and short form of December, Ember is now a name of it’s own used for both boys and girls. The meaning of this unusual December baby name is spark and symbolizes something that is burning low.

Emby: a pretty alternative to Ember, which some baby names experts suggest that derives from the popular French girl name Amber. Short and sweet it’s a lovely girl name that is brining joy and happiness everywhere. Emby is a name that has all the qualities of a unique name and it would be a great match if you love name that end in -y.

Emmanuel: doesn’t matter if you really go with one or two M’s, this name is ranked among the all time classic December baby names of all times. The meaning of Emmanuel is God is with us and has a Hebrew origin, as most of the other December baby names listed here. This is not a surprise since Jesus was born in a small town called Nazaret, believed to be located in today’s Israel. According to the Bible, Emmanuel was the name that was given to the Messiah who was going to save the people of Israel, as it was foreseen Isaiah’s prophecy. An important biblical name that has lately revived and is now one of the most popular names in the US, found at #165 according to the official records of baby names popularity.

Ewell: a rare variant of Yule, Ewell turns out to be one of the oldest December baby names in the history of mankind. It derives from Old English æwell. The meaning of Ewell was slightly different than Yule as it got closer to river source or spring. If you are a fan of baseball, you probably know that Ewell Blackwell was one of the greatest pitchers of his era. Also known as “The Whip” because of his special delivery, Ewell played for the New York Yankees and starred in the All-Star Game from 1946 through 1951 in an unbelievable six-year streak! If you have dreams to watch your son be a professional Baseball player, then this is the most suitable of all the December baby names presented here.

Gabriel: news that can change the route of history are huge events.When Angel Gabriel visited Mary to announce her that even though she has not been with a man yet, she is pregnant carrying God’s son, it changed everything. Thus, Gabriel is a name that is so significant in the Christian world and is celebrated as one of the most original December baby names. The meaning of Gabriel is God is my strength and as you can probably imagine it has Hebrew origin. The female version of this joyful name has three different spelling variations: Gabriela, Gabriella and Gabrielle.

Jasper: one of the three Magi that visited Jesus Christ to pay his respect carried the name Kaspar, which means treasure bringer. Jasper is the modern variation of the name of the King who brought one of the exclusive and expensive gifts, frankincense. The other two were gold and myrrh. The name Jasper means spotted or speckled stone and has Greek origin as it derives from the Greek feminine noun iaspis which is a semi-precious stone.

Joseph: the father of Jesus Christ who helped Mary find a safe place to give birth. Joseph is a religious name of Hebrew origin that means may God give. As expected, many December baby names are related to Christmas and this one is directly related with our Lord Jesus Christ. The name’s meaning is a wonderful blessing that increases the chances of giving your baby boy a life full of abundance and wealth. According to the Old Testament, Joseph was the young son who was sold by his cruel brothers and became a slave for many years in Egypt. He never lost hope though and continued to pray to God to forgive his brothers. He had a big heart and unlimited love for his family. And guess what, God rewarded him by giving him more powers than any one else in Egypt. He became second only to the King, as his only trusted advisor who could interpret his dreams and save the country from famine. An amazing story of faith and love that could give your December baby an amazing lesson that will follow him in his entire life.

Noel / Noelle: belongs to the December baby names that state the obvious (if you are French): born on Christmas day. It’s ideal for baby boys or baby girls who had the super luck to be born on December 25th, even though some may suggest that it’s actually not so good occasion as you won’t get two separate presents but only one. On the other hand, nobody will ever ever forget to tell you happy birthday!

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Snowden: when you think December, you have images from your innocent childhood when you were building snowmen with not so much worries in your head. You might have grown up a little bit since then. We hope not so much! The secret to remain happy in your life is to never grow up. Especially in a world full of spies, conspiracies and secret intelligent that has bugs everywhere. Edward Snowden unfortunately gave this snow-related December baby name a new CIA twist with his whistle blowing case and the mystery that still surrounds the ex-spy life in Moscow. We do hope that once this is all forgotten, Snowden will get back his original cheerful image.

Stella: you are a star. No seriously, Stella means star in Latin. How wonderful to name your baby girl after a bright star that was risen up in the sky in order to guide the legendary Three Kings all the way from the East to Nazaret where Jesus Christ was born. That special celestial symbol is also leading the pack of cute December baby names, as it remains widely popular among parents. It currently enjoys a hot spot in the top 100 baby names according to SSA.

Wynter: rare spelling variation of Wynter. Hold your horses, it’s not a sign that someone can’t spell even the simplest word, it’s a sign of being unique. If you like to make a difference, you can choose Wynter as a name for your baby boy or baby girl. Since Game of Thrones quote “winter is coming” is oh-so popular these days, this pretty unisex baby month inspired by December will have no trouble fitting in.

Yule: we touched upon the Winter Solstice a bit earlier, however it’s now time to go a bit deeper. Yule is a unisex baby name of English origin which represents a great cultural event fuelled by the fact that it’s the longest night of the year. Countless folklore tales and myths related to Yule can be found around the world as people gather in festivals and multicultural rituals known as Observances. Since Yule marks the starting point of days becoming longer, its a universal sign of hope. It was used as a mystic symbol that represented the ultimate truth that the night is darker before the dawn, but in the end, the power of the sun that shines conquers. Great lessons to be taught here for your son or daughter when they grow up and start to question everything trying to understand the true meaning of life.

That’s the end of our December baby names list, a special festive Christmas post! Hope you liked them all and you had the chance to discover new, rare and unique December baby names that you go beyond Christmas and the obvious religious links. God bless and merry Christmas to you all!

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  1. Megan says:

    While I love this list I would like to point out that Joseph is not the father of Jesus Christ. He is Mary’s husband. :)

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Megan, thanks for pointing out. You are right in the sense that Joseph is not Jesus Christ’s biological father, but he raised Jesus like his son as one family.

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