Easter Baby Names

Easter baby names are dedicated to one of the largest Christian celebration, second only to Christmas. Discover unique names for girls and boys that are linked with Easter! Having a baby in April or May has a good chance that it will be born around Easter. So it’s only natural that you are thinking of giving your son or daughter one of the following Easter baby names to highlight this fact.

Easter baby names are an amazing way to show your religious feelings and devotion to God. You are lucky you have plenty of choices, from the very obvious ones to the lesser known. There are some really cool and rare Easter baby names that mean resurrection or immortality, concepts that are directly associated with Jesus Christ rising from the dead. This is exactly the center piece of the entire Christian dogma. Son of God Jesus did for the sins of all human beings and then defeated death by rising and going back to His father, sitting next to him in Heaven.

The glory of the Jesus resurrection is told once every year, however Easter baby names can be a constant reminder of God’s endless love all year long.

Easter Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Acacia: a plant which is best known as a symbol of immortality, is one of the most suitable Easter baby names inspired by nature. Even though it’s not directly linked with religion, Acacia has always been a symbol of resurrection across cultures. For centuries, Acacia represented the mystical path from death to life. The name has Greek origin and the literal meaning of Acacia is thorny. As a flower, it can be described as a plant of white and yellow blossoms that belong to the Fabaceae family. An early botanist in Greece discovered the plant’s medicinal attributes that can fight a lot of diseases. We honor Acacia with the triple A+++ Easter baby names rating as it has three A’s that stand in perfect harmony: one in the beginning, one in the middle and one in the end. A perfect melody to anyone who calls this beautiful girl name.

Easter Baby Names for Boys and Girls
Anastasia: carrying on with the Easter baby names of Greek origin, we can find yet another girl name that means resurrection. Anastasia is the female form of the masculine name Anastasios which derives from the Greek word anastasi that means to rise from the dead. Though it used to be considered a traditional Russian royal name, it no longer carries this burden. On the contrary, Anastasia is rising in popularity in US and has risen all the way up to the top 350 baby names. Anastasia was immortalized by the son of Russia’s last czar who was “lost”. Her story was later told in countless books and poems. Anastasia instantly became a name synonymous with enigma. Read the book

Birch: and now it’s time for some Easter baby names for boys. Birch is a lovely tree name that brings into mind strong and tall forests. It’s a nature boy name that is rare and unique. It is considered the national tree of Russia as people worshiped it as a goddess. Birch also carries a certain has spiritual importance linked with renewal in many cultures around the world. Since birch is adaptive it can sustain harsh weather conditions, people associated with stability and growth. In Gaelic mythology, Birch was a symbol of returning from the grave. A name with such a meaning has every right to appear next to the other more popular Easter baby names.

Easter: in case you don’t know the full etymology of the word, Easter derives from the German goddess Eostre. As day-naming tradition was winning ground, more and more parents chose this straight forward name for babies that were born on Easter Sunday. However, modern parents have moved away from this festive name. Compared to Christmas, it’s even less popular. That said, we have seen some characters on TV named Easter, for example Jasmine Guy’s role in the miniseries Queen.

Pascal: the Greek word for Easter is Pascha. This is the root of the French boy name Pascal. If you aspire to see your baby boy grow up to be a scientist, Pascal might be just what you were looking for. Thanks to the mathematician and physicist Blaise Pascal, the name has been associated with science and inventions. If your hubby is a bit of a geek, we are sure that it will be his favorite choice among all the other Easter baby names as there is a programming language called Pascal. The early programmers wanted to honor Pascal for inventing the first mechanical calculator that also helped introduce the probability theory.

Pascoe: if you are looking for a contemporary alternative of Pascal, you can opt in for the fresh unisex baby name Pascoe. This English and Cornish variation of Pascale brings a whole new flavor to the old fashioned name. You can also find some interesting spelling variations like Pascow or Pasco that qualify as modern Easter baby names destined for cool boys and girls.

Renato: an elegant and exotic choice for parents who are looking for alternative Easter baby names. Renato derives from the Latin name Renatus which means born again. Of course this is not a literal meaning, but only spiritual. Christian faith is based on the fact that those who believe in Jesus can be baptized and reborn as new beings. Their old self has died and a new person has come into life, this time without the burden of sin. The Catholic church highlights the importance of baptism by celebrating St. Renatus in October. But even before Jesus Christ was born, Renatus was the designation of Roman officials and soldiers initiated in the ancient religion of Persian Mithraism.

Renata: here in BabyNamesLog.com we are dedicated in bringing you all sides of each name’s origin, so that you have all the data in front of you. Before you make this important decision of naming your baby, you need to go deep in history and explore different aspects of each culture to ensure you have captured the entire picture. Renata is not only the female version of Renato, but also a masculine name that comes from Leonard in New Zealand Maori tradition. See pictures of Prince William and his wife Kate Middleton greeted by bare bottomed traditional Maori dancers during their royal tour.

Easter Baby Names for Boys and Girls
Renee: thanks to Academy award winner for the movie Cold Mountain, actress Renée Zellweger, the name made an amazing come back and can now be found within the top 1000 baby names. Renée is the feminine version of René. According to French grammar, whenever you add an extra –e to the end of a name, you make it feminine.

Did you like our list of Easter baby names? Are you having a baby boy or baby girl around the Easter celebration? If you are, then let us know if you are considering one of these beautiful Easter baby names or if you need more suggestions. We’ll be happy to help you with more research just for you!

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