Egg Donation – Trying to Conceive a Baby

Egg donation is is ideal for women that, for many different reasons, cannot produce eggs. If you are trying to conceive a baby, egg donation is one of the most popular fertility treatments you can consider. You don’t have to worry about the fertility treatment costs at this stage since there is a number of different options for you. In fact, the last few years the cost fertility has decreased significantly which means that more and more couples can hope that one day can have the baby of their own and get the family that they have dreamed.

Egg donation is a very effective process for a wide range of cases. The couples that should consider egg donation are the following:

– Couples that have passed a certain age. Egg donation is ideal for women that are over 45 years old. In some cases these women might have already hit their menopause and are no longer capable of having a baby. If you are in this age group and thinking of egg donation because you are trying to conceive, then you are in the right place.

– Couples that failed in trying to conceive a baby with assisted reproduction methods such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) or Intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI).

– Cases where women have early menopause. There are some extreme cases where menopause comes at such an early stage at the life of women that they are still too young to consider getting married, let along conceive a baby. These women might need egg donation since they suffer from what is known as premature menopause or ovarian failure.

– Not having a great response to ovarian stimulation. Unfortunately, this is true for many women who are looking for egg donation in order to conceive a baby.

– Surgical procedures which affected the ovaries. For example, if there was cancer in the ovaries and the woman had to remove them in order to save her life, the egg donation method is the only way that can give the gift of motherhood back to these women.

egg donation
– Turner’s syndrome is basically the condition of under-developed ovaries. These women might want to consider egg donation to boost fertility and overcome the syndrome.

– Various diseases such as gonad dysgenesia or genetic disorders like muscular dystrophy that prevent women from conceiving a baby. Egg donation can be a fantastic alternative in helping these couples get the results they wished for. And speaking about results, let’s have a closer look on the egg donation success rate in order to get the facts straight.

Egg Donation Pregnancy rate

The success rate of egg donation in trying to conceive a baby is often higher than 50%. You really need to do some serious research before you decide which fertility clinic to visit, as there are many factors that must be analyzed. Some egg donation clinics will promote higher than normal pregnancy rate because they really want to attract more couples. However, if you see egg donation success rate more than 70%, think again. This is probably not true and you need to be wondering why this fertility clinic is advertising such a high success rate. It’s better to play safe and ask for a second or even a third opinion on the matter. You don’t want to get disappointed at a later stage, egg donation is not a game.

Egg Donation Books

If you are trying to conceive a baby, you might want to check out Ellen Sarasohn Glazer’s amazing book: Having Your Baby Through Egg Donation. She provides all the necessary information that will guide you through the difficult egg donation process. It will answer all your questions about fertility and help you in ways that you haven’t thought before. It’s highly recommended from all of us here in Baby Names Log:

We will keep updating the egg donation post because we understand that it’s a huge topic which is not easily addressed. As with baby names research, we are constantly looking for new information about egg donation in order to provide you with the most up to date data related to trying to conceive a baby. Our vision is to be able one day to give you the opportunity to come back to Baby Names Log in order to search for your ideal baby name! Yes, that’s right, for the baby that you will have in your bum. We hope this dream will come true and we wish you all the best!

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  1. jennifer thomas says:

    Increasing fertility is possibly the best way leading towards a successful pregnancy. There are so many natural methods that will help increasing your chance to get pregnant, such as; sex position, the best timing for having sex, and much more. Make your effort is to be more effective than before.

  2. Yavonda says:

    We were blessed with 2 beautiful babies thanks to the genorsity of a loving young lady who donated her eggs. We will forever pray for her whoever she is…

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Yavonda, God bless you and your family. By the way, your name is really unique, I’m wondering what names did you give to your 2 beautiful babies?

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