Elegant Baby Boy Names

Our elegant baby boy names are a living testament of luxury and abundance. Get an amazing inspiration for fantastic boy names that are full of wealthy references and aristocratic background. Without being snobby, these elegant baby boy names manage to be different by bringing up the best of the best. The crem de la crem of baby names is here and demands your full attention!

Our experts did a fine job to bring out the most exclusive names, inspired by history and mythology. Coming from various countries around the world, from great civilizations like Greece to other smaller countries that are known for their wealth, like Luxembourg. Dukes and Kings, high flyers and fashion lovers, entrepreneurs and strong people, all in the mix to provide the most elegant baby boy names list you will ever find!

Elegant Baby Boy Names

Albert: we start with a classic aristocratic name that was often used in upper class families. Albert is still one of the most elegant baby boy names that bring so much of that old charm today. Backed with so many famous people named Albert, with the most notable being the 20th century top scientist Albert Einstein, your baby boy will be destined to be a genius. The name derives from Adelbracht, a German combination of two words. “Adel” means noble and “berht” that has the meaning of bright.

Elegant Baby Boy Names
Alistair: defending people was always reserved for heroic people who could be found among the highest ranks of society. That’s why we included Alistair in our elegant baby boy names list. The meaning of this Old English name is defender of people and it was associated with aristocrats. You can benefit from the multiple spelling variations of this name and go with either Alastair or Alasdair which is closer to the Scottish language. If you are looking for celebrity endorsement, you will find that British rock star Rod Stewart named his son Alistair.

Aristide: a rare variation of the Greek name Aristides. He was one of the most noble men in ancient Greeks, famous for being one of the finest philosophers. His name derived from the combination of two words. “Aristos” meant being best in whatever it is you do, and “eidos” which has the meaning of figure or form. The French variation adds extra sophistication to Aristide making it one of the most unique and elegant baby boy names of the recent years.

Emrys: a rare Welsh name for boys that derives from Ambrose. Emrys is the offbeat choice for parents who are looking for elegant baby boy names that add a sense of long heritage. Emrys means immortal, so it’s ideal for building a line of generations that will go deep in history. A not so common variation of Ambrose, the flower of immortality that was used in many cultures and rituals, Emrys was also given as an epithet of Merlin Ambrosius, the great Wizard Myrddin Emrys. It is much more attractive than other popular Welsh choices like Evan, Griffin and Dylan.

Henri: elegant baby boy names are usually inspired by royalty. What’s better than naming your beloved son after the Grand Duke of Luxembourg, Henri? You will set an unprecedented height of power and respect as Henri is after all the name of the head of a very wealthy state. Luxembourg might be small, but its unique position in the heart of Europe makes it ideal for banks and companies to have their head quarters there. Luxembourg also has the highest rate of wealthy people in Europe and it’s home to the most powerful financial institutions. The leader of such state can only be elegant and powerful too. This is indeed a no risk investment to the future of your baby boy!

Kipton: another uncommon idea for elegant baby boy names that will surprise your son’s friends every time they hear it. Thanks to Kipton Cronkite, the Founder & Creative Director of KiptonART this name has been linked to fine art and higher form of expression. Renowned artists around the world can use Kipton’s platform to exhibit their exclusive work and use it as a medium of connecting exquisite art with luxury collectors. A name like that is surely refined and will be known for it’s aesthetic supremacy over popular baby names 2014.

Lysander: an ancient Greek name that means liberator. It derives from Lysandros, the ferocious Spartan naval commander who was famous for his glorious victories. Historians describe Lysander as a tough but inspirational leader who could crash his enemies like flies. As Lysander shares the same meaning with Alexander, it can be a unique alternative to a more common name Alex which is now considered over used. Lysander is very popular in upper class town districts like Chelsea and Mayfair of London, UK. Why not migrate it in other parts of this world? It’s certainly a great idea!

Mills: being appointed as a knight from the Queen is not an easy task. It doesn’t happen everyday and not everyone achieves such a noble gesture for his contribution to arts. Sir John Mills had this unique privilege since he was a brilliant British actor whose career spanned in decades. His amazing performance and countless awards added the prestigious “Sir” in front of his name. And that’s the key take away here. If you decide to name your baby boy Mills, you give him a head start among competition for the top spots in everything. Mills is a true aristocratic name and deserves to be in an honorable place among the other elegant baby boy names.

Oswald: the meaning of this English name is God’s rule. Oswald represents the divine power that gives the authority to rule this world. This authority is usually associated with Kings and Queens, as their divine power is not questioned by any one. Oswald is one of the most elegant baby names that are both inspirational and strong. It will lead your baby boy in forging a confident character who knows what he wants and works hard to get it.

Sutton: let’s have a look in elegant baby boy names that can also be given to girls. We know that parents love unisex baby names, so we always try to include at least one of them in our male / female collections. The meaning of Sutton is from the southern homestead and its origin is English. Thanks to Sutton Place, the famous ritzy New York neighborhood located in the Upper East Side of Manhattan, the name is linked to abundance and taste. Home of the wealthy cosmopolitans, Sutton can be a leader in business and can boost your baby boy’s confidence significantly.

Elegant Baby Boy Names
Winslow: a name that combines of two English words. The prefix Win- is suitable for baby boys who are born winners and have all the inner strength to realize their dreams. The ending -Slow adds the luxury of time in this Victorian name. No matter how much money you have, time is the most valuable asset of them all. Simply because you can’t buy time or replace lost time. So taking things slow is indeed a luxury for our modern society.
The actual meaning of Winslow is burial mound or friend’s hill.

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