Elegant Baby Girl Names

Are you looking for a tasteful and smart choice for your girl’s name? Check out these elegant baby girl names and get a cultivated inspiration! We have found the most graceful and refined baby names for girls you could possibly think. Our experts searched for names that had a special connection with fashion, style, wealth and abundance. All these elements that makes someone elegant, if you combine them with taste of course.

Elegant baby girl names are inspired by famous actresses of the golden Hollywood era or from royal families that held power and respect. Some Victorian names were also chosen due to the luxury this period was associated with. We included French, Italian and Greek names so that we add an international flavour. After all, part of being elegant is won by travelling around the world and learning more about different cultures. That’s what makes a sophisticated person and surely a name can help to boost this artistic and dignified aura.

Elegant Baby Girl Names

Audrey: an old English name that means noble strength. Audrey has enjoyed a spike in popularity since it reminds parents the glamour of the good old days in Hollywood. It’s now sitting comfortably at the #32 spot of popular baby names 2014 and it’s not without good reason. First of all Audrey is as radiant as the talented English actor Audrey Hepburn who is internationally recognised as a fashion icon. She was an A-list celebrity during the golden years of Hollywood. Who can forget the iconic 1961 movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s? Audrey’s picture is instantly recognisable everywhere around the world and she has become a synonym of class and style. A perfect role model for your charming daughter!

Elegant Baby Girl Names

Babette: the French version of Elizabeth is an aesthetic suggestion for parents who dream their daughter to be a top actress one day. Think of Elizabeth Taylor of 2030. That’s right, why not? You never know how life is going to be. Choosing Babette as one of the most elegant baby girl names will help your daughter pursue her dream and find happiness. The true meaning of Babette is promise of God and comes from the Hebrew language.

Cordelia: Celtic girl names like Cordelia have a touch of refined and tasteful image. Thanks to King Lear’s lovely daughter, Cordelia is first and foremost associated with royalty. Thus, it’s a choice that has a passport to the upper class of baby names. It’s one of these elegant baby girl names that modern parents are looking for when they search for vintage names that are cool again. Cora is a sympathetic short version that can also be a hit. The list of diminutives goes on with the likes of Delia or just Lia, it’s up to you to decide which one is perfect for your taste.

Corinne: France has a long tradition as a great source of elegant baby names due to its long history of culture and superior quality in all its products and services. Corinne might not be an original French name as it derives from the Greek name Korinna. But this French version of the old fashioned name can be proof of elegant parents who have done their homework before they choose a name for their beautiful baby girl. A classy choice from the 30’s that means maiden can be found in the top 750 baby names in US.

Edwina: the female version of the sophisticated English name Edwin. The meaning of Edwina is prosperous friend, and let’s be honest here. Who doesn’t want to have wealthy friends around him? That’s the reason why included Edwina in this list of elegant baby girl names. Edwina builds it’s mauve image as a non-vintage name who doesn’t only drink with her friends as a classy woman, but she is also active and energetic. The name was particularly popular in the late 40’s when it climbed as high as #378 and it’s now destined for a come back along with other names of that era, like Matilda and Josephine, which are cool again.

Elspeth: a Hebrew baby name that derives from Elisheba. The meaning of this elegant baby girl name is oath of God. Some other baby name experts suggest that it means God is satisfaction or My God is bountiful. This concept of plenty qualifies Elspeth for this list of elegant baby girl names, as it’s surrounded by an air of luxury and abundance.

Miranda: the great mind of Shakespeare gave birth in dozens of elegant baby girl names. Among them, you will find a truly poetic choice in the Tempest: Miranda. She was the dynamic young heroine who was shimmeringly lovely and admired by all her friends. Don’t you just want to pass these amazing attributes to your daughter? This Latin name could be a great alternative to Amanda since they share the same ending. Miranda was one of these elegant baby girl names that made it to the long list of James Bond girls, in Die Another Day (released in 2002) played by stunning actress Halle Berry.

Nerissa: are you looking for a fresh alternative to the over used Melissa? Just change the first letter and you get one of the most offbeat elegant baby girl names. Nerissa has Greek origin and its meaning is from the sea. It’s a name that can be found in the royal British family as Queen Elizabeth has a cousin named Nerissa. Do you need any more proof than that to consider as an elegant and sophisticated choice for your daughter?

Sarah: the Bible has an amazing wealth of elegant baby girl names since it’s full of stories of kings and queens. Sarah is a favorite among parents who like no nonsense girl names with an elegant meaning. Sarah means princess in Hebrew, and if you can find a mom or dad who doesn’t think of their lovely baby girl as a little princess, you will win the lottery! This timeless classic has not been touched by age as the baby name charts reveal. It’ still one of the top 50 most popular baby names in the US. To bring this into perspective, there are almost 5,000 Sarahs born every year. Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker, known from her role in Sex and the City (get the collector’s DVD gift set now!), is one more reason why we couldn’t leave Sarah out of our elegant baby girl names list.

Elegant Baby Girl Names

Sybil: a cute girl name of Greek origin that means prophetess. Many variations of this name appear to have the same meaning, the oracle who was capable of foreseeing the future. Sybil had also the magic ability to read and interpret the will of the Gods, thus being a very powerful ally of every King. The reason we put Sybil in the elegant baby girl names list is because of Lady Sybil from Downton Abbey, the successful TV series that tells the story of the upper class English noble men and women living in the Victorian age. Sybil was very popular between 1920-1930 but since was kind of forgotten. We strongly feel that it’s time for revival either as Sybil, Cybele or even Cybill (a combination of the names Cy and Bill).

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