English Baby Names for Girls and Boys – A

A lot of English baby names start with the letter A so this list might be longer than the rest! Get ready to find out name meanings and name ideas for your beloved baby, a name that will strike out, a name that your baby will thank you in the future! This list is dedicated to names with English origin and each name have the meaning beside it. You will also find celebrity names next to each name, names that will inspire you, both unusual and popular names!

Are you ready for the most comprehensive list of English baby names along with their name meaning and baby name origin? Let’s go!

English Baby Names for Girls and Boys that start with the letter A

Abbey: one of the truly English baby names. Its meaning is nunnbery.

Abbie or Abby: this traditional English baby name means the joy of the father

Abbott: the father of Abbey, see name meaning above

Abe: though it has Hebrew roots (from Abraham), this english baby name means the father of Nations

Unique Baby Names 2014 For Girls

Acton: From the oak tree settlement

Adair: English baby names have often different spelling. Adair means noble spear

Addie: Diminutive form of names beginning with Ad-

Addison: Child of Adam

Adeline: Noble

Adelyn: Woman of Magdala

Adie: Noble

Adrianne: Of the Adriatic

Africa: from Africa

Afton: From Affa’s settlement

English Baby Names that start with A
Aggie: Virtuous, good

Aidric: Blessed Ruler

Aiken: Little Adam

Ainsley or Ainslie: Person from Annesley or Ansley, England

Aithley: Born in a Garden

Aj: Combination of letters A and J

Al: represents a short for all English baby names that start with Al (examples: Al Gore, politician. Al Hirt, musician. “Weird” Al Yankovic, satirist songwriter)

Alair: Cheerful/Merry

Alan: Little Rock

Alastair: Defender of the People

Alberta: Noble and bright (girls name)

Albion: White Land – Great Britain

Alchemy: Medieval Chemistry

Aldan: Old, Wise

Alden: Half Danish

Aldis: From the old house

Alec: Defender of the People

Alecia: Of a noble kin

Alethea: Truth (Greek name)

Alex: Defender of the People

Alf: Noble peace

Alfie or Alfred: Counselor

Algernon: With A Moustache (From a medieval Norman French nickname)

Alice or Alicia: Of a noble kin

Alick: Defender of the People

Alisa: Form of Alicia or Elisa

Alison: Son of the Noble One

Alissa: belongs to the English baby names that mean Of Noble Kin

Baby Names 2014 – Top Boy Names & Meanings

Allan or Allen: Little rock

Allard: Noble and bold

Allie: represents a short version for all English baby names that start with Al.

Ally: Friend, Partner

Allyson: Little Alice

Alphege: Elf high

Alston: Elf stone

Alton: Old Town

Alvar: Elf Warrior

Alvis: Elf Wise

Alyson: little Alice (in Wonderland!)

Amber: Fossilized Tree Resin or Color Orange/Red

Amery: Work rule

Amity: Friendship

Amory: Home Ruler

Anders or Anderson: Son of Andrew

Andie or Andy: Manly

Angela or Angie: Messenger of God

Anise: Spice

Anjanette: God is Gracious

Annabel or Annabella or Annabelle: From Anna and Bella

Annice: Pure

Annie: Gracious, merciful

Annis: it’s one of many English baby names that mean Pure

Annissa: Combination of Ann and Alissa

Annmarie: Combination of Ann and Marie

Annot: Gracious, merciful

Ansley: From the Hermitage Field

Anson: Son of Ann

Antonie: Of unknown meaning

Apple: The Apple Fruit

Aquamarine: Beryl Gemstone

Arabella or Arabelle: Beautiful Lion

Arabia: Person from Arabic Region

Aragorn: Royal zeal

Araminta: Combination of Arabella and Aminta

Arathorn: Royal eagle

Arbela: Four gods

Arch: Diminutive of the name Archer or Archibald

Top Baby Names 2014

Archer: is the person who throws with a bow

Archibald: the truly fearless person, someone who is extremely bold

Archwood: Trees forming Arches

Arden: From the eagle valley

Argyle: From Argyll, Scotland

Arnie: Eagle power

Art: Bear

Arwen: Royal maiden

Ash: From the Ash Tree

Ashby: Ash Tree Farm

Ashford: By the ash-tree ford

Ashland: Land of Ash

Ashleigh or Ashley: From the ash tree field

Ashlyn: Combination of Ashley and Lynn

Ashton: Ash tree town (Celebrity name: Ashton Kutcher)

Ashtyn: Ash tree town

Aster: Star

Aston: Noble stone

Astor: Hawk

Astoria: Like a Hawk

Astrella: Star

Atherton: From Athelhere’s town

Unique Boy Names 2014

Atlee: Lives Near the Woods

Atticus: Father-like

Aubrey: Noble ruler

Auden: Half Danish

Audrey: Noble Strength

Audrianna: Noble Strength, Gracious

Audrina: Diminutive form of Audrey

August or Augusta: Great


Austin: Great

Avalyn: Beautiful Bird

Avelyn: See Evelyn or Aveline

Avery: Elf Ruler

Avice or Avis: Refuge in Battle

Avonlea: Field near the River

Axton: From the ash town

Baby Girl Names 2014

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