English Baby Names for Girls and Boys – C

English Baby names that start with C are not as popular as the ones that start with A but still some of them can be found on the top charts of baby names! Catherine and Charlie are among the English baby names that really stand out from this list as they became really popular through the years.

Parents seem to love these names as they are simple and acceptable by everyone, so it’s a safe choice for their babies. However, some parents choose to go a bit off-track and choose names that are not so common, like Christmas (everyone would love that!) or Cyprus (which is a European country country).

It doesn’t really matter what you chose in the end, all English baby names are nice and intriguing, cool and bold, safe and shiny! Here’s the complete list for you to go through, checking the name meaning and the celebrity name that is known.

English Baby Names that start with the letter C

Cade: Stout, sturdy.

Caimbrie: one of the traditional English baby names that means from Wales.

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Cal: Short form of names beginning with Cal, see a full list below

English Baby Names for Girls and Boys that start with C
Caldwell: From the cold stream

Caledon: Tough People

Caley: From the jackdaw clearing

Calico: Type of cloth

Camber: Originally an English surname indicating a family from Cambria (Wales)

Camden: From the valley of the Camps, also a famous London district known for its Gothic style

Camdyn: From the valley of the camps

Candace: Queen of Ethiopia

Cane: one of the oldest English baby names that mean stalk of sugar.

Cannan: Wolf Cub or Son of Cain

Cannon: Clergyman, not to be confused with the computer manufacturer company Cannon, known for its digital cameras

Canon: Clergyman

English Baby Names for Girls and Boys that start with C
Canyon: A large ravine, Grand Canyon is probably most known as the steep-sided canyon carved by the Colorado River in the United States in the state of Arizona.

Cappy: other name for Captain

Caractacus: Character, Eccentric

Carleigh: Feminine form of Charles

Carlen: Descendant of Charles

Carlton: From the town of the free men

Carman: man

Carnation: Type of flower

Carol: Form of Charles

Carolyn: Little womanly one, celebrity name for Carolyn Hax, Carolyn Brown, Carolyn Jones, Carolyn Myss and Carolyn Bessette

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Carrington: Town of the Marsh

Carter: Driver of a Cart

Carver: wood carver

Cary: among the inspirational English baby names that means pure. It’s a name for many celebrities such as Hollywood actor Cary Grant, Cary Elwes and Cary Williams.

Case: a case maker

Cash: Maker of chests, celebrity surname for Johnny Cash

Cashlin: vain

Caspian: Of the Caspy People

Cassie: Diminutive form of Cassandra

Cat or Cate: Diminutive form of Catherine

baby names catherine zeta jonesCatherine: originated from the Greek Αικατερίνη Aikaterinē it was in reference to Saint Catherine of Alexandria. Celebrity name for Catherine Zeta Jones and Catherine Giudici.

Catlin: pure

Catlyn: Form of Caitlyn

Causer: One who makes Leggings

Cecil (boy) or Cecily (girl): Blind to One’s Own Beauty

Cedric: Created Name

Celandine: flower

Celtic: Of the Celtic people

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Cenedra: Fantasy name

Chad or Chadwick: From the Warrior’s Town

Chainey: Oak Grove

Chance: Fortune, luck

Chancellor: Keeper of Records

Chandler: Candle Maker

Change: Dweller from the Market

Channer: wise

Channing: From the place of Cana’s people.

Channon: part of the old English baby names that means clergyman.

Chantry: Singing of the mass

Charity: Giving, Kindness

Charleen or Charlene: Free Person, celebrity name for Charleene Closshey who is a former fitness instructor

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Charleston: Town of King Charles

Charley: Free Man, a popular name for celebrities such as Charley Harper, Charley Chase, Charley Stevens and Charley Chan

baby names charlieCharlie: Free Man.Charles Francis “Charlie” Harper is a fictional character in the CBS sitcom Two and a Half Men from seasons 1 to 8. Played by actor Charlie Sheen

Charlotte: Free

Charlton: From the town of the free men

Charmaine: Charm

Chars or Chaz: Free man

Chas: Free man

Chase: Hunter. Larry King named his child Chase.

Chastity: Purity

Chauncey: Chancellor

Chay: Diminutive form of Charles

Chaylse or Chelsa or Chelsea or Chelsey: Port for chalk or limestone, or alternatively port of ships. Celebrity name of Chelsey Crisp and Chelsey Mac but also name of the popular English football team.

Cherish: Care for, Honor, Love

Chester: A Fortress, Camp

Chet: Diminutive form of Chester

Cheyne: From the oak grove

Chick: Diminutive form of Charles

Chill: Diminutive form of Chilton

Chilton: belongs to the family of English baby names related to places. Chilton means a town By the River

China: From the country of China, doh!

Chip: Diminutive form of Charles

Chrissy: Diminutive form of Christina

Christa: Christ-Bearer

Christian (boy) or Christiana or Christina or Christine (all girl names): Follower of Christ. Celebrity name for the singer Christina Aguilera and the designer of shoes Christian Louboutin.

Christmas: who doesn’t know the meaning of Christmas, the day that all Christianity celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Yes, it’s a name too!

Christy: Diminutive form of Christine

Chyna: From China

Cicely or Cicily: Blind of Self Beauty

Cinderella: Girl by the Cinders

Cissy: Diminutive form of Cecilia

Clare: Illustrious, celebrity name for Clare Bowen who is an American actress known for her role in Nashville.

Clarence: British title

Clarice: Illustrious

Clarinda: Beautiful, Clear

Clark or Clarke: Clerk

Clay: mortal, as in all men are made of clay

Clayland: from the name Clayton, see below for meaning

Clayne: Town Near Clay Land

Clayton: From the town on Clay land

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Cleavant: A Steep Bank

Cleave: From the name Cleavon, see below for meaning

Cleavon: From the name Cleavant, see above for meaning (just to make it more fun for you!)

Clem: Diminutive form of Clement

Clematis: Flower name. Clematis is a genus of about 300 species within the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. Their garden hybrids have been popular among gardeners, beginning with Clematis and jackmanii

Clemency: Mercy

Clement: Gentle, Merciful

Clementine: Feminine form of Clement, see above name

Cleveland: From the hilly land

Cliff: Diminutive form of Clifford, see below name

Clifford: From the cliff ford

Clifton: From a Town near a Cliff

Clint: Diminutive form of Clinton, see below name

Clinton: Town on a Hill, best known for the surname of the former American President Bill Clinton

Clive: Cliff Dweller

Clorinda: Combination of Clora and -inda

Clover: Meadow Flower

Cody: Descendant of Oda

Coe: Jackdaw Bird

Colby: From Koli’s farm

Cole: Victory of the People

Coleman or Colman: Dove/Charcoal burner

baby names colinColin: Diminutive form of Nicholas, popular name among celebrities such as Colin Farrell and Colin Morgan, but also on a more serious note, Colin Powell the American statesman and retired four-star general in the United States Army gives power and respect to the name.

Collier: Coal Miner

Collin: another version of the name Colin, not used so much these days.

Colony: Group of People

Colton: Cole’s Town

Columbine: Flower name or a dove

Comfort: the sense of physical or psychological ease, often characterized as a lack of hardship

Connie: Diminutive form of Constance

Conrad: Bold Counsel

Conroy: Detachment of troops

Consolation: name that shows comfort received by a person after a loss or disappointment

Constance: Constant

Cookie: Sweet Biscuit

Cooper: Barrel Maker

Coral: Reef formation

Corbett or Corbin: Raven

Corby: From Corc’s farm

Cordelia: a feminine given name, popularly associated with the Latin prefix cor- which means “heart”.

Cordell: Rope Maker

Corin: spear

Cork: Bark of Oak Tree

Corliss: Happy, Free from Care

Cornell: From Cornhill, Cornwell or Cornelius

Cort: Bold or Short

Cosmo: In the general sense, cosmo is an orderly or harmonious system. The word derives from the Greek term κόσμος (kosmos), literally meaning order. However, it is wider known as the short name for cosmopolitan, the cocktail made with vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice, and freshly squeezed lime juice.

Cotton: a soft, fluffy staple fiber that grows in a boll, or protective capsule, around the seeds of cotton plants of the genus Gossypium

Courtland: Land of the Court

Courtney or courteney: A French Dynasty Name, celebrity Courtney Love and Courtney Cox (best known for her role as Monica Geller from Friends)

Coy or Coye: Quiet, still

Crane: Long-necked Bird

baby names crawfordCrawford: a Scottish placename which means From The Crow Ford, celebrity surname Cynthia Ann “Cindy” Crawford (born February 20, 1966) an American supermodel known for her trademark mole just above her lip.

Creda: Faith

Creighton: Town near rocks

Crescent: In art and symbolism, a crescent is generally the shape produced when a circular disk has a segment of another circle removed from its edge

Crew: A group of People, popular hip-hop slang used in street language

Crimson: Dark Red Color

Cristy: Diminutive form of Cristina, a variant of Christian (Latin), and the meaning of Cristy is “follower of Christ”.

Crosby: Settlement by the Cross

Culver: Dove

Cuthbert: Brilliant

Cutler: Knife Maker

Cutter: Gem Cutter

Cwen: Queen

Cyanne: Graceful, Lordly

Cybele: She of the hair, an originally Anatolian mother goddess

Cyprus: Type of tree and a European country which is an island at the Mediterranean Sea

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