Exotic Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Exotic baby names  combine tropical sounds with a tribal touch. Ethnic origins influence their strong natural style. Dive in an ocean of adventure with these exotic girl names! Their origin is from distant places, remote islands and far away destinations. You always wanted to take a year off and visit the heavenly view of a crystal clear beach. Why don’t you welcome the peace and tranquility of exotic baby names giving the same concepts as a precious gift to your baby girl? She will be remembered as the cute girl that had a unique name that meant something very cool and comes from an insanely beautiful place.

Exotic baby names will travel you in a mind blowing trip to places that are far from touristic. Their origin is hidden in the desert or remote islands that only the brave have managed to visit. Exotic baby names take a one step further in the search of unique names that have nothing in common with the usual choices back home. We couldn’t settle with the likes of Aloha and other over used exotic baby names. We wanted something more. Deep inside, we knew that such rich cultural background cannot be limited in only a handful of names we keep hearing again and again in US. Our team of baby name experts took some time off to think out of the box and present a rare collection of the crème de la crème of exotic baby names for girls.

Here’s the results. We are really proud of it and hope you like it too!

Exotic Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Keona: if you are looking for a religious yet not necessarily Biblical girl name, Keona might be the answer to your prayers. The meaning of this rare name is God’s Gracious Gift and it’s origin is from Polynesia. Exotic baby names associated with divine nature are common since the tough conditions in which survival was top priority lead people build a closer relationship with God in order to find shelter and ask for protection. Keona is a sweet, yet confident name that can bring prosperity to your baby girl.

Exotic Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Leilani: a musical name that comes from Hawaii and has both a devine and natural meaning. Leilani stands for heavenly flower and it belongs to the exotic baby names that appeal to eco-concious parents that are close to mother Earth. It brings memories of tranquil island escapes and the most memorable holidays ever.

Maha: some parents think that exotic baby names are too complicated or hard to pronounce. Maha is the living proof that’s not necessarily true. A no nonsense girl name that haunts you from the first contact. The meaning of Maha is beautiful and its origin is Arabic. The enigmatic sound of Maha can get you on a magic trip with a flying carpet. Are you prepare to make a leap of faith?

Nalani: another peaceful and lovely girls name that has its roots in the beautiful island of Hawaii. The meaning of Nalani is calm heavens. In fact “-lani”, which means sky, is popular as an ending for exotic baby names, particularly with female ones. It has an immediate smoothing effect to everyone. Your daughter will win everyone’s attention the moment she introduces herself with such a unique baby name.

Quon: let’s take a quick trip to the far East and meet an illuminative Chinese girl name that means bright. Popular in China but rarely heard in the Western countries, Quon has potential to be a star in baby name charts. Short, rare and unique, it combines all the success factors of a brilliant baby name that comes from far away.

Exotic Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Palila: as you can observe, it’s not uncommon for exotic baby names to be associated with the sky. This can probably be linked with the deep desire of remote island inhabitants to be able to fly away and discover new land. Palila is yet another example of this trend, as the meaning of this vibrant girl name is bird. Lila is a cute short name that can be used on its own right, reminding the pretty Leila baby name family.

Paloma: Spain has a rich history of explorers and adventurers, brave men that set sale in the most remote destinations of the world. This culture helped Spanish families to welcome exotic baby names in their home. Paloma is a striking name that once again stands for a bird, this time for dove. The symbol of peace and friendship, Paloma will be a girl that will undoubtly make many friends in school and grow a reputation of a dependable person. Paloma Picasso, the talented Tiffany designer, is the most famous celebrity kid (daughter of internationally renowned painter Pablo Picasso) that bears this unique girl name. Browse her amazing jewlery collection at Tiffany’s and learn more about Paloma’s sophisticated style.

Saskia: a Dutch name that means Saxon, immortalized by Rembrandt’s wife. Even though her real name was Saakje van Uylenburgh, Saskia appeared in one of the great painter’s masterpieces as a lovely nick name. Since then, it became a favorite for art devotees around the world. British parents fell in love with exotic name Saskia as data reveal. The name currently enjoys a wave of popularity in UK holding #392 in the baby names league. Saskia’s artistic aura fascinated scientists that named Asteroid 461 after her name. Two in one, can it get better? A winning combo for a thriving girl name!

Tamsin: exotic baby names don’t necessarily come from far away destinations that you have never visited before. They could also be associated with more common places like Britain. Such is the case for Tamsin, an English baby name that means twins. The reason why we included Tamsin in our list of exotic baby names for girls is that it has an elusive sound that hands you a one way ticket to never land. This exquisite name is actually a short form of Thomasina which means twin in Aramaic. Cute nick name Tammy is an added bonus!

Exotic Baby Names 2014 for GirlsExotic Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Ulani: exotic baby names that start with U are often described as happy and carefree. Ulani falls perfectly in this kind of description with it joyous meaning. It is a Hawaiian girl name that means cheerful.

Yara: do you ever wish you had wings and could fly? Up in the sky and away of every day life? I know you do, sooner or later we all get this feeling at least once in our life. Yara belongs to these exotic names that are associated with flying, as it means small butterfly in Arabic. Some baby names researchers suggest that Yara could also be an Aborigine name that has a different meaning “seagull”. In any case, it’s an airy name that can take you higher than any other earth associated name.

Are you already thinking summer and holidays? Then you must have already loved our our one of a kind list of exotic baby names! Share the care free spirit of these girl names with your friends and let them sense a relaxing feeling into the deep blue of the sea and the sky.

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  1. Jamie says:

    I just wanted to let you know that a lot of your “Hawaiian” names are incorrect. The meanings you gave are not correct. Please refer to wehewehe.org or someone who actually speaks the language. It would be horrible for someone to name their child using your incorrect interpretations of the names.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Jamie, thanks for your comment. We always do thorough research on our baby names lists, triple checking their meanings and use multiple references to cross check. That’s how we make sure the information we provide is as accurate as it could be. We don’t claim to be perfect though, only God is! If you happen to spot a mistake, please let us know which name is it and your source, so that we can go back and check again. Thanks a lot!

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