February Baby Names

February baby names are full of love, since this month is the special host of the Valentine’s day. Rethinking how we are going to present you the most complete list, we decided to differentiate our collection of February baby names from the rest. On the one hand, Valentine’s day is such an important celebration of love that you cannot ignore it. On the other hand, Valentine’s day is so huge that it deserves special attention in a post of its own. That’s the reason we are going to focus on February baby names that go beyond what you would normally expect from such a list. There are so many other days in February, so a baby born in either of them might want to have a totally different name.

February baby names are inspired by many things associated with the second month of the year. Gem stones, mythology, colors, astrological signs, famous people that were born in February are just an example of where we will look for beautiful February baby names. The last month of winter, February is also the shortest month of the year. It is also the only month that changes its number of days according to the year in play. 28 days for three years in a row followed by 29 days once every four years. You can easily remember which years have one day added to their calendar by linking them with the Olympic years. For example 2012 was an Olympic year (held in British capital London) and the next one will be 2016, where the Olympic torch will light in Brazil’s mega city Rio.

Have you got a baby due in February? Are you looking for February baby names that are not linked to the usual Valentine’s day love theme? Follow us and uncover unique boy names and pretty girl names inspired by February!

February Baby Names for Girls

Amethyst: the birthsone of February is an exclusive choice for beautiful baby girls. Amethyst is a Greek baby name that derives from the word methystos which means drunk. The letter a in front of the word is giving the name the opposite meaning, the one who cannot be drunk. This comes from the ancient belief that Amethyst as a stone can magically protect the one who is bearing it from being intoxicated. This lead to many people carving the stone in wine goblets, hoping that they will remain sober. Amethyst is an irresistible violet variety of quartz. The semiprecious stone can be found in many jewelry as it is very popular with necklaces and bracelets. French poet Remy Belleau gave a wonderful myth around the purple nature of this stone. According to his story, Amethyst was the maiden of Bacchus, the God of wine making. One day, he fell into ecstasy and chased Amethyst. She prayed to the Gods to save her, and Diana, the chaste Goddess answered. She transformed Amethyst into a majestic white stone. Bacchus was amazed by Amethyst devotion and poured wine over the white stone as an offering. The result was to transform the stone into a purple crystal. Such an amazing story for your little princess, isn’t it? Amethyst is the international symbol of purity and humility. It represents sincere people who reached a higher spiritual wisdom.

February Baby Names for Girls

Aquarius: a word name that derives from the zodiac sign Aquarius (until February 18). It might sound a bit hippie, but it’s associated more with new-age believes that can be linked with the Age of Aquarius that is coming. Astrologers believe that it can have a huge effect as the turn of Ages mark the rise and fall of great civilisations.

Brigit: Irish February baby names can also provide inspiration for your baby girl’s name. St Brigit’s day is celebrated in Ireland on February 1st to honor Saint Brigit of Kildare. A nun and abbess, founder of several monasteries, Brigit is one of the most important saints of the country. Along with Patrick and Columba she is one of the patron saints. Also known as Mary of the Gael, Brigit can have a number of different spellings. Bridget, Bridgit, Brigid, Bríd, or Bride are variants that can also be considered as charming February baby names.

Imbolc: for the adventurous parents who are looking for rare and unusual baby names, we have something special for you. Imbolc is a major Gaelic festival that marks the beginning of spring. Early Irish pagans put it right in the middle of winter solstice and the spring equinox, so it is positioned on February 1st. This is also linked with Brigit’s day, which is celebrated as we’ve described above, on the same day. It’s not uncommon for Christian celebrations to take place on the same day with ancient pagan festivals. The church used this technique to replace in the memory of the people the old deities with the one and only God and Jesus Christ. The name offers an alternative spelling, Imbolg, which can also be used for unique February baby names. The seasonal festival of Imbolc is still observed in Ireland and other UK areas like the Isle of Man and some times in Scotland.

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Nayeli: February baby names can find inspiration from Native Americans who tended to find names with deep meanings. The true meaning of Nayeli is “I Love You” and as you can suspect it’s directly associated with Valentine’s Day that occurs on February 14th every year. Nayeli is unique since it belonged to the Zapotec people, the inhabitants of America before Colombus set foot on the continent. They worshiped several different gods that were mainly associated with fertility.

Violet: without doubt, it’s the most popular choice in our February baby names list. Violet can be found in the top 100 baby names charts as parents can’t resist its soft and elusive sound. No wonder why Ben Affleck and so many other celebrities have chosen it for their pretty baby girls. The meaning of Violet is purple (see the link with Amethyst’s color) and the origin is Latin. Violet is February’s birth flower and our prediction is that it’s one of the baby girl names that will receive extra attention in the coming years based on the current baby names trends. Violet is an all time favorite name for Children’s books, popular among our little friends literature.

Violetta: another funky variation of the color and flower name. Violetta was the original title of Verdi’s iconic opera La Traviata, even though it’s more known as the heroine of the play. A feminine and colorful choice for parents that have Italian roots and look for cool February baby names alternative ideas. V- starting names are always trendy and the double -tt makes an excellent combo that will leave a great impression to your daughter’s friends.

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Viola: we felt that the Italian version of Violet deserved a honorary mention on its own. Perfect for music lovers, Viola is one of the grandest musical instruments and is known for its deep sound. Viola also has nice literature links as Shakespeare immortalized the name in his Twelfth Night masterpiece. In more recent years, Hollywood took the name in the center stage once again placing Gwyneth Paltrow as Viola de Lesseps in 1998 love story movie Shakespeare in Love (watch the trailer).

February Baby Names for Boys

Barack: did you know that February is the Black History Month in United States and Canada? One of the best ways to honor this is by giving the name of the first African American US President to your boy. Thanks to Barack Obama, the 44th President of the United States who still holds the office, this name will be forever remembered as one of the most prominent African American political figures of the modern American history. Even a few decades ago, electing an African American President would be a distant dream, a fantasy or science fiction for many people. Thus, the great American nation demonstrated in practice that has no boundaries in democracy. Open minded citizens voted the best candidate without judging the color of their skin. Thus Barack would be ideal for parents that have an active political background, most likely Democrats, who have high hopes of seeing their son growing up to be a charismatic leader just like Barack Obama.

February Baby Names for Boys

Ily: a clever way to name your baby boy is the acronym of “I Love You”, or Ily. February baby names are closely linked with Valentine’s Day and love has a central stage in this case. Ily is a modern way to express your gratitude and honor your relationship with your partner but also a statement that you will always love your baby boy no matter what. Ily is one of these invented February baby names that will make a difference each and every time it is unfolded to your kid’s friends.

Kale: searching for rare unisex February baby names? Here’s Kale, a Gaelic name short of Kalen, or from a different spelling Kayle. Kale-monath was in fact the name of the month February before it received its modern name. Kale is popular in Hawaii, giving this predominantly male name an exotic touch. It’s also used in parts of India, especially in Maharashtra, as a popular surname.

Do you like our list of February baby names? Do you find the idea of splitting them from the love-themed Valentine’s day names attractive or should they be in one list? Leave us a comment and make sure you also check our Valentine’s baby names special coverage!

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