Forbidden baby names in New Zealand

Just when you thought you can name your baby whatever you wanted, there will be some news that will make you think twice. In New Zealand, there are particular rules for baby names that forbid some offensive or strange names or even names that refer to the Satan, like Lucifer.

The New Zealand public authorities issued a list of 77 baby names that are now restricted. In fact, parents were being too creative, letting their imagination go completely wild and in some cases this ended up in offending other people for various reasons. For example, one name that could be found on the banned list is “Anal” which implies other things, a bit too nasty for officials to let go.

banned baby names

Other names that stand out from the list that was made available to the public included “4Real” (that must have been a rapper!), “V8” (surely a car enthusiast), and inspired by royalty a parent thought he could name his daughter “Queen Victoria”, a name that simply could not go through. The rules are rules, and parents now are restricted from using official titles or ranks like “King” or “Princess” or “Duke” as baby names.

The list of trully bizarre baby names continues: would you ever think that “Number 16 Bus Shelter” could be a name? No way! How about “Midnight Chardonnay”? Indeed these names were found on the list!

These New Zealand parents seem to have gone nuts, naming one of their child as “Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii”, a name that the court ordered in 2008 to have it changed as it was too embarassing for the nine year old girl.

The name “Justice” appears in the banned list 62 times and is by far the most popular forbidden name in New Zealand!

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