Good Middle Names For Boys

Middle names can be like a bridge between first and last names. Check out the best middle names that can add value to any name or serve as connectors. Scrutinized by our baby names experts, we analysed different scenarios and came up with the most attractive middle names for boys. Our recommendation is pick a simple middle name that doesn’t complicate the full name of the baby. Don’t choose middle names to add a burden without any reason. You can either honor your parents by giving middle names after your father or mother. Or you can think outside of the box and develop your very own variation of their names with alternative spellings or diminutives.

Middle names can also hide a passion of yours that can’t qualify as a first name, or you just don’t feel too comfortable with it. For example, you might have a special bond with a town? Have you met the love of your life in London but you don’t really want to use it as a first name for your son? Then add it as a place name in the middle and everyone’s happy! A win win scenario for everyone, don’t you agree?

Moreover, you can really pick any of the following middle names that have been idendified by our team of baby names experts as the most appealing suggestions for parents. Each of these middle names have a great background story, some of them they carry history and some literature. Some have been associated with science while others are closer to music and arts.

Whatever your style is, our middle names for boys will satisfy your curiosity and bring some fresh ideas on the table. Let’s go through them!

Good Middle Names For Boys

Beck: derives from Rebecca, a biblical baby name that means servant of God. The Hebrew origin was hidden in the original short form Becky, and it was used solely for girls. Then came Beck, the popular American singer whose full name is Beck Hansen. His 1994 mega hit Loser moved the once girly name into the male area, as young parents discovered a cool middle name for their baby boys.

Middle Names For Boys

Chan: belongs to the middle names that come from Asia. Chan is short for the popular surname Channing. The meaning of Chan is sweet smelling tree and the name has Cambodian origin. It’s a casual middle name suitable parents who have roots in Asia and want to pass part of their heritage and culture to their baby boy.

Claude: this is a classic French baby name that used to be in the US top 100 baby names charts in the early 20th century. French parents use it for girls as well, since its soft sound qualify as a harmonic choice. Celebrities like Simon Baker that are fond of French culture picked it as the middle name of his son Claude Blue. An ideal choice for those who want to find a good middle name that goes well with color first names.

Flynn: Irish middle names are always popular. Flynn can be found in the top 700 of the US baby names charts and the trends show that it will rise even higher. Celebrities like Gary Oldman chose it for his son’s middle name (his first name is Gulliver). The meaning of Flynn is son of the red-haired one. That said, Gary Oldman is not red-haired, never was, never will! He just found it cool to use middle names that are easygoing.

Gray: let’s stay in the United Kingdom for a bit longer. Gray is not only a color name, it’s also a short form of Grayson. The meaning of Gray is in this case the son of the bailiff. Gray is more popular as a surname. If you can leave the shady image of gray behind, and think more open-minded, it can be a great alternative to Grey and add a serious tone for your son as his middle name. Take Gray Davis, governor of California as an example. He’s a political figure that demonstrates a weighty and far-reaching person. We all have a dark side anyway and there’s nothing you can do about it. You can’t eliminate the grim part completely, and gray middle names can be a great lesson for this.

Hank: diminutive of an Old German name we’re sure you’ve heard before, Henry. More lately, Hank transformed into an ultra cool, alpha male type of name, thanks to the self-destructive author Hank Moody of Californication. The provocative TV series that provided a fresh look in the LA lifestyle of the rich and famous, exposing their dirty little secrets and promoting the real self (no matter how hard that could be), was a tremendous success making Hank an attractive and mysterious middle name that immediately adds an undeniable charm to your baby boy.

Jaz: we love short and sweet middle names that keep it simple. Jaz can be a sassy addition that reminds people of jazz music. Thus, it could pass a melodic image to your baby boy. As it can derive from both Jasper and Jasmine, Jas is one of the unisex middle names that can suit accommodate both genres without any issue. World wide known tennis player Agassi was well aware of this when he chose it for his daughter’s name.

Kit: we believe that middle names should be as straight forward as possible so as to not complicate things. Middle names could serve as a more friendly option to a heavy first name. Kit serves this purpose well. As an ultra short form of Christopher, it has Greek origin. The meaning of Kit in this instance is bearer of Christ. Thanks to Academy Awarded actress Jodie Foster who named her son Kit, the name got some stardom quality that helped it to rise in popularity.

Middle Names For Boys

Poe: continuing the one-syllable middle names, we present you another English suggestion for your baby boy. The meaning of Poe is peacock, but this suggestive middle name is more famous for its links with one of the influential writer Edgar Allan Poe. The American author who basically invented two new categories of books, science fiction and detective, can be a role model for little boys destined to be the next J.R. Tolkin and write their own saga when they grow up.

Reed: with only four letters, Reed qualifies for yet another cute middle name for baby boys. This English name is the most popular suggestion you can find on this list, as you will find it at no.372 in the baby names charts. The evocative name made so many appearances on both Hollywood movies (like Boogie Nights) and TV series (Grey’s Anatomy and Party of 5 to name a few) that it can be easily recognised by virtually everyone. If you have big plans for your son and aspire to see him be the next Einstein, then Reed might be perfect for you. Reed Richards was the scientist alter ego of Mr Fantastic in Marvel’s comic books Fantastic 4. He was extremely smart and ranked as a pure genius in his field, Reed turned out to be super flexible as a super hero. Another equally popular alternative is Reid, though we prefer Reed’s double “ee” no nonsense approach.

Have you found inspiration on the middle names we have suggested? Then share it with your friends! Have you got any good middle names for boys to add to this list? Please feel free to leave us a comment!

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