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Middle names can be a riddle, a puzzle that needs to fit perfectly between the first and the last name of a baby. Find out good middle names for girls by building the perfect names combo! Middle names reveal certain attributes that we wish to pass to our children, but they don’t quite stand as birth names by themselves. Middle names usually have a positive feeling and express higher ideals like inspiration and wisdom. Other middle names are just there to complement common names and add a funky image to a serious first name.

Celebrities love middle names and so do we! In the following list of unique middle names, you will uncover the name meanings and origin of some of the best girl middle names. Updated constantly with fresh choices, our collection of rare middle names will give you cool ideas for your baby girl!

Unique Middle Names For Cute Girls

Bay: a Latin name meaning “berry” that is used nowadays as cool and refreshing alternative of other middle names like Ocean. Perfect for parents that love the sea, own a boat or have sailing as their hobby.

Bee: every time we hear Bee as a middle name, one thing comes into mind: hard working person. However, Bee is nothing less than the diminutive of Beatrice and it means blessed in Latin. So it’s not always the workaholic type of person but also she who brings happiness.

middle names for girls
Blue: this buzzy form of middle names was shot into unbelievable heights of popularity straight after RnB diva Beyoncé and hip-hop mogul Jay-Z named their new born child Blue Ivy. A prime example of how a powerful and very influential couple like these two super stars can make any name, no matter how shallow it many sound, a good choice for the entire nation!

Bree: middle names of Irish origin like Bree are slightly changed when presented to American parents. Bree derives from Brigh and the name meaning is strength. Jane Fonda’s unforgettable performance as Bree in the 1971 movie Klute, made this sophisticated middle name a popular choice in the 70’s. Three decades later, Desperate Housewives brought Bree back to life by introducing the lively character Bree Van de Kamp in the successful TV series.

Dot: short and breezy, Dot is the diminutive of the Greek baby name Dorothea which means the gift of God. Give your baby girl a special middle name gift and take her to the dot com era of internet start-ups that are set to conquer the world in this global village we are living.

Dream: you a dreamer but you are not bold enough to express this attribute into a too obvious statement for your girl name. No worries, Dream can be used as a middle name and stir people’s imagination when they hear or read it somewhere.

Fleur: the French word of flower – see more about flower baby names that are currently trending. This one is better positioned between first and last names rather than a birth name.

Jade: let’s take a deep dive into the Mediterranean sea and meet a Spanish middle name that means stone of the side. Jade can be used as a middle name to add a strong image to your cute girl. One of the most popular middle names, Jade currently holds #112 spot in the official US baby names charts, while in France it’s even more popular as it can be found inside the top 10 at the 7th spot. It can be used by parents who love cooking as celebrity chef Giada de Laurentiis translated her name into Jade as the English equivalent.

Lake: one of the middle names that is commonly used for girls as well as boys. Lake is best suited for nature loving parents that can’t get enough out-doors activities and they would like to infuse this habit to their baby girl. Lake’s obvious association with water makes it a really symbolic middle name since water has traditionally been a symbol of emotions and intelligence. Celebrity couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen chose Lake as a middle name for her beautiful girl named Vivian.

Lark: have you ever come across the funny English expression “happy as a lark”? Well, Brits have always found interesting sayings to express merry time, like “cheerio” and many others. Lark is in fact a songbird that has a cheerful aura and makes it a perfect middle name for happy girls that bring joy in people’s life.

Mauve: a rare choice for color middle names derived by French language. The offbeat violet color has a certain aristocratic image that is full of Victorian links and is widespread in literature. Mauve is perfect for authors and parents with an academic background or a deep appreciation of history and arts.

Muse: music is the answer to all the problems, an inspirational quote that is true for many people. By choosing Muse as the middle name for your baby girl, you immediately introduce her in the fine world of music and harmony. She can later become someone’s muse and inspire other people to write great songs that become love radio hits.

Neve: rare Latin middle names like Neve can lighten your day. The actual name meaning is “bright”. Canadian actress Neve Campbell made it a house hold name with her role in the Scream thriller series. Campbell got her name from her mother’s maiden name and some years later, Conan O’Brien picked it for his baby girl, establishing it as a popular name.

Plum: an evocatively tasty middle name that derives from the delicious fruit. If celebrity baby names Apple or Peaches get on your nerves, then Plum is a fresh alternative that comes more naturally.

Rain: if you are expecting a baby girl during autumn, what’s better than September baby names combined with Rain as one of the melancholic middle names that add to the overall mood. Rain is in fact a unisex baby name that has a pure image that celebrities love. -If you don’t believe us, just ask Brooke Burke who picked Rain as the middle name for baby girl, or Will Smith who made a small variation to this word name and came up with Reign as the unique middle name of his daughter.

Reese: middle names of Welsh origin are becoming more and more popular these days. Reese has been blessed by a famous name bearer, Hollywood star Reese Witherspoon who won the best actress Oscar in 2006 for her role as the wife of Johny Cash in the epic biographic movie Walk the Line (watch the official trailer). And a bit of trivia for the parents who want to know more about middle names background, Witherspoon’s actual name was Laura Jeanne. Reese was her mother’s maiden name and she liked it so much that she used it as her stage name, bringing this quirky name into the spotlight.

Sage: belongs to the Latin middle names that was first used to define a rare kind of herb. Sage name meaning is wise and it has roots in the Greek history who documented that when people burn sage leaves and inhaled the smoke, they filled their soul with wisdom. Many years later, the Arabs claimed during the 10th century that the very same leaves can extend longevity and bring good health.

Snow: baby it’s cold out there! Middle names can sit comfortably next to baby names inspired by winter, like these beautiful November baby names. Snowing is the image that completes the picture, and it is a fun activity for all kids. They go out and play with the snow, they can go skiing or they can gather together and build a funny snow man with a carrot as a nose! Snow is considered to be a creative activity for children, so middle names like Snow can be linked to attributes of inspiration, imagination and creativity.

Teal: if you can’t decide between color middle names and bird middle names, then Teal might be the answer to your prayers! It’s new, it’s fresh and most of all it’s cool and unique!

middle names for girls

True: middle names can add an inspirational theme to baby girls that are given a more common. Take True for example, a middle name that makes an amazingly honest statement. True as a middle name will characterize your baby girl as a reliable, straightforward  person who walks her talk. Hearing middle names like True will make her girl friends believe her words easier and she can boost her reputation as a person that you can really trust.

Wren: derives from an English songbird name, and can be a perfect companion to one of the musical baby names like Aria, Bella or Harmony. Wren is a really small bird, considered to be magical. Especially popular among the Druids, Wren was thought to be a prophet bird also known as King of the Birds according to ancient Irish mythology. If you ever visit London, don’t forget to pay a visit at the majestic St. Paul’s Cathedral, a true piece of art by a celebrated architect of the 18th century that carry this delicate middle name as his last name: Sir Christopher Wren.

Did you like our sweet collection of middle names for girls? Do you think that these middle names are good enough to fit between your baby girl’s first and last name? Let us know your thoughts, feel free to express and leave us a comment below!

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