Happy Mother’s Day

If you are reading this, you might already be a mum or you are a future mother, expecting your child. Either way, you can feel the motherhood creating deep emotions within you. This special bond between your baby and yourself is one of the strongest relationship in life, one that will last forever.

Mother’s day celebrates this powerful bond and is dedicated to the hard working mothers around the world that sacrifice many things for their children. It’s a day for everyone to pay their respect to their mother, the person who brought them to life, the one who first fed them and loved them with all their heart for the rest of their lives.

Mother’s day is special for those women that took their chances and gave birth to a baby without taking into consideration how difficult it could be, how many sleepless nights they will go through, how much stress they can endure when their baby is sick.

Mother is one of the most sacred notions in every civilisation, in every country and in every tradition. Mothers always had a central role in religion and in family life as they are the ones who create life, a process that is really hard to explain if you haven’t gone through it yourself.

happy mothers day

So take some today and wish Happy Mother’s Day to your mum, make her smile by letting her know how special she is for you and how important role she played in your life from the very beginning. Send your mother flowers, buy her chocolate (yes, they will love them!) and pick some warm wishes to show your deep affection and loving emotions.

Happy Mother’s Day !


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  1. raul garcia says:

    my friend, this a really nice article.

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