Hipster Baby Names for Boys

Hipster baby names are both chic and cool, without being sassy. Lead the trends, don’t follow them. See the hottest names list! Hipster baby names are designed for cool boys with unique attitude. They are perfect for non-mainstream creative parents that have big dreams for their baby boy.

Hipster baby names are based on famous people that progressed the hipster concept worldwide. They honor hipsters that were bold enough to make their own personal fashion statement. Different and one of a kind, the following hipster boy names are going to leave a mark in your son’s life, as they can define him as a trendy guy who is fashion conscious without being fashion victim!

Hipster Baby Names for Boys

Auden: a poetic baby name loved by hipsters around the world. Auden is soft-spoken and can be used as a unisex baby name, expanding the appeal of the name to both sexes. The well-known poet W.H. Auden is the best known person with this name, even though back then Auden was used mainly as a surname.

hipster baby names meanings
Beckett: a sweet baby name of English and Irish origin which means bee cottage. A huge success in the hipster community, Beckett has plenty of literary associations thanks to Samuel Beckett, the famous Irish playwright. The name started to trend when Melissa Etheridge named her son Beckett back in 1998 (when the term hipster was not even coined). Stella McCartney followed and other celebrities like Malcolm McDowall, Conan O’Brien and Nicole Sullivan all named their sons Beckett.

Brooklyn: New York’s Brooklyn borough has lately earned the status of hipster heaven. However, Brooklyn became ultra popular among hipsters as Victoria Beckham, considered the queen of style, has chosen the name for her baby boy. Notice that, as Auden, Brooklyn can also be used for girls. This proves that most hipster baby names are actually unisex. This stems from the concept that hipsterism blurs the boundaries between men and women.

Bruno: The multi talented singer and songwriter Bruno Mars, lent his name to countless other hipster babies after his breakthrough. The name itself has German origin and means Brown. Despite Sasha Baron Cohen’s movie Bruno which was an absolute flop, Bruno remains cool and trendy. If you don’t believe us, just ask “Dancing With the Stars” judge Bruno Tonioli.

Butch: a vintage nickname that is popular among hipster parents. It’s a baby name that make you smile as it reminds of stereotypically masculine women. It can be used to describe the dominant role in a lesbian relationship.

Dashiell: derived from the French surname de Chiel, it’s meaning remains unknown. This gives Dashiell an air of mystery. Among the hipster baby names that are popular among celebrities, as actor Cate Blanchett and author Helen Fielding (Bridget Jones) chose Dashiell for their sons’ name. If you think that hipster parents are skinny looking weirdos, you are mistaken: Alice Cooper made a difference in 1985 naming his son Dashiell.

Dax: The name of a town in southwestern France famous for spa. The sex appeal of the x-ending hipster baby names make Dax trendy despite the sci-fi connection thanks to various characters appeared on the screen. Dax Lo was one of the Power Rangers (the blue one). Dax was also a fictional being that appeared on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Falon: a baby name of Gaelic origin with the inspirational meaning “leader”. It was mainly used as a surname, until brought to mainstream by the “Dynasty” soap opera character in the 1980s.

Gulliver: OK I’m sure you already know about Gulliver travels. But how about Gary Oldman choosing this hipster baby name for his son? British actor Damian Lewis (best known for his role at Homeland – see exclusive pictures of Damian in Ibiza beach) also named his son Gulliver.

Holden: hipsters love good reads and J. D. Salinger’s novel “The Catcher” was a huge hit. No wonder why its lead character, Holden Caulfield, helped to make this name very popular among the trendy flock. Rumors say that Salinger got inspired by a movie banner that promoted a film where a guy called William Holden, thus naming his hero Holden. Mira Sorvino and Brendan Fraser chosen this hipster baby name for their son.

Homer: one word: Simpsons. However, the name has Greek origin and is actually the father of two epic poems that defined ancient literature. Homer wrote Iliad which tells the story of the Trojan war and Odyssey describes the tale of Odysseus struggling to go back home to Ithaca. Such idiosyncratic roots can only be attributed to hipster baby names, as homeric is a term that suggest epic scale.

Ike: meaning “laughter,” this name has Hebrew roots. It’s a Diminutive of Isaac and was best known as the peculiar nickname given to US President Eisenhower. Ike has now transformed into a cool name for hipster boys.

Jasper: means bringer of treasure and has Persian origin. Forget the old fashioned name Gasper which reminds the friendly ghost. One letter is enough to change the entire meaning. Jasper is among the hipster baby names that is continuously rising in popularity, thanks to the strong connection with Twilight saga.

hipster baby names jasper
Kai: one of the hipster baby names for boys with multiple name meanings. In Japanese alone, Kai has four different meanings that include restoration, ocean, shell and recovery. In Welsh, Kai has an entirely different meaning, the keeper of the keys, while in Burmese, it means strong and unbreakable. However, most people know it by its Hawaiian interpretation which is “sean”. Kai became really popular as the fairy tale boy who got enchanted by the Snow Queen. Actress Jennifer Connelly chose Kai as the name for her son and Naomi Watts picked Kai as a middle name for her baby boy. Kai is also popular among the hipster computer fans as it can be found in many video games.

Orson: The name originates from the medieval romance hero of Valentine and Orson. Hipsters are super fans of love stories, so this one is a major hit among hipster parents. If you are a fan of Desperate Housewives, you should have also noticed a cool guy named Orson Hodge in the ABC TV series. In real life, you will find George Orson Welles as the first person who dropped his popular name (George) for a more unique yet solid name (Orson). Welles received critical acclaim for his innovative adaptation of Julius Caesar in Broadway 1937. Though relatively rare, it started to make appearances in the jet set community. Lauren Ambrose and Paz Vega both have sons named Orson.

Otis: This German name means “wealth”. Hipsters love it because it is a fresh choice that Kanye West and Jay-Z resurrected from the grave through their amazing song “Otis” (watch the video clip) that can be found in their smash hit album “Watch the Throne”. The track is a tribute to soul singer Otis Redding, as his melody from “Try a Little Tenderness” is sampled in an unparalleled way by Kanye in the song. Kanye West is an all-time favorite within hipsters. Apart from the ultimate respect he enjoys as a pioneer hip-hop artist, he is also worshiped as a fashion genius. Otis does not only represent power (through the obvious association with the prominent American political family) but also cool and upscale, thus different from the pack.

Ray: speaking of fresh, what could it be fresher than Ray Donovan, the crime drama TV series that aired in June 2013 from Showtime and became and instant hit among hipsters? Ray is the guy who can fix anything for the suitable price. He is famous among the rich folks in LA, as the reputation of the “fixer” accommodates his unusual career. Think of him as the “Wolf” from Pulp Fiction, the cool guy you call when you are in deep trouble. For more traditional parents that are too much into Rhythm and Blues (not the pop RnB of the 2000’s), Ray is an excellent choice as it reminds of the legendary blind artist Ray Charles, whose life became a movie in 2004. Jamie Foxx won his first Oscar Academy award for his role in the movie as Ray.

hipster baby names meanings cool swag
Sullivan: This Gaelic name means “dark eyes”, thus becoming a major hit among hipster boys who use eyeliner around their eyes to make their own fashion statement. Sullivan is insanely popular in Ireland, as the name’s history dates back to the 3rd century. Originally a surname, Sullivan is a prime example of surnames that became so trendy that parents start to use it as a first name. Celebrities like actor James Marsters and singer Tom Waits chose the name Sullivan for the hipster baby boys.

Thelonious: a Latin-sounding hipster baby name of German origin meaning the one who plows the earth. Thanks to world famous jazz pianist Thelonious Sphere Monk, this baby name received extra kudos among music lovers and hipsters. According to Monk’s biography, he inherited his cool name from his father.

That’s the latest news from the hipster baby names front. Search your hurt out, you won’t find a more comprehensive list of baby names for hipster boys. If you think we have missed a hipster boy name, leave us a comment and we will add it on our hipster list!

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18 responses to “Hipster Baby Names for Boys”

  1. […] example, Kai is a hipster baby name for boys with multiple name meanings. In Japan alone, Kai has four different meanings that include […]

  2. jimbo says:

    The businesses Used to Laugh at moncler – Now I laugh at them

  3. Organic Baby - Yes! says:

    I just named my little one Cooper :)

  4. M says:

    It’s the “wolf” from pulp fiction, not the “fox”

  5. Carly says:

    i think you missed Milo. I named my son this in 2012 and it’s rocketing up the charts now.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Carly, thanks for stopping by. We have covered Milo in another baby names list, and you are right…it’s getting more and more popular each year! Great choice

  6. Jessica Weber (Dashiell) says:

    My maiden name is Dashiell. We were French Noblemen from about the year 1000-1600. We then moved to Scotland when we changed from De Chiel to Dashiell and then from there we moved to Somerset (Now Wicomico) County in Maryland where most of still live now. Our house in a historic landmark and we have been every American War. In the Revolutionary War we were the only family to be able to fund a militia to defend our land here on the eastern shore of MD. We have helped a lot of families in the area for hundreds of years and haven’t stopped yet. Dashiell is a noble name :) we moved from France because we were Protestant and lived in a catholic country during the reformation. The rest who stayed were eventually killed during Napoleons reign since we were nobles. Hope this helps :) this is what Dashiell means! Bravery, Survival, love of our God!!!

  7. Ashley Rae says:

    J.D. Salinger named his character ‘Holden Caulfield’ because in 1944 he saw the movie banner “Dear Ruth” list the names of leading actors ‘Joan Caulfield’and ‘William Holden’ side by side. He later explained that he liked the way the two last names were listed together( back in the day they would just use an actors last name as cool advertisment for a “picture”), so he merged them as the character ‘Holden Caulfield’ in “The Catcher”.

  8. zegerman says:

    Otis is not German.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Zegerman, thanks for your feedback! Some baby names have multiple origins, so it’s not uncommon that you find the same name in different countries. Otis is one of them! Hope this helps.

  9. Kanaka Maoli says:

    Kai in hawaiian is one of the meanings for sea or ocean not an interpretation of Sean. There is no name in my language for Sean. I think you should put the true meaning rather than an English name you think it is. Thank you

  10. Maddox says:

    I would like to say that my name, Maddox, is fairly hipster. It is a growing name especially after Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s son was named Maddox. It comes from the Welsh name Maddoc.

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  13. María Elena González says:

    Now I have to add Kai and Jasper to my list of favorite names. So lovely! There’s also some other cool ones I found in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNIuJAPIlkw&t=15s

  14. Ana Martinez says:

    Let me just say that Holson is a really cool name. I’m totally gonna consider it. I also think that German names are too cool, you can check some here if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EdcDZCm7UYM

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