Hipster Baby Names for Girls

Hipster baby names is the epitome of cool. They are especially designed for parents who follow all the latest trends and fashions. Hipster baby names were hand picked to represent the values of real hipsters: beyond a deep appreciation of art, it’s the independent thinking and progressive politic views that define them as creatice and intelligent. Hipster baby names for girls are designed to give an edge to your beautiful daughter by making her unique. She will stand out and her friends will remember her cool name no matter what. Hipster baby names for girls can also help your little angel to be a non-mainstream person, who does not go always with the flow. If you care about your kids future, then it’s really important to pay attention to their names, that’s why we are here to help providing you with the best alternatives.

Hipster baby names reflect the counter-culture of hipsters and have a witty banter. It’s often said that “hipsterism” is not just a trend of specific clothes or haircuts, it’s more like a state of mind. If you like your baby girl to rejects the the culturally-ignorant attitudes of mainstream consumers, then the following hipster baby names are a perfect fit. Little girls are fashion conscious these days. They care more and more about how they look, and most importantly how other people see them. Their image is extremely important because it defines them in school. Hipster baby names can help them to have yet another tool to be different. The more you help them to be unique, the more they will love you. It’s a successful recipe that all experienced parents learn after many tries. You should know better, don’t you think?

Define your daughter as effortless cool, a bit vintage and certainly edgy by giving her one of the top hipster baby names for girls!

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Female Hipster Baby Names with meanings and origin

Delilah: it’s not uncommon to find biblical references among hipster baby names and Delilah is not an exception. A baby name of Hebrew origin, Delilah describes the seductive girl, the femme fatale. According to the bible, Delilah “trolled” Samson into revealing his fearsome secret: the source of his amazing strength, ie. his long hair. Delilah after making him drink too much and dancing a very sensual dance, he made Samson go to sleep and cut his hair. When Samson woke up, he was tight with strong ropes and blinded. He became so angry that he teared apart the entire building and found tragic death. Be ware of Delilah!

Edna: a baby name of Hebrew origin that means delight, pleasure or rejuvenation. It has a hipster connection because of Irish novelist Edna O’Brien (born 1930) and lyrical poet Edna St. Vincent Millay (born 1892). The name Edna in fact derives from the Bible, where it was used in Hebrew as a synonym of the Garden of Eden. So, with a simple twist in the sequence of letters, you get a totally fresh and modern name that appeals to hipsters around the world.

Fifi: okay, maybe you wouldn’t name your baby girl Yolo, but how about Fifi? Let’s break down the meaning of this name that belongs to the acronym hipster baby names. Fifi is also the diminutive of Josephine, a French name that is actually the feminine version of Joseph. As you can see, Fifi’s origin is in  fact religious, even though it’s not obvious from the first look. That’s why we love breaking down the meaning of hipster baby names and presenting you with the best alternatives so you can see which one is the best for you. Did you know that Napoleon’s wife was also a Joséphine? That’s right, you have a high profile name right here!

Flannery: it used to be a boy’s name (Flann), but this variation is more for baby girls mainly because of writer and essayist Flannery O’Connor (1925-1964). Hipsters love her because she has the most amazing quotes out there. For example, conviction without experience makes for harshness. Flannery is an Irish baby name that means red-haired.

Hazel: among the Hipster baby names inspired by reality shows, thanks to Big Brother’s  Hazel O’Sullivan (catch the latest news from Hazel at her official Twitter account). Hazel O’Sullivan grabbed viewers attention nationwide with her sassy pranks with fellow house mate Daley Ojuederie. This earned her a near-hero status among hipsters. Julia Roberts daughter is named Hazel and in Hunger Games we can find a Hazelle in the characters list. Also, just to link with Flannery O’Connor discussed above, in her 1952 novel titles Wise Blood, the protagonist was named Hazel Motes. Apart from her hipster status because the obvious celebrity link, Hazel is a beautiful baby name associated with nature, so it’s a perfect fit for the eco-conscious parents.

Iris: a Greek baby name that derives from the flower Iris and its meaning is rainbow. Clearly one of the coolest hipster baby names due to its appeal in celebrities. Leslie Mann, Renee O’Connor and Jude Law (see exclusive photos) all named their baby girls Iris. According to ancients Greek myths, Iris was the messenger for Hera and Zeus. She used to ride rainbows and people of her time imagined this amazing optical illusion as the 7-colored bridge that connected heaven to earth. Iris often reflected majesty and power. Don’t forget that the colored part of the eye is also called Iris, so you can understand that it can be found pretty much everywhere!

Isla: you can find Isla on the list of Hipster baby names because of the hot wife of SachaBaron Cohen, Isla Fisher. The young red-haired actress was born to Scottish parents in Oman. Isla is a scottish river after all. The meaning of Isla is island (Isla-nd). We can also find this hipster name as on of the Harry Potter fictional characters, Isla Black Hitchens.

Lulu: a diminutive form of Lucy or Louise. Lulu means pearl and it was one of the hottest names when the SSA list of popular baby names was born in 1880. It’s now coming back with a vengeance! Baby name researchers suggest that Lulu has at least two different origins. The first one is German as it derives from a group of names that start with the prefix Lu-, for example Luise. The second path goes East and has an Arabic origin since Lulu means pearl in this language. Who would have thought? A beautiful gem name hidden under such a short and sweet name.

Maisie: all hipsters are fans of Game of Thrones, so 16-year-old English actress Maisie Williams who plays Arya in the popular TV series is a clear connection. That’s why the name is so popular in Britain! The origin of Maisie is from Margaret and its meaning is pearl. And as most hipster baby names, Maisie can be found on Harry Potter as a half-blood character.

Matilda: a vintage baby name that is now cool again thanks to Gordon Ramsey’s daughter in 2002 and more recently due to Heath Ledger naming his baby girl Matilda. A baby name of German origin which means battle-might. Matilda also had appearance in Charles Dickens’s Nicholas Nickleby.

Neva: a hipster baby name of Spanish origin which means white snow. Neva sounds a bit exotic and has an element of purity and clean aura that makes it popular among hipsters. Neva is a diminutive of Geneva, which means this name can also be linked with the famous European city of Switzerland, best known for the luxury watches it produces. If you are a Rolex collector, or just a fan of elegant accessories, Neva might be a serious contender for you!

Pandora: I must admit, we struggled with this one. Pandora was heading to the burdensome baby names list as Pandora’s box was known to contain all evils of the world. Then, we thought that Pandora means gifted and it’s really rare and unique name, so it goes well with the hipster mentality of non-mainstream attitude.

Romy: a diminutive form of Rosemary which is a herb and a combination of Rose and Mary. It seems that celebrities love any name that start with Rom, for example Romeo and Rowan, so it’s only natural that Romy became popular among hipsters.

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Ruby: a baby name of Latin origin that represents the deep red precious stone ruby. Despite the fact that other gem names like Crystal or Pearl are considered too old-fashioned, Ruby is considered a cool choice from hipster parents.  Hollywood star Tobey Maguire daughter’s name is Ruby.

Savannah: it sounds Hebrew but it’s actually Spanish. It became popular among hipsters after making an appearance in the er “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil” best seller. The meaning of Savannah is a flat tropical grassland and Desperate Housewives’ Marcia Cross chose this hipster baby name for her twin daughter.

Scout: the famous daughter of Hollywood superstars Demi Moore and Bruce Willis had shot Scout into the top charts of hipster baby names. It can be used for either baby girl or baby boy making it a perfect choice for twins or for parents who prefer unisex baby names.

Tallulah: the English version of the Irish name Tuilelaith. Tallulah is trending among celebrities and has risen to the top of the hipster baby names list as Damian Dash, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Rachel Roy, Sara Rue and Patrick Dempsey, have all chose the same name for their daughters. Keep an eye on this one!

Did you like our unique list of hipster baby names for girls? Do you have any other recommendations for us? Please feel free to share your own hipster baby names for girls with the rest of the community by leaving a comment below. We love to hear from you, and we do value your feedback!

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  1. […] Octavienne: the French variation of Octavien, it adds a bit more European flavor into the mix and qualifies as a hipster baby name. […]

  2. Jordan says:

    “Scout” is probably popular from ”To Kill A Mockingbird’ rather than Demi and Bruce’s daughter.

  3. Mel says:

    I would strongly encourage you to check your facts for the story of Delilah. I suppose that is a conglomeration of what happened but…rather inaccurate.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Mel, this is just a short summary of the story, maybe it doesn’t have all the details but I wouldn’t say it is inaccurate. Let me know if you have specific questions. Thanks !

  4. Jay says:

    Octavienne: the French variety of Octavien, it includes a bit more European flavor into the mix and qualifies as a trendy person child name.

  5. Nancy says:

    My 3 year old is called “Scout” and she is the coolest kid out there. But she certainly wasn’t named after Bruce Willis’ daughter but after the main character from ” To Kill a Mockingbird” by Harper Lee. To insinuate that anyone would name their child after a celebrity offspring is a bit odd and surely against a hipsters being.

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Nancy, thanks for stopping by. Scout is indeed a great hipster name. Parents find inspiration from all kinds of different sources, so we are just providing some examples, it’s not possible to cover everything! Hope it helps.

  6. Rachel says:

    Demi and Bruce named their daughter after the character in To Kill a Mockingbird.

  7. Blanca says:

    Hey, I’m Blanca and I’m from Spain. I have to said something about Neva’s name, It’s not a spanish name. Nieve is the name that you are talking about and I have to say I know girls named Nieves, for a Virgin, but not Neva, Will be a italian name, because in italian it’s Neve.

  8. Ethan says:

    I think all these names are good!



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  12. Hudhudh says:

    Wow.. nice article

  13. nat says:

    DO NOT name your child Fifi! its like the Jane Doe for dogs in Spanish… Josephine, NOT Fifi!!! hahahahaahahaha

  14. Sue says:

    My sweet grand daughter is named Greenlee. Love her name.

  15. Hasib says:

    Really good collection of baby names..keep it up

  16. Shamitabh says:

    thanks nice names

  17. Dina says:

    Really good collection of baby names it’s interesting

  18. Angela says:

    My daughter, Carlyn Sloane, I can get neither of her names to come up in any searches :)

  19. Peter says:

    You have forgotten Hans. This couldn’t be a more hipster german name!

  20. Adam says:

    Carlyn is a wonderful name that you have suggested.

  21. Julie L Celenza says:

    I love Ronnie for a girl. Totally hipster.

  22. Angela Loggins says:

    Hello there, my daughter has two names that I consider different, and she likes one and not the other, but i will say i worked for a Dr. Carlin Holler and she loved her name!! My daughter’s name is Carlyn Sloane, and she goes by sloane, i still think the name is awesome??What does anyone think?? (and wow, i SEE i wrote on this comment before, so sorry), but i still love carlyn sloane!!! No other sloane’s or carlyn’s at her school!!

  23. mona lissa says:

    nice.. already shared it :)

  24. Janina Lebeda says:

    In Germany FIFI ist a way you call small dogs of old ladies XD

  25. Sukisiva, says:

    Thanks for sharing this girls names for babies. we are welcome this post and thank you.

  26. angie says:

    my daughter had a baby girl…named her
    Elena Aure

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