Hot Baby Names for Boys

Hot baby names nowadays, is about much more than just the name origin. Musicians, actors and entertainers are all enlisted to ensure a full assault on the senses. Here, we bring you the hot baby names for boys mega mix from the most influential men in the world of 2014. It’s the most up-to-date collection of hot baby names you will ever find.

Hot baby names can be exotic from Europe or native from our own American heritage. They redefine contemporary with their association with the people that dominate today’s news. Hot baby names can also be old-fashioned and neglected that a celebrity with a big hit brought back into the spotlight. Parents who are looking for hot baby names inspired by movies and Hollywood will have no trouble picking their choice from the following suggestions. We have it all, from the Oscars to the Grammys the most complete list of hot baby names for boys ever!

Are you ready for modern, stylish and forward-looking baby names? Then read on!

Hot Baby Names for Boys

Alesso: a unique name of Italian origin that became popular in his home country during the Renaissance era thanks to painter Alesso Baldovinetti. Many centuries have passed since then and then name was almost forgotten until a Swedish DJ and master of the dance music scene, helped it brake the news. Alesso’s real name is Alessandro Lindblad, but we can see why he chose this short version of Alexander (defender of the people in Greek). The double ss makes it sassy and instantly qualifies for the hot baby names list for boys. Perfect for parents with Italian origin – we know there is a huge community in US so this is ideal for all of them!

Hot Baby Names for Boys
Aloe: an ethereal yet natural name that comes from a plant that can be usually found in hot climates. If you think that’s the only reason we included Aloe in the hot baby names list, you are wrong! Thanks to rapper Aloe Blacc, this unisex name stepped into the boys area and shifted the weight towards the male side. Aloe is known for its healing power so it can be a perfect name for parents who aspire to see their kids become a doctor or pharmacist when they grow up. Aloe Blacc’s career made a breakthrough in 2010 when his single “I Need a Dollar” was used by HBO series How To Make It in America. It was obvious that it stroke a sensitive chord in US and thus Aloe became a household name. It can be yours too if you choose it for your baby boy!

Barkhad: let’s move from music to movies and meet an unusual name that became known to the wider audience through Tom Hank’s latest movie. Barkhad Abdi, the Somali American actor and director who made his first appearance in the 2013 film Captain Phillips, received critical acclaim and a number of prestigious awards. You don’t get an Oscar for a debut very often, do you? The meaning of Barkhad is blessings and it has Arabic origin. As mentioned, hot baby names can be exotic and Barkhad brings a tropical flavour into the mix.

Brantley: hot baby names are not always new and never heard before in this country. They can also be old-fashioned names that due to a meteoric rise in popularity of a celebrity, they become super attractive. Such is the case for Brantley, a name that means fiery torch. Country music singer and songwriter Brantley Gilbert, born in Jefferson, Georgia surely helped. His first single “Country Must Be Country Wide” captured the hearts and minds of all country music fans and earned the respect of more established artists in the field. The name is in fact a combination of Brant and Leigh. To prove that Brantley should be part of hot baby names for boys list, you can just look at the stats: the name jumped from no.739 in 2009 to no.158 in just a few years! Ride the country wave and let other parents wondering why the didn’t get their son’s baby name right.

Calvin: you might think that Calvin Klein destroyed much of the swagger of this wonderful name. Well, we have some fresh news for you. Scottish DJ Calvin Harris has been busy rebranding the name, moving from the fashion world to the world music stage. Thanks to him, this Latin name has risen to the top 200 baby names according to the latest popularity charts. Even though the meaning of Calvin could be considered a possible fail (it means bald) nobody will care since they feel comfortable with the cozy atmosphere that Calvin creates. And you know that this name ought to be in the hot baby names list when it’s the birth name of famous rapper Snoop Dogg (Calvin Cordozar Broadus, Jr born 1971), aaaaight?

Chiwetel: looking back to the Oscars 2014 ceremony, one of the movies that will be forever remembered was “12 Years a Slave” that won so many awards, including Best Actor for Chiwetel Ejiofor. So if you are looking for unique and unusual hot baby names, Chiwetel is certainly one of them! Thanks to British actor Chiwetel Ejiofor, whose birth name is actually Chiwetelu Umeadi (a tribute to his Nigerian parents), and his amazing performance as free man-turned slave Solomon Northup, the name was all over the news. Countless headlines praised his superior acting skills and he was featured in so many interviews and live shows that made Chiwetel a name that nobody affords to miss. It could easily be one the top of our popular African-American baby names list, however we think that Chiwetel is much broader than colours and could be given to any baby boy, no matter their ethnic origin.

Jared: if you can’t really decide what you love more, music or movies, then we have the perfect solution for you. Enter the realm of one of the most multi-talented artists of our times, Jared Leto. Not only is he famous as the lead singer of insanely popular rock band 30 Thirty Seconds to Mars, he also made a stellar performance in 2013 movie Dallas Buyers Club in a rather difficult role: a drug addict transgender woman who was suffering from AIDS. Jared Leto was so good as Rayon that he won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, an achievement that few musicians have conquered even though they tried hard. Remember Madonna trying to convince us for her acting skills in Evita? No, that didn’t work out quite well for the pop queen, did it. Jared is now one of the hot baby names that all parents with an appetite for arts should have in mind as a prime candidate for their son.

Hot Baby Names for Boys
Hot Baby Names for Boys

Pharell: back to the roots, with a native American name that means descendant of the valorous man. Few might know the actual meaning of the name Pharell, but everyone knows his mega-hit “Happy”. Pharell Williams is another multi-talented artist that started his career as a producer of the band N.E.R.D.S. His distinctive vocals helped his solo career explode and since the early 2000’s, he is one of the most recognizable figures in the pop-urban music scene. Pharell is a name that could also be given to future entrepreneurs, as Pharell Williams is known as the successful head of the Official Billionaire Boys Club and ICECREAM Clothing Boutique (browse their unique catalogue). He is a true fashion icon with serious amount of swag, so Pharell might be perfect for stylish baby boys and chic parents who follow the latest fashion trends.

Zayn: from A to Z, we’ve done it again. A full spectrum of hot baby names that covers all tastes. We’ve left last but not least, Zayn. Thanks to Zayn Malik, member of the hot boy band One direction, the name has now entered new heights of popularity. Unique and rare, Zayn is a unisex baby name of Arabic origin that means beautiful. A lovely meaning to an unusual celebrity name that is trending more than ever. Now, that’s what I call a killer combo!

Did you like our exclusive list of hot baby names? Do you have more suggestions you think deserve a place in this group of boy names? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts. We are eager to learn from you, the future parents looking for hot baby names for their handsome boys!

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