Hot Baby Names for Girls

Hot baby names are following the latest trends for girls that will carry a fresh and modern name. Check out the hottest names inspired by movie stars, singers, but also mythology and even the family of the President of the United States! No matter their origin, hot baby names are capturing a lot of heat. They are creating news because of their parents or just because they have an amazing background story. History makes these hot baby names cool and parents who love to be in fashion, will definitely love them.

Our exclusive list of hot baby names for girls is complete with name meanings and origin. It’s a real eye opener for moms and dads who are interested in keeping up with latest trends. If you are looking for a non-traditional name that is unique and exciting at the same time, you came to the right place! The thin line between heritage and cutting edge is here, complete with examples and links that associate names with faces and places.

Dive into these hot baby names and stay ahead of the game!

Hot Baby Names for Girls

Bramble: an Old English name that comes from the word bremel. The meaning of Bramble is blackberry bush and is considered among the place names that are yet undiscovered. Its origin might also be associated with a nickname given to prickly people, or could be used as a variant of Bramhall.

Hot Baby Names for Girls
Calliope: a number of hot baby names can be found in Greek mythology. Calliope was a Muse that inspired epic poets like Homer and thus it was highly praised by artists. The actual meaning of Calliope is beautiful voice, making it ideal for parents who aspire to see their baby girl growing up to be the like Lady Gaga or Beycone. It’s so different than any other musical baby names that we covered before and that’s what makes it so unique and trendy for 2014.

Daphne: carrying on with the Greek mythology, we find another hot girl name that is getting more and more traction in 2014. A minor figure known as Naiad, Daphne is now getting major in baby names charts according to the latest trends. The actual meaning of Daphne is laurel. She was so beautiful that she even won Apollo’s godly heart. His lust lead him to hunt Daphne in the woods. She was so desperate to escape that she pleaded help from Mother Earth, who transformed her into an equally stunning tree, laurel. Her legendary good looks will create a nice image for your baby girl as she will be perceived as the woman who can seduce Gods.

Idina: singer and actress Idina Menze popularized this unique name. Idina has a vivid and energetic sound that makes it an evocative name. Even though John Travolta messed up big time during the Oscars 2014 and pronounced her name “Adele Dazeem”, it is a unique name that you will hear more often now that Idina is ruling the music charts with her amazing hit Let it Go from Disney’s 3D animated movie Frozen (watch the official trailer here). Idina Menze was stunning wearing that Vera Wang gown at the red carpet, it’s now time to pass this awesomeness to your baby girl!

Lupita: she came out of nowhere as the absolute outsider. But that didn’t stop Lupita Nyong’o to win the Oscar in 2014 for her role in the harsh movie 12 years of slave. The young actress is the next big thing in Hollywood, bringing this cute name into the pantheon of hot baby names inspired by movie stars. Fresh out of the oven, the news are spreading like fire that Lupita will be playing major roles that will take her career into the next level. Can the name follow similar success? For sure it will help it rise into new heights and become popular among parents. Lupita’s story is overwhelming, born by Kenyan parents and raised in Mexico City she said in a statement that left everyone speechless, that she used to wake up every day wishing her skin was a little lighter. Lupita might be the transformational name that will fight racism and will represent a new approach to activism through art.

Maeby: another example of how much hot baby names are influenced by TV is Maeby. Cult series Arrested Development brought the name into the spotlight thanks to Maeby Fünke, or just Mae. It rhymes with maybe, so it can be a smart way to respond to difficult questions that your baby girl will fire!

Persephone: hot baby names are made of stars, who am I to disagree? According to the ancient myth, Persephone was the lovely daughter of might God Zeus and Demeter, the Goddess of harvest. The evil king of the underground world stole Persephone and Zeus was forced to made a deal with him. Persephone would spend half of her time with the dead and half of her time with the living. 6 months of winter and 6 months of summer, where nature blossoms. A fantastic story to tell your baby girl an amazing way for her to impress her friends, don’t you think? And if you wonder why we put Persephone in the hot baby names list, just think of the second episode of The Matrix trilogy. Yeah, that’s right, Monica Bellucci, the all time classic hot actress played Persephone!

Philomena: Daphne Oz, the famous author and TV host, recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Philomena Bijou Jovanovic. Her initials might sound funny to you as PBJ brings to mind a sandwich! You don’t have to go that far and act like a typical celebrity who doesn’t put too much thought on a baby name. You can easily stick with Philomena, a religious name that comes from the virgin martyr Philomena. Catholic church announced Philomena as a saint in 1802 when her remains were discovered in the Catacombs of Priscilla. The name is a combination of two Greek words, philos which means friend and menos which stands for strength. Thus, Philomena means friend of strength, making it ideal for a confident girl who is ready to be a strong woman in a man’s world!

Hot Baby Names for Girls : Sasha Obama
Sasha: ever since Barack Obama elected as President of the Unites States, his wife and two daughters became a national icon. Obama’s second daughter, born in 2001, real name is Natasha, however everyone knows her as Sasha. This is a typical example of a well known person modernizing a traditional name and bringing it to the era of hot baby names. The actual meaning of Sasha is defending men, just perfect for a family member of a US President! Sasha attended the same private school as the daughter of Clinton and Nixon, the Sidwell Friends School in Washington. So if you can afford it, you can look it up and play with the big league families by sending your daughter to get the best education ever. Sasha is super hot for one more reason. Beyonce has an alter ego called Sasha Fierce, you better watch out who you dealing with!

Stefani: since we are talking about talented singers, did you know that Lady Gaga’s real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta? That’s right, choose Stefani for your baby girl and join the club of the hot baby names that define pop culture today. Check Lady Gaga’s latest news, videos and photos from her official website and she how she manages to inspire millions of her fans, known as Little Monsters. They even have their own social network where they can interact by posting status updates, exchanging messages and share inspirational stories on how Lady Gaga has helped them in their personal lives.

Zenobia: a hot girl name that starts with the blazing Z letter. The meaning of Zenobia is life of Zeus. It comes from the combination of the prefix Ze- and the word bios which means life. Zenobia was a famous queen in a land that today is known as Syria, who led a revolution against the Roman Empire. She was so successful that she even conquered Egypt, defeating Tenagino Probus. Hot actress Tina Frey, known from successful TV series 30 Rock, used it as the middle name of her daughter Alice.

Did you like our list of hot baby names for girls? Do you have any other suggestion to add? Just leave us a comment with your own hot baby names ideas. We love feedback, that’s what makes us better and better each day! Help us create the most interactive place where future parents exchange views on hot baby names! Let’s make this a better world, full of love and creativity!

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