Inspirational Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Inspirational baby names can open doors in your children’s lives. They can inspire your baby boy and baby girl to become a better person. They will also spread positive vibes around your kids and create an aura of joy and hope. Inspirational baby names are considered to be important in modern times where people often feel lost and are in desperate need of something to believe. Everyone needs a motive and a cause to follow.

Inspirational baby names are like positive inspirational quotes. The only difference is that they are only one powerful word. The power of inspirational baby names stems from the notion that they describe. It’s important to constantly bring in mind rousing and stirring messages that takes us one step further. Words that you utter on a daily basis have a subconscious effect, so what’s better than having inspiring concepts and ideas?

Inspirational Baby Names for Boys and Girls

Answer: probably targeting more religious parents that believe in the power of praying. Answer refers to God giving you a solution to a difficult situation you are in. For New Age fans, an Answer can be given only by your inner self. Either way, Answer is among the inspirational baby names that can truly motivate people. Check these amazing Inspirational Quotes that boost your confidence and radiate positive vibes!

Bliss: people often find unique manifestation of God’s unparallel blessings into their lives. This is called Bliss and it’s a powerful word associated with countless positive images. Bliss is a favorite baby name between celebrities as rhymes with kiss. People will also link it with the famous saying “ignorance is bliss”. Beware of unusual and awkward variants like Blitz, Blister or Blistex.

Bodhi: a baby name of Sanskrit origin with strong links to Buddhist religion as it’s true meaning is awakening or enlightenment. As you might have read elsewhere, Buddhists believe that through meditation, a person can focus on himself and try to connect with his inner self. Once the mind forgets about all daily matters and synchronizes with the cosmic tune, then the person enters the state of Bodhi (also known as Nirvana) and suddenly everything makes sense.

inspirational baby names karma
Destiny: do you believe in Destiny? Fate and Destiny are inspirational baby names that have their roots in the perception or belief that people lives are predetermined. Certain course of events will happen despite one’s efforts to take a different life route. Fortune tellers where supposingly good at reading the future based on the fact that your destiny would be written in your hand. Destiny can be a great inspirational baby name due to the fact that it gives purpose. It’s a calling from above or within to fight, to endure, to chase your dreams and realize your destiny!

Dharma: another baby name of Sanskrit origin that defines a cosmic law that maintains the order in the universe. Dharma comes from the word “dhri” meaning that without which nothing can stand. If you have accepted Buddhism in your life or you find Easter religions very spirituous, then Dharma is the perfect baby name for you!

Faith: keep the faith, no matter the difficulties you have to stay positive and believe. This is a strong inspirational message that can keep people away from feeling down and under. Faith is among the most effective inspirational baby names as it refers to the confidence in God’s will or your own powers. It’s the moving belief that you will succeed in your plans and you will overcome any obstacle.

Fortune: belongs to the inspirational baby names that also bring luck. Good fortune is something that everyone is looking for. People that are more focused in their career might benefit from name Fortune as it’s one of the baby names that boost your salary (according to research, read all about it in our extensive report)!

Grace: a theological term that can be found in many religions. Grace is the devine power that inspire virtue in humans and gives us strength to endure unfortune events. Grace can also keep believers away from the sin. It’s one of the most sensitive inspirational baby names and can remind your baby girl the eternal love of God.

Heaven: all religions describe the concept of Heaven as the state where virtuous people go after death. It’s the ultimate destination for devout and spiritual men and women. Heaven is considered to be home of God and does inspire millions to live a moral life. Eastern religions believe that Heaven is not above us, but is simply a different plane of reality beyond our current understanding. It can be reached through a a higher vibration of thought, usually through meditation.

Honor: a strong and confident baby name that inspires integrity and decency. Honor radiates righteousness and shows that this man has principles. Particularly popular baby name for military people that are moved by Honor as most of them would even give their lives for it.

Hope: its the last thing that man loses, his hope. Inspirational baby names at its best, Hope is what makes people endure all kinds of difficulties, simply because they believe that one day things will get better. Hope as a baby name will build an extremely positive image for your daughter and will make others look up on her when they search for courage and optimism.

Joy: sounds like one of the main characters in the most successful TV series of the last decade, Friends, was called Joey Tribbiani. A truly funny and honest guy, he was the one who had a smile on his face at any given time. Joey was the true representation of happiness. People seek pleasure in all their lives, but finding true joy is something more than that. It means finding harmony and enjoyment in anything you do. And that’s what makes you happy!

Justice: you live an honest life and you want to demonstrate it. Choosing this strong baby name will surely inspire your kid the virtue of being just and fear not (taken from the well known Shakespeare’s Henry VIII quote).

Karma: maybe a bit too common for a baby name, yet very inspirational. It can teach your baby boy or baby girl the golden rule: don’t do anything that you wouldn’t like other to do to you. This way you earn good Karma, by doing only good deeds and hoping that the undeniable law of Karma will treat you with with great results. All actions do have a reaction, and Karma never fails to remind that to us. If you are an alternative rock enthusiast, you should already know Radiohead’s 1997 smash hit Karma Police, a very melacholic song taken from their third album, OK Computer. And to haters, let’s just say that Karma is a Bitch!

inspirational baby names karma
Kismet: a Turkish word that means fate. Kismet is the Islamic equivalent to the will of God (Allah). Similar to the inspirational baby name Destiny, it has a deterministic meaning is popular between scientists, and that’s why MIT researchers named the first robot that could demonstrate simulated emotion, Kismet.

Pax: have you heard of Pax Romana? It was the long period of 207 years of peace in the Roman ages of first and second century AD. Established by Caesar Augustus, Pax has latin origin and apart from peace, also means accord or treaty. As a baby name, Pax does not only represent serenity but also characterize diplomatic persons.

Peace: one of the inspirational baby names that spread positive vibes around it. Peace is similar to Pax (see above).

Promise: are you a person who keeps his promises? Well, any parent should be aware of the fact that kids always remember the times that mom or dad broke a promise to visit the zoo or go to the park with them. It’s incredible how strong children memory is. Once you realize it, you will strive to meet your promises. Likewise, people tend to love guys that are honest and honor their word. As inspirational baby names can define your baby girl or baby boy, Promise can be an uplifting name that denotes trust and deep confidence.

Inspirational Baby Names that calm people down

Zen: you are probably already thinking of calm people that found tranquility. Zen has Japanese origin and it’s a form of Mahayana Buddhism that emphasizes the importance of intuition through meditation. So, instead of blindly following rituals or scriptures study, Zen advocates a more active approach in fulfilling one’s potential.

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  5. Bay says:

    middle names will add an inspirational theme to baby girls that are delivered a far more common. Take True by way of example

  6. Rachel says:

    Who wrote this? The description of “Joy” is all wrong. It talks about a character from the TV show Friends. But the character they are referring to is JOEY, not JOY. Was this article written by a real English speaking person or a robot?

    • BabyNames says:

      Hi Rachel, I noticed that your name is also from a character of TV show Friends, what a coincidence! I’m real and I’m 100% human, my name is Amanda Waters and you can ask me anything you want regarding baby names, Joy and Joey sounds exactly the same, thus the connection. Thank for your feedback!

  7. Nika says:

    the character on Friends is Joey, not Joy. in fact, he was often called Joe, for short and sometimes Joseph. Joey is a 2 syllable name, Joy is not. they don’t sound the same. u really should change this reference, it calls into question the credibility of the rest of the information u provide.

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