International Baby Names 2014

International baby names 2014 for girls and boys bring new ideas for parents interested in European, Asian or exotic names for their children. We uncovered the best contenders for the best international baby names 2014 and provide their full background check along with their origin. All the homework is done for you so that you can choose a name with peace of mind, knowing that your baby will carry a great name with an amazing story behind it.

Denmark, the Netherlands, New Zealand and other countries provide a great source of international baby names 2014. They have some hidden gems that deserve a little bit more attention in the West. Since American parents are always looking for new trends and cool names for their babies, this list will help you with fresh ideas for your cute boy or lovely little girl.

Discover rare international baby names names 2014 with unique meanings. Introduce your kids in a foreign culture, honor your roots or give your children a valuable lesson about the importance of travelling around the world. It’s the best way to make them open minded persons that will look in the world as a global village. While international baby names 2014 respect each culture, they celebrate a new globalized environment of peace and respect among each other.

International Baby Names 2014 for Girls

Aroha: an intriguing girl name that means love in Maori. Aroha is a romantic choice for parents who fell in love in an exotic destination like New Zealand. It might sound like Aloha and people might think it comes from Hawaii, but your daughter will be delighted to let them know that actually her name does not simply mean “hello” but has a much deeper meaning. Aroha is the perfect way to teach your baby girl to love all her friends and appreciate life and nature.

International Baby Names 2014
Bente: the short form of Benedict makes a jump from the macho world to the strictly feminine territory. Bente is very popular in Denmark and is one of the most uplifting international baby names 2014 as it means blessed. Bente can also serve as a great diminutive of Benedict or even as a short nickname of overused Benjamin.

Dulcibella: you should already know that -bella is a popular baby name trend for 2014 according to the latest predictions. Dulcibella is a unique choice that combines Dulci (means sweet) and Bella (means beautiful). Some baby name researchers suggest that the name is not a combination but in fact comes from Dowsabel, a name that was rarely heard since the Middle Age. We prefer the sweet and beautiful combo. It will be perfect for your little princess!

Felina: a rare variation of Feline which is the feminine form of the Latin name Felinus. Ideal for parents who are very fond of pets and animals in general, Felina is a name that means cat-like. Be ware, it has nothing to do with Felix the cat, so it doesn’t inherit the meaning of fortunate and happy. Still, it’s one of the most charming international baby names 2014 that could make an impact in the future.

Fenne: you will find many F- starting international baby names 2014. This is a trend that started from the Netherlands, as Dutch parents fell in love with names for girls and boys that start with the sixth letter of the alphabet. Fenne is one of the most recent variations of Fenna.

Ferelith: are you looking for unusual international baby names 2014 that will honor your Scottish or Irish roots? Then Ferelith might be an ideal suggestion for your baby girl. This haunting choice comes from the Gaelic name Forbflaith or Forbhlaith (depends which part of the country you come from). The literal meaning of the name Ferelith is true sovereignty. The name also has royal aura all over it as the gorgeous princess of Denmark bears Ferelith as one of her names. If you desperately need Celebrity endorsement before you proceed, then you can rely on hot young actress Ferelith Young.

Lada: in Slavic myths, Lada was the stunning Goddess of youth and beauty. Like many other similar deities across the world, Lada is associated with spring, and can be an excellent choice for May baby names. Despite the fact that Lada is one of the most referenced international baby names 2014 for weddings in Eastern Europe, it’s rarely heard in the West. But that can change in a fortnight as we have seen countless similar success stories in the past.

Lieke: a short version Angelique which has earned a great popularity in the Netherlands.

Moana: let’s take a trip in the exotic island of New Zealand and discover an original Maori baby name. According to Polynesian mythology, Moana was the god of sea. Moana was also the secondary name of Ofelia from the classic tale of Pan’s Labyrinth. Local tradition in New Zealand often associates Moana with the deep ocean color blue, so it can also be an evocative color name for your daughter.

International Baby Names 2014 for Boys

Fedde: a Frisian name that is used in Germany for all baby names that start with Frid (yes, they are a lot of them). Fedde is particularly popular in the southeastern corner of the North sea, thus you can find a lot of boys bearing this name in modern Holland.

Onni: Scandinavian parents are in love with this one. Onni topped the boy names charts in Finland with its inspirational meaning. Who can deny a bit of luck and happiness in their lives? That’s exactly the meaning of Onni, it characterizes affluent people that tend to live in prosperity. Vibrant and cool, Onni sounds like a million bucks and it’s one of our favorite international baby names 2014 for boys!

Baz: you loved your grandfather and you want to honor him by giving your son his first name. The problem is that you don’t really like Sebastian because it’s too old-fashioned for your taste. No worries, the Dutch have figured it out! One of the coolest international baby names 2014 is Baz, the hip diminutive of Bastiaan which comes from Sebastian. The three letter name length, together with the jazzy -z ending makes it a unique choice for parents who wish to honor tradition by mixing it with fresh vibes.

Sem: a unisex name that has Hebrew origin. Sem is the deminutive of Noah’s son Shem. Perfect for parents who are looking for biblical baby names that are popular in Europe.

International Baby Names 2014
Teun: it’s the most popular boys’ names in The Netherlands and there is a good reason for that. Short and simple, Teun is playful as it stands between ton and tune. In fact, Teun is a diminutive of the Latin name Anthony. Tony is the English / American equivalent  but we found it a bit boring to list in the new international baby names 2014 group.

Trig: a popular Norse name for boys that was popularized by Sarah Palin. The ex Governor of Alaska named her son Trig with an also interesting middle name Paxson, derived from her favorite snowmobiling area in Alaska. This is just a simplified version of the name Trygg which means true. It can also be a great name for parents who aspire to see their baby boys grow up to be a mathematician, as Trig is short for trigonometry. If Sarah Palin didn’t find it too nerdy, why would you?

Tycho: Greek baby names are mostly known for being classic. However, recent trends have brought contemporary alternatives into the spotlight. Tycho is one of these international baby names 2014 that have a number of cool variations like the Swedish Tyko or the Danish Tyge. You can also have a combo of these two into the Dutch Tygo. All of them are popular in Europe as the hipster -o ending is more fashionable than ever. For the history, Tycho was a Greek saint who lived in Cyprus in the 5th-century. He was known for being against the worship of Aphrodite, Goddess of beauty, a symbol that was considered non-Christian at that time. A few centuries later, d later the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546-1601), left his mark in history for observing planetary movements with amazing accuracy. Maybe this accuracy was based on the meaning of the name Tycho which is hitting the mark and derives from the Greek word Τυχων. Spot on!

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