Popular Italian Baby Names: Style & Elegance

Italy is the home country of fashion and style. Countless designers have started their career from Milan and many luxury brands like Prada, Gucci and Armani have their head quarters in Italy. Not to mention fast cars like Ferrari that speed enthusiasts around the world admire so much. Italian cousine is also renowned for its fine taste and delicate receipes. In other words, Italian culture is one of the most exclusive source of influence that comes second to none.

Italian baby names carry this long tradition of elegance and trendy fashion trends. They are filled with the same style and class that made Italian products desirable internationally. Italian baby names are also stronlgy linked with religion, as the Vatican city and residency of the Pope, is the spiritual home of the Catholic church. Last but not least, Italian baby names are linked with famous artists that played a major role in music, painting and pretty much any other form of art.

In this special post, you will find the most popular Italian baby names for girls and boys, along with their origin and meaning, so that you can dive into the sophisticated Italian culture.

Italian Baby Names for Girls

Carmela: it might sound like caramel which gives it a sweet flavour, but in fact it has a totally different meaning. Carmela is the Italian feminine variation of Carmel, named after an ancient Israelite town in Judea. The meaning of Carmela is God’s vineyard and its a place name that will be remembered in modern days mostly as the wife of the successful TV show Sopranos. The HBO exclusive series featured an Italian-American mobster called Tony Soprano who had a wife called Carmela, played by the classy actress Edie Falco.

Italian Baby Names

Concetta: the meaning of this soft and gentle classic Italian girl name is “pure”. Concetta comes from the Concepcion of Virgin Mary, thus it has a lot of religious background. It’s perfect for Catholic parents who wish to honor the church by naming their baby girl Concetta. It’s one of the most popular Italian baby names in its home country where the Vatican plays a major role in people’s lives.

Francesca: upscale Italian baby names like Francesca are on the rise. The name’s popularity has shot all the way into the top 500 baby names in US and our prediction is that it will carry on even higher. Francesa is an elegant girl name that resonates with class and style. It’s much more attractive than Frances, the original Italian name that comes from. The meaning of Francesca is free person. Backed with many appearances in books (Inferno by Dan Brown) and cinema, Francesca is in every celebrity’s checklist. Both Clint Eastwood and Martin Scorsese chose it as the name of their cute baby girls.

Franca: there are dozens of variations of Italian baby names that start with Fran-. We love all of them, but Franca has a special place in our hearts because it’s short and sweet. Simplicity is key in baby girl names and Franca will be able to win new friends without any difficulty. Highly recommended!

Giuseppina: the female version of Giuseppe, which happens to be the Italian form of Joseph. The origin of Giuseppina is Hebrew and the meaning of this beautiful Italian girl name is God increases. Giuseppina holds some of the old immigrant image in US, perhaps a stereotype that the media created. The name is immensly popular in Italy, even though American parents prefer the English version, Josephine.

Giovanna: as you will see Italian baby names are full of Biblical references. Giovanna is the female version of Giovanni, which is the Italian form of John. The meaning of Giovanna is God is gracious and is currently trending within the top 1000 baby names in US. A venerable Italian classic that made an amazing come back since it sounds so cool and fresh these days.

Lucia: one of the most illuminative Italian baby names you will come across. Lucia is the female version of Lucius, which means light in Latin. Lucia is an ancient Roman name for clans. It was later associated with religion, as the 12 apostoles received the light from God himself and started to speak various languages. There was also Santa Lucia, a 4th century church martyr that became so popular that a Caribbean island was named after her. If you are a musical type of person, you will be happy to know that an opera master piece by Gaetano Donizetti carries the name Lucia di Lammermoor. Lucia can be used as a fantastic inspirational baby name that will make your daughter glow in the dark (just like Kanye West latest tour!).

Paola: it sounds Spanish, but in fact Paola is an Italian variation of Paula, which naturally comes from Paul. One of the basic figures of New Testament, Paul’s life has left a mark in the long history of Christianity. Paola is considered sexy in our days and will undoubtely raise a few eyebrows.

Italian Baby Names for Boys

Aldo: an Italian favourite that started to take on in US as well. Aldo recently climbed all the way up to the #534 spot in baby name charts with its charming sound. The meaning of Aldo is wise and old.

Domenico: Italian baby names often have Spanish roots, as the Latin language is the base for both languages. Domenico is a prime example, as it is the Italian form of Domingo, which means born on Sunday. Domenico is a rhythmic choice that can be a unique alternative to the popular name Dominic, which by the way has a slightly different meaning (belong to the Lord).

Giorgio: fashionistas around the world will testify for this purely Italian name. Thanks to its close association with top fashion designer Giorgio Armani, this name has been linked  to cutting edge style and forward thinking attitude. An exotic choice for daring parents who are following the latest fashion trends and can afford the luxurious clothing lines of Armani.

Luigi: it can’t get more Italian than this, can it? Luigi is a typical name for parents who have Italian roots and wish to honor their heritage. The meaning of Luigi is renowned warrior as it comes from the French name Louis.

Italian Baby Names

Vincenzo: a surprisingly popular Italian baby name for boys in US. Vincenzo was the music theorist and composer, most known for being the father of the famous astronomer Galileo. His contribution in revitalising music during the Renaissance will be deeply appreciated by your son if he choses to be an artist when he grows up. Until then, your baby boy will probably thank you for giving him an attractive Italian name that few girls could resist!

Pietro: forget the common and over used Peter and choose a name with exotic Italian flavour. Pietro includes the hipster -o ending and thus can be a fresh alternative of the well known name. As a reminder, the meaning of Pietro is rock, as it derives from the Greek word petra.

Salvatore: an old word name that comes from salvation. Among the most popular Italian baby names of all times, Salvatore can be found in many Italian-American families even in our modern days. The meaning of Salvatore is savior and thus it has strong religious ties. Who can forget the associate of Remigio, monk Salvatore of Montferrat in the classic Umberto Eco novel The Name of the Rose? The story unveils around a mystery murder in an Italian monastery of the 13th century. Sean Connery immortalized the intellectual drama in the omonymous film in 1986.

Do you like our popular Italian baby names? Are you considering naming your baby one of the suggestions presented above? Leave us a comment and let us know your thoughts. We love your feedback!

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